When UTM Attempts To Dupe Political Parties Registrar

UTM has taken its profile of being full of lies a notch higher by trying to fool the Registrar of Political Parties about its naming to gain registration.

But the Registrar has refused to be conned and has since rejected UTM’s registration application.

The Registrar notes that UTM has been displaying political materials with its full name, United Transformation Movement. This is in public domain.

Yet when it filed its registration papers, it said it would only be identified as UTM. And the Registrar spotted this lie.

“It is my view that the decision to present the registration documents in the name of UTM and not the full name, United Transformation Movement, from which the abbreviation UTM derives, was willfully intended to mislead the Registrar of Political Parties for the purpose of obtaining the registration of the party,” reads letter from the Registrar to UTM, dated 21 September 2018.

The Registrar adds that UTM tried to steal its way to be registered because it knew that there is already a registered party by similar name and registering UTM under full name would not be allowed, according to law.

“I believe that the scheme to mislead the Registrar was motivated by knowledge by the applicants of the existence as a registered party of United Transformation Party (UTP), being a name which resembles that of United Transformation Movement,” it says.

The Registar therefore rejects the application observing that misleading the Registrar is an offence under the Political Parties Act.

In effect, UTM does not exist and is operating illegally. As an illegal organization, UTM cannot present to Malawi Electoral Commission a monitor for voter registration, a candidate for councillor, a candidate for MP and a presidential candidate because the group does not exist in the laws of Malawi.

This latest lie adds to the pile of lies which Saulos Chilima and his people in UTM have been making to try to buy favour from the Malawi public.

The lie about registration also further raises questions as to how UTM would run a country if it lies on everything and wants to cheat on even simple and straightforwad laws like those  on simple party registration.