Malawi Government to construct modern district markets


Kondwani Nankhumwa: minister of local government and rural development
Minister Nankhumwa: We need to maximise Revenue Collection

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa, on Thursday revealed that government has plans to construct modern district markets with all the necessary utilities.

Nankhumwa revealed the development in the ongoing 47th Session of Parliament in his response to Member for Dowa East, Honourable Richard Banda who asked a supplementary question under question 39 in the Order Paper dated November 30th.

The original question inquired if there were plans in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to construct a modern market at Nkhotakota Boma, now that the place is identified at the old airport and that the old market can no longer accommodate the demand by the business community.

Banda then jumped in to inquire if all the modern markets could be constructed in all the main markets in the country, saying in all the neighbouring countries there are markets strategically built to accommodate people travelling.

Nankhumwa responded by announcing that government has plans to construct modern markets in all the cities in the country and if funds allow the programme will extend to all districts in the country.

“Indeed, markets with all the necessary utilities are essential for passengers travelling and they also help in fostering development,” he said.

He added that it was important for all districts to be up-to-date with modern international market standards if they are to compete at international level commercially.

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Malawi needs diaspora mapping to engage them in development processes

Malawi need to develop diaspora mapping and profiling in order to effectively engage people living outside the country in the development processes.


International Organization for Migration (IOM) Head Officer in Malawi, Mpilo Nkomo made the observation Thursday in Lilongwe at Crossroads Hotel during the national Consultation workshop on global compact on safe, orderly and regular migration.


He noted that the country stand to benefit from diaspora mapping and profiling since the initiative would provide a better platform to meaningfully engage Malawians living in diaspora.


Nkomo said the mapping and profiling exercise could be executed by using partners or consultants to shop around the global to trace Malawians living outside the country.


“Countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya and Eritrea have done the mapping and profiling strategies and it has worked effectively for the benefit of people in diaspora and their countries in terms of initiating development agendas,” he observed.


The IOM Head in Malawi explained that the challenge most countries face in order to fully engage people living in diaspora is the case of dual citizenships.


“We have noted that most people are forced to change their nationalities due to a number of reasons which make them hide their real identities,” he pointed out.


Nkomo said government should come up with ways and means of opening up various opportunities to the diaspora community so that they should effectively contribute to national development.


Regional Policy and Liaison Officer for IOM based in Pretoria, Naomi Shiferaw said the issue of remittance has been high on the agenda among diaspora communities, saying they face a lot of challenges when they want to transfer funds back home.

She said members within Africa Union are encouraged to work with the Africa Union Institute of Remittances which is based in Kenya in order to address the challenge being encountered on the issue of remittances.


“Most African countries are failing to come up with appreciate figures on how diaspora remittances are contributing to their Domestic Growth Product (DGP)  since most of the diaspora communities are fond of using informal channels to transfer funds back home,” Shiferaw pointed out.


She explained that once a machinery has been put in place, countries would be able to know how much the diaspora communities are contributing to their GDPs.


A Malawi based nurse in UK, Abagail Banda, complained that the country was delaying in responding to the issue of accepting dual citizenship.


“Other friends are enjoying the benefit of having dual citizenship whilst us we are still not adhering to the changing world. I am holding a British Passport now but whenever I am travelling in Malawi I need to pay US$ 75 for visa to enter to my own country and this pains me greatly,” she lamented.


Banda viewed that even banks are not flexible with us because they even refuse us to open an account in the pretext that we are British passport holders, there by denying us an opportunity to invest back home.


According to an official from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some of the issues would be addressed since the diaspora policy would be put into use.

She said the issue of dual citizenship is among top issues on the agenda since the Malawian diaspora community have called for it for a number of years now.


Malawi still has no proper record of its citizens living in diaspora in countries like South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Tanzania, Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and other countries.

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Malawi Muslims celebrate birthday of Prophet Muhammad: Warned against using religion for politics

Paramount Chief Kawinga of Machinga District has warned Muslims in the country against using religious ceremonies as platforms of advancing their political agendas saying such practices are in contrast with Islamic beliefs.

Paramount Kawinga made the warning on Friday, when he was guest of honour at Mpingwe Sports Club where thousands of Muslims gathered to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad during Ziyala prayers.

“Mixing politics and religion is not good because it is contrary to Islamic beliefs. Islam is a religion of peace and love. Crucial social issues such as education should be encouraged in religious platforms,” he said.

He elaborated, “Muslims need to know that peace, love and education are of great importance and should be advanced in religious gathering than politics because they bring unity unlike politics which discriminates and promotes divisions.”

Kawinga said Muslims should emphasize on advancing peace and love among themselves and even to non-Muslims despite their differences.

The paramount chief said it was equally important for Islamic parents and leaders to encourage the youths to be attending madrassa as well as attending public schools.

“The youth need to have knowledge in all aspects of life. When they have religious knowledge they can’t indulge in criminal acts or immoral behavior.

“On the other hand, social education is vital as it helps remove ignorance among people. They are able to follow the rules of the world,” he said, adding that Prophet Muhammad encouraged people to be educated.

Representative for Altarigatil Qadria Sunni Association (AQSA) Uthman Bambani appealed to Muslims to respect government leaders, the elderly and the dead.

He however said plans are under way to ask the government to consider designating the day as a public holiday.

This year’s Ziyara Parade, which started in Kanjedza, was commemorated under the theme “Prophet Muhammad prophet of peace” and ended up at Mpingwe Sports Club where special prayers were held.

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Two people brutally murdered in Chikwawa, private parts removed

Malawi Police in Chikwawa have launched a manhunt over the sudden death of two people on Thursday night who are reportedly to have been brutally killed in separate places in the district with their private parts removed.

District Police Spokesperson, Constable Foster Benjamin said on Thursday afternoon that one incident occurred at Julius Village in the area of Chief Makhuwira and the other at Chazuka Village in the area of Sub Traditional Authority Ndakwera in the district.

“The first person named Kaphera Phera aged 70 was gruesomely killed with his private parts removed at his house. The assailants also removed the right hand of Phera and went away with these body parts,” said Benjamin.

The Police PRO said the other nasty incident happened to a palm wine tapper, Frank Yakobe of 20 years old.

“The attackers used razor blades to cut the private parts of the deceased. They then tied the neck, legs and cut the forehead using machetes and dumped the dead body at a nearby bush which is between Chazuka and Chafukiza Villages,” elaborated Benjamin.

The Police engaged chiefs and other community leaders of the affected villages to be alert and strengthen the community policing committees to curb further killings.

In a related development, 41 year old Wedson Maloya in the district allegedly killed his wife, Tereza Chewasi, on Wednesday after the two picked a quarrel over family misunderstandings.

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Ambassador MacDonald 10-year UN service honored; appointed WDF President

By WDF and Maravi Post Reporter

The United Nations community, including members of civil society, converged at One UN Hotel to pay homage to former Suriname President Ambassador Henry MacDonald for his 10-year service to international cooperation, development and diplomacy.

Ambassador MacDonald, who came to New York in 2007, received a double honor when the founding President of the World Development Foundation, Dr. Xiangang Guo, relayed the mantel of power to the Ambassador in the capacity of President.

Ambassador MacDonald arrived at the United Nations in 2007 and served in several capacities, including vice president of the 65th General assembly, chairperson of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. Ambassador MacDonald has been noted for being a leading force for gender equality, being an early member and proponent of the HEFORSHE movement and pioneering the Barber Shop Conferences.

Amb receiving matel as President

He also moderated the May 23 Conference endorsing public-private partnerships as common-sense approach in realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Such work connected him with the World Development Foundation, an organization that has brought together Globalization Dialogues based on creating “new public-private partnerships to help enact the Sustainable Development Goals.”

In receiving the presidency from Dr. Guo, Ambassador MacDonald called the guests to observe a minute of silence for three people that have passed this past year, including his son.

He then thanked the people that helped him during his work at the United Nations. Ambassador McDonald then painted a picture of his time in the United Nations, culminating in work stemming from his interest as a human rights lawyer in organizing the Barber Shop conferences where men join the discussions in gender based violence.

Both Dr. Guo and Ambassador MacDonald outlined the work of the World Development Foundation and future planned conferences that aim to the successful implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, using specifically Goal 17, 16 and 5 (namely partnerships, peace and strong institutions, and gender equality).

The planned 2018 Travel, Tourism, and Transformation conference, whose purpose is to “demonstrate ways in which eco- and cultural-tourism…promote worthwhile, sustainable development – through the global cooperation that is necessary for planet-beneficial tourism products to thrive.” All three producers of this conference, which will be led by the Missions of Suriname, and Guyana with involvement from the World Development Foundation, are Dr. Xiangang Guo, Ambassador Henry MacDonald and Patrick Sciarratta.

Speaking in her private capacity during the function, Maravi Post Senior Editor Janet Karim (who met Ambassador MacDonald when she served as diplomat in Third Committee at the Malawi Mission to the UN, 2007-2015), paid tribute as a person who established himself for getting things done and in a time-set manner, often pushing diplomats and UN Secretariat during his tenure as Third Committee Chairperson.

Karim congratulated the Ambassador for his new role in international development work and said she was confident he will be a positive player in the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Why Are More Students Buying College Papers?

The Main Reason Behind Why More Students Are Buying College Papers


Why Are More Students Buying College Papers?

More students are buying papers from essay writing sites such as than ever before. Why is this happening? There are a number of reasons why, ranging from personal preference to an inability to keep up with the way in which education is changing. Yes, there will always be people who use writing services purely because they do not want to do the work themselves, but this group is a minority of the people who will pay someone to write their paper for them.

Main Reasons Behind

People who choose an essay writing service to do their work for them often do so because the educational system has been unable to properly cope with the changes which have occurred in recent years, affecting the way we work and live. The cost of everything has become much higher than ever before, leading to more students than ever needing to work to pay their way through university and college. More time working means less time for studying and homework, which is where essay services come in. Other people might turn to writing services because their institution has grasped the possibilities which are inherent in the digital world, but haven’t yet worked out a good balance between what can be done, and what is too much. People in this situation simply end up without enough time to complete everything.

Are students really lazy these days, or are they simply using different study methods than they did before? The option to buy college papers is more prominent, yes, but that does necessarily mean that everyone will take advantage of it.

Students are Lazy

  • Students don’t spend as much time in the library as they used to, and they sometime don’t even go to classes any more, unless it is a class which has some physical element to it, or if attendance is mandatory
  • Students do seem to care less about the minutiae of the work in general, treating education as a service which they should receive, since they are paying money for it
  • There are fewer classes in general for most courses

Students are not Lazy

  • There are new ways to study which do not involve either the library or any other traditional methods of studying, so students could be using them rather than being at the library; similarly, classes now put their notes and lecture slides up online in many cases, so attendance is not so important.
  • The workload for a lot of courses going down is not a reflection on the students – it is in fact normally compensated for by more personal work.

How much do students pay for their essays?

The study found that these students had all paid something in the region of one hundred pounds to nearly seven thousand pounds for their essays, a realisation which has led to some people calling for those who have benefitted from these sites to face criminal charges. On the other hand, with fees now as high as they are, many people now see a university education as one more commodity which can be bought for the right price.

Students’ perception of university has changed

Writing papers for money is something which has changed so much in part due to the way in which education has changed. Tuition fees were already high when they were first introduced, and they have only gone up since then. This has changed people’s perceptions of university – it isn’t your brain that is the most important thing anymore, it’s how much money you have.

As well as having tuition fees which are constantly increasing, many bursaries and grants which existed to help people in poverty are now gone entirely, making it even more difficult for them to access higher education. People who aren’t rich end up paying more, because they can’t afford to pay loans off quickly, and have to pay them off for longer. Just having the right marks is no longer enough – you need money to get through university. In the face of that, even though buying essays is wrong, why should it be seen as anything beyond the inevitable in this situation?

I personally loved university – it was a place to study a subject that I loved, to find the knowledge I wanted. But not everybody sees it like this. By putting a price on education, by explicitly pointing out that university degrees land better jobs, the government has made it clear that the point of an education is to get a better job. People have latched onto this, and left the real meaning of any education behind.

Worse than simply having the government espouse this view, is having employers pick up on it. Now the requirement is to have a degree of a certain level, even when there is no evidence to show that a degree will allow for better work. Since so many students are now aware that they are simply ticking another box in the endless search for a job, why should they put in any effort?

Wrapping it up

More students are moving to use essay writing services by the day, though there are more reasons for that than might usually be discussed. The changes in the way we perceive education, as a means to an end rather than an end in itself, are the primary reason for them doing so.

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Malawi’s diplomat Sawerengera, wife Margret Mbilizi in sensational leaked e-mail spat

Malawi diplomat in Washington DC, Edward Sawelengela and his wife  Margaret Asalele Mbilizi  have  launched a sensational e-mail spat, each accusing the other of not caring, and they are on the bring of  break-up, Nyasa Times understands from the leaked...

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