Manganya and Kaliati: Not seeing eye to eye
Manganya and Kaliati: Not seeing eye to eye

It’s now official that president of UTM Dr Saulosi Chilima has settled for Dr Michael Usi for the post of running mate automatically giving him the vice presidency once UTM is voted into power come 2019.

It’s believed that Manganya and his boss Dr Chilima are in good books and he is using him as his surrogate to contain the chaos that has engulfed the movement and plainly against Kaliati who has been disciplined so far for her foul language against the President of Malawi Professor Peter Mutharika and First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika.

The whole episode was exposed in Mangochi when Manganya spoke ahead of Kaliati who is the interim secretary general of the movement. This did not please Kaliati and her good friend Calista Chapola who were seen dejected and confused when they saw Manganya rebuking the hate speeches spoken by these two women in all their movement launches so far.

Manganya hit the nail on their heads: ‘It will make no difference to see us here responding to the speeches of our opponents using the same foul language.’ Manganya said this to the dismay of Kaliati and her good friend Calista Chapola.

Some political commentators have said it’s Chilima who is using Manganya to discipline these two foul languaged women and eventually Chilima will throw them away soon the dust settles down.

Manganya who has hanged his boot now not to stand as parliamentary candidate in the 2019 elections is well known for advisory roles and point blank talks.

This is the second time Manganya has talked tough against his fellow seniors in the UTM.

Kaliati is angry now that she has lost the running mate position to Manganya who is considered as an outsider by many UTM gurus who started this movement. She has also complained of the absence from political rallies by Mr Ngalande as a sign that Chilima has started politics of elimination.

Of late Manganya has been seen sitting close to the chairperson of UTM at the podium a seat that must be for secretary general of the organization.

But Kaliati has vowed to ‘finish off’ Manganya until she gets her post which she was promised by Chilima when the movement started.