Malawi Health Sciences’ MCP Wing revived in Blantyre

Majority of youths in the country’s population is a clear indication that youths need to take active roles in politics as one way of curbing problems affecting the country.

Chairman of youths in the southern region for Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Bright Mtema, made the remarks when revamping the party’s youth wing at Malawi Health Science in Blantyre.

Mtema said the youths are capable of providing strategies of ending difficulties they face in the country if they can have confidence and tolerate one another.

“We have the youths that are capable and can change some of the problems we are facing as a country but the thing is our youths lack a platform where they can be given the chance to lead or take higher positions in governments departments,” Mtema Said.

“I think as country we need to give the youths the chance to lead us and empower them if we are to make strides in terms of economic status of our country,” he added.

He further advises political parties in the country to put youths in its higher positions of leading the party as a way of enticing other youths to contest in different position in the 2019 tripartite elections.

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