Refuting cheap propaganda on Kaliwo, Kabwila and Msowoya as being DPP

By Charles Katema

Rumour has it that the elected secretary general of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Gustav Kaliwo is and has been receiving money from governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to cause havoc in MCP.

In the first place in a press statement issued by Gustav, that was aired live on ZBS had no so called confession whatsoever that he received money from DPP.

Infact the whole reason why he held the presser was to avoid MCP from becoming like the very regime he is fighting against the DPP.DPP now has a.leader who does not want to tolerate regime change for the betterment of the party.

Accusing Gustav of hindering a convention is ignorance.Ignorance of the truth. Only the SG Kaliwo or the NEC elected through a convention not in someones backyard can call for a legal convention. Advocating for a legitimate convention is not being DPP.

On Msowoya anyone with a functioning brain can imagine the trauma that Msowoya facing. The president campaigning for a substitute VP while the current VP is in play is beyond reason.

This is a clear indication of money at play. If Msowoya had received DPP money, he would buy a seat as the VP, unfortunately in mcp positions are only bought by those with adequate money.

Msowoya could not afford to buy his vpship and resorted to legal means.

On Kabwila, no one except the court reinstated her to her position s the publicity secretary.

It is not logical for anyone to claim to.have reinstated her or any of the four to their positions when the court had already reinstated them.

Further more, Kabwila was almost killed several times, burning of her Toyota Fortuner, an accident at mpoma trading centre, and recently a failed attempt on her life which only resulted in thugs mugging her laptop, mobile and other property.

This was nothing other than the work of DPP precisely Ben Phiri where Kabwila’s laptop was found in the hands of Ben Phiri’s personal assistant.

All in all the truth will always prevail, MCP will always survive.

Kwacha !!!

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