September 21′ anti-government demos organisers accused of instilling lawlessness in Malawi


By Falles Kamanga

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Some of the concerned citizens on Monday took to task  the organisers of September 21′ anti-government demonstration organisers under the banner “Human Rights Defenders” for instilling violence, rudeness, lawlessness and hate in the country.

The concerns citizens led by their chairperson Phillip Kamangirah observes that the tendency of willy-nilly demos is not setting a good pace for Malawi’s peace enjoyed currently.

The grouping accused the demos organisers for conniving with opposition leaders to tarnish the leadership of the country when raised matter could be discussed amicably.

But demons’ organiser chairperson Timothy Mtambo back fire them arguing that the demonstrations had valid  reasons which Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government was supposed to address.

Below is the statement of the concerned citizens made available to The Maravi Post;



We Concerned Citizens, would like to register our concerns over recent Political Developments happening in this very peaceful country. We are shocked to have seen how fellow Civil Society Leaders have become agents of other Political Parties agitating for change on a government that was legally elected by Malawians. We are surely downcast on how the other Civil Society Leaders have lost direction and instead have chosen the path that would bring havoc and indeed disturb the peace and freedom we are enjoying as a country.


Against this background, we would like to call upon all Malawians from all divide to work towards national building rather than blind folding and consecrated than though pretense and odium. We are anxious with the increase in craving by Politicians to whisk for pandemonium and disorder among Malawians through some CSOs. We unconditionally condemn this behavior and we tell all those who have the craving for destruction that we will not allow anyone to push this country to lawlessness regardless of any political affiliation.


We are particularly worried with the conduct of some Civil Society Leaders and Political Parties who have turned into institutions of violence, rudeness, lawlessness and hate. In recent days, we have heard so much hate speeches and degrading remarks by fellow citizens against each other.

We have heard subordinates castigating other Leaders directly instead of telling Malawians issues that are affecting their everyday life. We have observed that most people in this country are good at loving violence and enjoy spreading hate. To them, that is politics, to them that is human rights, and to them that is freedom. To us, this is destruction and we will not allow it.


We all know that Power is given on trust as treasured in the Republican Constitution and therefore as citizens of this country, we have an obligation to hold our Leaders accountable but with sense of humankind.  As we go towards 2019 elections, we need issue based campaign and not personalities. As citizens, our wish is to see peace and tranquility prevailing for the betterment of our beloved country.


We are shocked with the level of disrespectful remarks and hate speeches by some CSOs that are directly linked to opposition parties dressed in the name of advocates. We are dumbfounded that some Opposition Civil Society mercenaries are busy castigating and disrespecting the leadership of this country on the basis of human rights and good governance.


We are aware of the meetings and conversations these CSO leaders have had with leaders of opposition parties who are sponsors of the just ended shameful and illogical demonstrations that took place on 21st September, 2018.

We have evidence in our possession that would be proved beyond any reasonable doubt that these demonstrations were fully funded by opposition parties in the name of Human Rights Defenders Forum.

One would wish to fairly understand as to whose rights are these people defending? How many Malawians were thoroughly consulted on the matters they are ostensibly tossing for?  When they claim that their views are representing Malawians, which Malawians do they mean? While the political terrine seem to be terrifying at a time we are a few months away from the next Tripartite Elections in May, 2019, it is imperative that as a Peaceful country, we should continuously preach about unity and harmony. We feel the pain of seeing fellow Malawians fighting as a result of Political differences. Let us promote dialogue and contact.


We have noted with great shock that even before the official campaign period is here, as a country we are already spending much of our energy and time mudslinging and Politicking as opposed to togetherness that would see mother Malawi developing beyond us.

We have openly heard how the Office of the Presidency is being disrespected. For argument sake, the office of the President is a legally established under the Republican Constitution and therefore requires all the respect it deserves.

Even the Bible says, in Romans 13 vs 1-6   “all governments are under God” which means that leaders are chosen by God.

Unfortunately, most of us have wrongly taken our democratic responsibilities and chose to abuse the freedom that we are enjoying in this country. While democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people, we are all indebted to duty. Freedoms must be associated with responsibility if our democracy is to be eloquent.



While we accept that Malawi is a democratic country, a fact which is backed by our Republican Constitution under the bill of rights, it is of overriding importance for every citizen to exercise such rights with caution and responsibility.



As Citizens, we want leaders who promote peace and respect for each other. We demand leadership that understands its role in nation building. We want leaders who treat the challenges we face as a shared responsibility to solve.





We call upon all Malawians to continue shunning leaders who preach violence and anarchy in this country. Let us continue rejecting leaders who promote politics of hate and disrespect for each other. Let us promote the spirit of contact and dialogue for the betterment of our nation.


God Bless us All

God Bless Mother Malawi


Signed: Philip Kamangirah,  Chairperson

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