Why Chilima is thoroughly incompetent and must resign sooner than later?

By Frank Kamanga
Well, in case you have already forgotten it, which is a very likely scenario, Saulos Chilima is still the Vice President of this country.
This means that he gets a salary and related benefits from a government he so deeply despises, without doing any actual work (if anything he’s mostly doing opposition work…if what he’s doing can be called ‘work’); this is tantamount to theft, another concept he so vehemently denounces, yet practically espouses more often than not. As if this wasn’t enough, Chilima, who claims to be actively fighting corruption, went on record on ZBS TV and admitted that the United Transformation Movement (UTM) is getting funding from the very same people within the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) he accuses of corruption.
Well, either there is a severe IQ deficiency or a blatantly opportunistic mindset; hard to say what’s worse in this case.
This so-called ‘good citizen’ is actually abusing the Malawian law to justify illegalities. He completely disregards Malawi’s legal framework and uses over 50 police officers (instead of 6 that are actually prescribed by law).
It appears that -in general- he has a very bad relationship with laws, since he is the President of a group which is -for all intents and purposes- illegal in Malawi, as it is not even registered as an official political party.
Moreover, Chilima continues to hold meetings both domestically and abroad, which slander and undermine a democratically-elected government, ultimately inciting anarchy and lawlessness.
Not to mention his glaring lack of ethical integrity and moral fibre: by continuing to be the country’s Vice President, supposedly serving a government he so zealously abhors, Chilima demonstrates time and again a complete and utter absence of an ethical nucleus and moral principle.
Brave leaders with a strong sense of integrity do not take advantage of the law’s loopholes, as a means to stay in power. Chilima knows that he cannot be fired and desperately clings to his Chair, trying constantly to hoodwink Malawians into thinking that he is a politician of a different calibre.
The joke of the century.
Additionally, Chilima is abusing State resources for personal gain; since breaking ranks with the DPP and launching the UTM, Chilima has been crisscrossing the country like a tourist, accessory making grandiloquent pledges. We do hope he enjoyed Malawi’s landscapes at least.
Overall, Chilima needs to be held accountable. The claims that he recently made regarding election rigging and the use of an eavesdropping machine by the government, without providing any credible evidence, constitute defamation.
This is particularly dangerous coming from the Vice President of the country and greatly attests to his questionable morality.
In case Chilima hasn’t yet got wind of it: Malawi needs a functioning Vice President. With his self-imposed absence from the government, President Mutharika might be forced to appoint a second Vice President.
This would be a total drain of the State’s resources, since tax payers would have to pay for two Vice Presidents (with one of them permanently slamming the government from idyllic landscapes, while enjoying his ‘vacation’).
If Chilima genuinely believes in the reforms he so passionately preaches, he can do this country good by resigning and focusing on his political ambitions. This would be a win-win scenario, and for him and for us!

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