Malawi’s Mercenary CSO Leaders Mtambo, Trapence Under Fire From UN

A day after they misled the public to anti-government demos in April 2018, Mtambo, Sembereka, Trapence and Kajoloweka flew out to Mauritania to eat the money they had been paid for organizing the demos.

United Nations experts say that Malawi is a country that has two types of CSOs/ NGOs.  Real CSOs and Paid CSOs.

“PaidCSOs,” say the experts, “are the ones closely align with the opposition parties to a point of behaving as their lobbyists.” They directly do the bidding on behalf of opposition parties.

Their goal is primarily serving commercial interests of the parties who pay them at a particular point in time. Opulent lifestyles of their leaders (such as Mtambo and Trapence) and overseas trips bear a testimony to that.

“Real CSOs deal with substance, they do public lobby on issues of national interest.” A case in point is the issue of why the Vice President is abusing public funds by drawing a salary when not working, a national issue ‘Paid CSOs’ and commercial media deliberately ignore.

It is a shame that a few greedy rotten tomatoes who are paid CSOs, risk contaminating the rest of the NGO sector which is there to serve legitimate interests of Malawians. Ref:UNDP/0018/XR5112W/NGO-Sector-MW