Who Let The Doc Out Of ACB? So Who Is Corrupt?

Matemba: Heading a corrupt institution

The other day, after studying the ACB leaked document I asked the question: So who is corrupt?

I suggested that the leaked document was a product and a representation of corruption perpetrated by those we call professionals in Malawi. Outside people connived with corrupt ACB officers to leak the document for political reasons. However conniving happens and money exchange hands to leak documents for the purpose of aiding or jeopardising cases. Most ACB officers are corrupt too.

To illustrate my point I used a whole article from the Nation Newspaper that carried Judge Chombo’s concern that lawyers bribe people at the court to steal case files.

In a new development, here is part of a dialogue some lawyers have had and MALAWIANS are quiet?

In the dialogue, there is:

1. David Kanyenda
2. Gift Mwakwawa and
3. Bright Theu

Based on my values, I like the way David Kanyenda presented himself, not because he is innocent or because he is DPP but because he is honest and fearless. I like that for a virtue in a person.

On the other hand, if the judiciary in Malawi has some balls, after this has come out in the light, Gift Mwakhwawa should not be allowed to practice law in Malawi until he comes out clean. This is a very serious accusation against him. Bribing judges and lawyers, and at that time he was the president of the Law Society of Malawi: if this is not a serious crime, I think a lawyer can kill a person and go home and tomorrow go back to work, no problem.

Read this:

Gift Mwakhwawa: David? Do you think if we as lawyers had a proper peer discipline you would still have a license to practice in this country? As For me I think they would have kicked me out.
Goodnight Teacher.

David Kanyenda: Am sure many lawyers would have been kicked out too..but those of us whose matters have earned publicity might appear to be the worst..so many machinations are at play

Gift Mwakhwawa: Name it bring it on. Bring it on you thieving guys bring it on.

David Kanyenda: Ku Law society..all those monies you were offering us to settle cases after bribing Judges

David Kanyenda: You may not have been arrested but it don’t make you clean

Bright Theu: What if all this went out of this forum folks.

Gift Mwakhwawa: Hahahaha! Bring it on, Paula,Alide, Feli, Bright, Khumbo, Tambulasi, Muhome, Hear Hear, Time to hang a thief.

David Kanyenda: Nanga zama bribes sitiyankha eti

ME: This is the rot we a dealing with in Malawi. It is bad! … The biggest problem is CHANCO. You can see it from the names that Gift has called out at the end, the lot have a singular thought which is not good for the heights of intellectual exchanges needed in this field. We need more collages offering law in Malawi. It beats me that Kanyenda is a lone ranger in this debate, others have got their tails between their legs either because they are accomplices or they are afraid of seniors.