Malawi VP Chilima denounces political violence and intimidation

Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima, wishes to condemn in strongest terms the unfortunate scenes of violence and intimidation developing in this country.

The attack on Honourable Patricia Kaliati and Honourable Noel Masangwi at the Parliament building in Lilongwe on Friday is most unfortunate and completely unacceptable.

The setting ablaze of Honourable Bon Kalindo’s car at his house is an act of barbarism and has no place in modern Malawi.

The Vice President commends the Police for acting with professionalism and urges them to investigate and bring to book all the perpetrators.

“When we voted for multiparty democracy in 1993, after a gallant fight against the brutality that existed at the time, we said goodbye to a dark age.

“We, as the people of Malawi, should not, therefore, allow any individual or group of individuals masquerading as democrats to take us back to the era of death and darkness in pursuit of their own selfish interests. The acts of the last 36 hours are primitive, uncivilized and satanic and have no space in modern Malawi,” rebukes Chilima.

The Vice President urges all peace-loving Malawians to resist this and to refrain from being used by selfish individuals whose aim is to tear our nation apart.

“No one should be threatened or intimidated for expressing their political, religious or any views at any time anywhere in this country. Our constitution guarantees all Malawians fundamental freedoms of choice and speech. This country belongs to all of us.

“Furthermore, the attack on women is a monumental shame and a colossal disgrace and must stop right now. Secondly, what happened in the August house as the President was delivering the State of the Nation Address is both unprecedented and deplorable,” VP Chilima says.

He adds, “We have to respect the leadership of this country regardless of any discontent we may contain in our minds from time to time.

“We should always remember that the world is watching, and any disgraceful conduct paraded in the public space is projected to the whole world, thus denting our image of a peaceful and friendly nation. We must move forward promoting peace and harmony among all of us,”

The engine of our country’s potential are the youth, considering that 64 per cent of the population are aged 24 years and below.

‘Our youth should not be manipulated to indulge in activities that destroy their future. The Vice President is appealing to the youth to reject any attempts by anyone to use them for violence.

The youth are a force of good and must be helped to focus on building the future of our nation. They should not allow themselves to be used as agents of terror,” the VP said.

Dr. Chilima’s message to the youth: your lives are worth far much more than the pocket change that is offered by political thugs who mastermind such callousness.

The God that we worship and He who answers our prayers is a God of peace and love (1 Kings 19: 12 – 15).

The Vice President is, therefore, urging all Malawians to remain as peaceful as always and ensure that peace, harmony and tranquillity continue to prevail in our country.

“May God the Almighty continue to bless Mother Malawi and Us All,” concludes Chilima.

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