Thumbs Up:Nankhumwa Condemns Smear Campaign…Shows Clemency To Duo Defaming Him

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa has written on his Facebook page stopping the police from hunting down two people who defamed him in a video clip making rounds on social media saying he has forgiven them. Below is what he has written on his official facebook page in verbatim;

Distinguished Colleagues,

I have for the past few days been following a social media smear campaign against me perpetrated by some members of the opposition. The attacks on my personality have come to my family and friends as a shock.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that some youths are working under the influence of some opposition figures, to assassinate the characters of their perceived opponents. I don’t think such kind of behaviour will take the country forward.

As you are all aware that in all my political meetings I have tried to advance issue-based politics not mudslinging to gain political mileage because I’m a firm believer of Peace, Love and Harmony.

The issue of my academic records and qualifications (not mentioning my Professional qualifications) can easily be checked at Chisitu Primary School in Mulanje, Chitundu Primary school in Dedza and Mayani Secondary school in Dedza. In all these schools, I had numerous teachers, friends and classmates who would easily corroborate my story, including testimonies of different leadership positions I held that time.

I am aware that some lawyers who know me already started filing defamation case against the two men in the video clip. Much as I appreciate their concern as a friend, I urge them to STOP. My understanding is that the two men have no any economic activity and they cannot manage to pay millions of kwachas if convicted. They would end up being put in jail a situation that would worsen the economic situation in their homes.

And if it is true that some Police officers are hunting for the duo I urge them also to STOP that and let them come back home to lead a normal life.

Unconfirmed reports are also indicating that some overzealous supporters went ahead to assault the duo, I order an immediate stop to such behaviour. I for one will never sanction nor condone torturing of any soul using my name.

Let the duo return to their homes. I assure them of maximum protection. Nobody will intimidate them for what they did. This is time to work hard in the fields to ensure bumper harvest next year.

Let me close by reiterating what I have said before in my rallies that it is politically immoral to use our youths for hate campaign, character assassination and violence. Regardless of our political affiliations we all have one home we call Malawi.

Let God judge us for our actions.

If any political leader has issues against me, let them be brave enough and come to me openly, so that we deal with it at our levels, not cowarding behind our youths.
Let us remember there is life outside our political lives.