Zachilomwe Transport owner Chatama arrested for MK1 billion theft

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Zachilomwe  transport  owner Rodney  Chatama was this week arrested by Blantyre police for siphoning  money from Bakhresa  Grain  and Milling Company since 2012.
According to the police investigations, for the period of over  six year the transporter  has managed to pull over MK1 billion  but the current investigation results  is at MK4.8 billion that the company  has lost over the years.
The police are still  investigating  to find out who else  has been part of the racket and how much had been swindled  once complete  Chatama will be taken to court.
So far it has been revealed  that Chatama  used to collect 70 million mk  worthy  of cheques  every week from Bakhresa  for transport services  that were  not rendered .
So how was the fraud designed?
Chatama together  with  Bakhresa  employees in accounts  and other departments submitting and processing  false  documentation.
For instance,  he could  indicate that 20 trucks  have moved  and delivered  wheat from port of  Nacala mozambique to Bakhresa  factory in Limbe Malawi  yet in real sense  he could only move 5 truck or so and times not even a single  delivery . This ended up raising  the invoice  and  getting paid  for the job not done.
This has been happening on a weekly basis for 6 years  no wonder  Chatama  was living in another world buying and driving  expensive new models of vehicles.
He recently bought cash Toyota  VX 8 estimated  at over  MK150 million.
His house in Naperi  raises eyebrows  too. Even his path to wealth  happened so quick  all these are just of the  few  questionable  things that points to possible mass and  quick accumulation  of wealth  through  theft.

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