MCP ‘s Dedza East primary elections suspended; As MP Lunguzu chanted on

By Viciah Nason, Dedza Mec Stringer

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party MCP  on Saturday  suspended primary elections in Dedza east constituency following the tension  that  aroused as over 4000 people wanted to vote against 1950 eligible voters at Ngoni primary school.

Speaking in an interview Director of Youth who was the presiding officer Richard Chimwendo Banda said the party has postponed the elections to a later date due to misunderstanding of delegates who were supposed to take part.

Chimwendo attributed that it was not easy to control over 4000 people who were having malicious intent hence they have postponed the elections to a later date.

He said they have cancelled the primaries only to protect people’s lives hence drama already started at the venue as people were planning to join the lines in the process saying they have got rights to participate in primary elections.

“We have observed that people are not aware of who are supposed to vote in primary elections. We only guarantee those from the  areas not everyone, unfortunately other aspirants hired a lot of vendors to vote for them,” said Chimwendo.

Chimwendo added that the venue was to blame as well hence there was no security.

“For the elections to be credible, free and fair enough we will ask the chair to propose for another place where everyone will be comfortable, we need the closed area and am appealing to all aspirants to bring only eligible voters. This area is too closer to trading centre and we believe that these guys are vendors who only wants to tarnish the reputation of Malawi Congress Party,” he added.”

Juliana Lunguzi the incumbent, Musa M”bwana, Davie Kupempha, Patrick Bandawe and Steven Biswick were the candidates for the Member of Parliament Position.

At the ground people were protesting that the Incumbent  Lunguzi should be impeached saying she has failed the people in her area and others were calling her names to the extent that if she will go on the MCP’s ticket come 2019 the party will loose the constituency to another party.

Responding to these allegations Lunguzi said those people chanting were not MCP supporters but those who were hired by her competitors.

“I’m not saddened because I knew already that there will be this tension hence the place was not safe for this activity, only am happy that people have returned home safe. They have been preparing to put me down, I was told at the venue that they planned to broke my way and dus why I left as earlier as possible. Ihave been even intimidated by one of the officials that he is going to put an extral gear to finish me,” Lunguzi said”

According to some information, Dedza east constituency is an area where people do not believe in repeating the same candidate, for them voting for a person for a second time is a waste.

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