MCP Primaries: Chakwera Expects Losing Old Guards To Remain Royal

Njobvuyalema (Left)

There are many twists and turns in the ongoing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) primary elections as some old guards continue falling with Lilongwe Mpenu’s Watson Makala-Ngozo being the latest.

Makala-Ngozo lost on Saturday to party president Lazarus Chakwera’s right handman Eisenhower Mkaka who is also the party’s secretary general.

Ngozo joins the list of fallen old guards, including legislator for Lilongwe Mapuyu South Joseph Njobvuyalema, who lost to youthful Edward Chileka Banda and Public Accounts Committee of Parliament chairperson Alekeni Menyani.

Menyani relocated from Dedza North to try his luck in Lilongwe City Centre, but lost to Alfred Jiya.

But Chancellor College-based political analyst Ernest Thindwa downplayed the impact the fall of the old guards may have on the outcome of the elections next year.

Thindwa observed that the fall of ‘big names’ could also be a signal of change of times where voters are simply fed up with the old guards.