On The Lost But Found Mec’s Voter Registration Kit

Ansah: Should clear the issue

I suggest that while police investigation must be carried out, MEC top officials must appear before the responsible Parliamentary Committee. Let the Parliament committee ask questions and MEC must give answers on a live TV broadcast. Parliamentary Committees are made up of MPs from the Opposition and ruling parties. They are the most objective platform we can have because interests of all Malawians across the political divide will be represented. 

This is a very simple issue. But Malawians are a very suspicious and superstitious people. They do not have enough trust in our governance institutions. MEC needs to clear itself and gain public trust. Otherwise, a very simple issue like this one, can a sow a very bad see of distrust in MECs ability to manage free and fair elections in May 2019.

Let MEC appear before Parliamentary Committee. Free and fair elections begin now. Avoidance of post electoral disputes and violence begin now. People need to trust the whole process, from the time of voter registration, through the casting and counting of votes, to the very moment of announcing results. Every step of the way counts.