MCP Sold To Peoples Party: Chakwera Wakumana Ndi Matycoon Wabetsa Chipani

Malawi Congress Pa herty (MCP) convention has kicked out the real members and replaced them with new comers from Peoples Party which is haunted by the plundering of public resources dubbed cashgate .

Lots of billions of Kwacha were stolen from government during the two year rule of PP under the watch of former president Joyce Banda

MCP has booted out the experienced and loyal and promising politicians who are the party’s Members of Parliament and carried the image of MCP and replaced them with strangers.

The MCP legislators booted out include:

Juliana Lunguzi
Max Thyolera
Lewis Chakwantha
Lingison Belekanyama
Joseph Njovuyalema, demoted
Kusamba Dzonzi
Daniel Mlomo
Lyton Dzombe
Jean Sendeza, not MP.
Rhino Chiphiko
Gustave Kaliwo, Secretary General, not MP
Jessie Kabwila
Richard Msowoya.

Harry Mkandawire while with PP

These have been replaced by a bunch of novices from Peoples Party and some of them failed to become MPs in their respective areas in 2014

Sidik Mia, not MP
Harry Mkandawire
Cornelius Mwalwanda, not MP
Salim Bagus, not MP
Thomas Bisika, not MP
Ken Zikhale Ngoma, not MP
Edgar Chipalanjira, not MP
Catherine Gotani, not MP
Maurice Munthali, not MP

” The party has lost its image and we are yet to see how it will progress with the coming elections,” said a political analyst based at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi.