People with disabilities cry foul over subsidy programs in Karonga

By Lusekero Mhango

People living with disabilities in Karonga have cried foul over their exclusion and neglect in the malata and fertilizer subsidy programs in the district.

According to Daniel Before Mwaluyali chairperson for federation of disabilities of Malawi people living with disabilities, people with disabilities are being excluded from benefiting from a number of development activities such as the malata house subsidy among others. Saying no persons living with disabilities have benefited from this government set program.

“It is out right unfair and discriminatory for people with disabilities to be neglected from benefiting from projects yet chiefs despite authorities coming to our areas and registering our names to be among the beneficiaries are first to benefit,” he lamented.

He added as persons living with disabilities face huge struggles in their respective areas to access basic needs hence there’s a need for authorities to prioritise people with disabilities.

“Just because we are disabled it doesn’t mean we can’t work just like any other abled body persons. We are also bread winners of our families and if we are excluded from taking part in such programs like the social cash transfer program how can we provide for our families as they also rely upon us,” he wondered.

Group village headman Mwaluyali 2 admitted that chiefs were being given first priority in some other projects but was quick to add that chiefs are not behind the exclusion of people with disabilities in their areas.

He said as chiefs they have a lot to play in including people with disabilities in their various communities.

According to district civic education officer Crisabel Shaba, a lot is still yet to be done in inclusive implementation of people with disabilities.

“Honestly speaking we need to pull up our socks as government and NGOs who are providing development we claim we want to be inclusive but that’s only on paper but on the ground things are different we must fight for people with disabilities to make sure that they are all benefitting from development just like any other abled Malawian,” she said.

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