Traditional Leaders Disown Kaliati

T/A Juma: Kaliati is one of the disgruntled politicians

Over 78 traditional leaders in Mulanje west constituency led by Traditional Authority Juma have disowned incumbent parliamentarian Patricia Kaliati.

Speaking during a media briefing at the headquarters of T/A Juma, the traditional leaders said Kaliati is demeaning cultural leaders and is foul mouthed.

The traditional leaders questioned the motive of demonizing cultural leaders like Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa of the Hlomwes and Chairman of Mlakho wa Ahlomwe Leston Mulli.

“They are belittling Paramount chief and our national chairperson, yet they want votes from people under the two, I don’t understand Kaliati and her group.” Wondered T/A Juma.

The chief said traditional leaders are supposed to tag along with government of the day not otherwise.

He said it was disheartening to associate traditional leaders under Juma chieftainship to a bunch of disgruntled politicians in which Kaliati is part of.

“The honorarium that we traditional leaders get every month comes from government not anybody else, so why should we be on the side of spectators? We are with the players.” Declared, T/A Juma.

Group village headwoman Muhiyo, said the parliamentarian of the area is now in political wilderness.

She said there was no need to ditch the ruling democratic party and be part of what she described as ‘rebels of development’.

“She has put her personal interests above all constituents.” She observed.

Kaliati was a director of women in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party but fell out of favor due to backbiting, envy and selfishness.

Her continued attack at Hlomwe paramount chief and mlahko National Chairperson has not gone well with most Hlomwes, at one point had asked Kaliati to apologies but she continues to spit uncultured salvos.

Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa once rubbished Kaliati for dragging him into cheap politics.

Ngolongoliwa said it is wrong to drag his name into politics as doing so could damage his integrity as a chief who is a custodian of culture and development.

The Paramount Chief said as a community leader he has no power to endorse anybody in politics saying doing that is contrary to the values and beliefs of the chiefs.