On Kamuzu Day, Chakwera Angers Kamuzu Family For Removing His Face On MCP Cloth

The new face on MCP Cloth

The Kamuzu Day celebrations today have turned out to be a day of anger by the Kamuzu family at MCP president Lazarus Chakwera for removing the former president’s face off MCP cloth.

Chakwera has replaced it with his own.

The family is outraged at the move and one family member described it as ” blatant disrespect.”

The move had also reportedly attracted the wrath of MCP veteran leader and long-serving minister under Kamuzu, John Tembo.

Delegates arrrived to the party’s convention over the weekend dressed in the party cloth

with the face of Kamuzu, only to be greeted by a new cloth depicting Chakwera and not Kamuzu.

The delegates expressed dismay at the move, arguing it was disrespectful of Kamuzu, Malawi’s founding president.

“We are shocked. We dont know how this decision was arrived at. Chakwera cannot compare himself to Kamuzu and I find it disrespectful that he decided to remove the face of Malawi’s founding president. Kamuzu was not just any other man to MCP to be replaced by some novice,” said one long-time member of the party’s women’s league.