MCP Convention: Yiannakis Cries Foul, Describes Mia As A ‘Corrupt Asian’

Dejected and rejected Nick Yiannakis of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has described as corrupt and sick the new leadership of the party following his dubious removal from the list of candidates for the post of treasurer during the just ended convention.

His name was removed on the day of convention without being alerted.

He has since accused the newly endorsed first vice president Sidik Mia of being one of the corrupt Asians who want to destroy the party he loves most.

“These Asians want to hijack MCP from the true supporters who have stood by the party for ages. Despite that, these Asians have held Malawians at ransom for ages and that the citizens were tired of them,” Yiannakis wrote on his Facebook page.

He implicates Asians including Mia as influencing decisions in the party corruptly.