Malawi’s Dowa Prophet Yosolofati arrested for indecently assaulting girl

The Malawi Police in Mponela – Dowa, are keeping in custody a 45-year old man Robert Yosofati, who happens to be a prophet for his church on allegations that he indecently assaulted an 18 year-old girl ( name withheld) thereby contravening section 137(1) of the penal code.
According to Mponela police publicist Kondwani Kandiado, on October 9 this year, the prophet, who claims to have a healing ministry in the area of Traditional Authority (T.A) Kayembe in the district was visited by the girl seeking healing mercy for the stomach complications that she had.
Kandiado said the victim who is also a form 1 student at a certain Private school in the area had learnt about the existence of the prophet and his healing power from some women who had gathered around his home also seeking healing mercies.
The girl had decided to go and meet the prophet for healing mercies where she was told to meet him the next day.
When she went to meet the prophet as she booked, she was asked to get into the house to conduct prayers for her. It is in the house where he requested the girl to undress so that the prayers can start.
The prophet is alleged to have started playing around with the the girl’s private parts and applied some herbs to her private parts before demanding her to pay K2500 for the services rendered.
The girl had to report the matter to her mother and members of the community after experiencing some pains who then reported the issue to Mbingwa police unit.
When quizzed on the matter, the prophet said he was only doing his job as a prophet.
He admitted that he had done that for healing purposes.
The prophet  Robert Yosofati, hails from Msukwa village in the area of T/A Mtema in Lilongwe and will appear in court soon to answer an indecent assault charge.
The police in Mponela are therefore  appealing to men in collar to stop using the word of God as a tool to abuse girls sexually.

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