“With profound gratitude and great humility”-Excited Mia upon endorsed as MCP First VP

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The newly elected the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) First Vice President Sidik Mia in the ongoing party convention, has expressed gratitude for ascending to the high office with assurance to wipe Malawians suffering from social-political turmoil beyond 2019 elections victory.

The Lower shire political giant Sidik was on Saturday along side Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Harry Mkandawire endorsed as MCP First vice president, president and second vice president respectively by the party’s convention under way in the capital Lilongwe.

Mia has replaced Speaker Richard Msowoya while Mkandawire takes over from Lombola that will take them beyond 2019 general elections.

Below is Mia’s acceptance statement made available to The Maravi Post;

My Fellow Malawians,
Having gone unopposed at the ongoing MCP indaba in the Capital Lilongwe, I am pleased to inform you that I have, with profound gratitude and great humility, accepted to serve as Vice President of the mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

My Fellow Malawians,
Our country has been captured by few people who have taken it as their personal estate. These people masquerading as leaders have ruined our country to the core.

The situation is hopeless in our country. High unemployment among our youths. Ridiculous expensive tuition fees for higher education for our Children. Rampant corruption. Irritating black-outs. The problems are too numerous to mention.

My Fellow Malawians,
We have no option but to fix our country. We have no option but to create opportunities for our youths. We have no option but to decisively deal with corruption.

We promise to work with the youths as we rebuild our country in 2019. We promise to work with all and sundry. No one will be left behind in our quest to develop the motherland.

My Fellow Malawians,
We are one people and one nation and we promise that we shall promote policies that will bring unity in our country and not those that will divide us.

As MCP, we say No to nepotism. We say No to Cronyism. We say No to tribalism. We say No to regionalism. We say No to discrimination. We are for a united nation.

My Fellow Malawians,
For us to fix our country, we first need to sort out DPP in 2019. As your leaders, we wish to let you know that we are equal to the challenge. The levels of energy and stamina in the party are incredibly very high.

We assure you that the MCP whirlwind will storm every part of our country until we sweep out DPP in 2019.

With all my blood and energy, I pledge to you to that we will do whatever will be needed to be done to get rid of DPP and usher in a government that will work for the people.

My Fellow Malawians,
As we will be doing whatever we can to get rid of DPP in 2019, we realize that the buck stops with you. You are the ones to finish the job. You are the ones to deliver the judgment in 2019. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

My Fellow Malawians,
As you are aware, we have proposed that we need to reboot the system in 2019. #OperationReboot2019. Just imagine, even our respected Catholic Bishops agree with us that there is indeed a great need to usher in a new era in our country in 2019.

My Fellow Malawians,
We can’t afford to suffer under this regime for another 5 years. We can’t afford to have our hard earned taxes be squandered by a few elites like it is happening now.

But as President Chakwera observed, we can’t manage to remove the theft in DPP officials but we can manage to get rid of DPP in 2019 and I agree with him that it is “a moral and civic duty” for every Malawian to get rid of DPP in 2019.

My Fellow Malawians
We are appealing for your support. Mother Malawi needs you more than ever before. Let’s fix our country together. Remember, it is a civic and moral duty to do so. Remember, no one will fix our country. Let’s reboot the system in 2019.

May God Bless Our Country,
Sidik Mia
MCP Vice President
#OperationReboot2019 is now underway! Join the liberation movement now.

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