Malawi CSOs insist on Chilima’s resignation over insubordination admission to BBC Hard Talk

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Some of the country’s Civil Society Organisation under the banner Joint Civil Society Platform on Governance (JCSPG) once again on Saturday insisted on calls for Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima over insubordination, double standards.

The fresh calls comes a day after Chilima, who is in the United Kingdom (UK) on private tour, says he will not resign from his post as the country’s second-in command.

The UTM leader rubbished the joint Civil Society Platform on Governance, which on Thursday October 18 called for the resignation of Chilima, accusing him of drawing a salary and benefits from government without doing work.
Chilima said on Thursday evening that he will not bow down to calls from some sectors of the society for him to quit his position as elected vice president.

But the grouping has argued again that Chilima could not keep on drawing benefits from the same government which he says is corrupt.

The platform alleges that the VP is giving the wrong impression of principles of good governance in the country.

The grouping has therefore vowed spearheading campaign of making sure that he quit from government.

Below is the JCSPG full statement signed by its leader Peter Mumba;


Having been vindicated by Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima’s own admission during the interviews he had with BBC Hard Talk, we are more than convinced that indeed he must resign from the office. From the interview that the Vice President Chilima has justified our claims and the reasons why he must resign from office.

Chilima made admission in line with ten reasons we indicated as to why he must resign. Chilima admitted that since June he has not been reporting nor meeting the President and Government officials but continues to draw salary. This is unacceptable and robbing Malawians of their hard earned taxes. By virtue that Chilima continues to draw salary and benefits from the Government is in itself corruption.

The indifference that Chilima had towards corruption and corrupt people confirms that his interest is not to fight corruption but to support and protect friends and colleagues who are corrupt. That is why he had no reason to worry when he can tell the entire world that working with a convict is not a problem as the person still has their brains.

Further, by his own admission, Chilima has no right answer why he is sticking around with the very same Government that he accuses to be corrupt. Chilima uses the mandate that was given to him with President Mutharika as a blank Cheque and not to be questioned. Simply put, by his own admission and the BBC questioning, it vindicates our earlier stances that Chilima lack both principles and moral justification to hold on the office of the Vice President when he voluntarily resigned from the ruling party. His continued stay smacks of lack of integrity.

By his own admission, we are vindicated that Chilima abuses state resources for his own benefits as instead of working for the Government, he is busy promoting personal political ambitions.
Our Conviction.

We are more than convinced and beyond reasonable doubt that holding on to the Office of the Vice President by Chilima is not a matter of principle nor a matter of constitution but rather for personal gratification. We strongly believe that Chilima is well aware that his Political ambitions plus the way forward of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) is at stake and cannot be realized if he quits being the Vice President.

We are more than convinced that the other reason that Chilima doesn’t want to leave the Office of the Vice President are the benefits that comes with the office and not anything to help Malawians. Chilima cannot forgo the benefits of the office, the free accommodation, free utilities, free security, free health bills, free entertainment. All the reasons are personal and nothing to do with Malawians and citizens.
Issues of the Constitution.

Vice President Chilima want to convince the world that his clinging on to the office is a matter of the constitution. We would like to remind him, that the constitution is supposed the serve the people of Malawi and by him resigning is not breaking any laws of Malawi but rather enforcing his integrity.

In the same spirit, what Chilima is not telling the world is that our constitution recognizes a political Government. The spirit of the Constitution was that at any given time, the President and the Vice would come from the same political party. That is the more reason why the position of the Second Vice President was deliberately left to another political party but not the same that the President and the Vice come from. To this effect, he continues to exploit the loopholes in the constitution but we believe just as was the case with bouncing back to power case after resting, we might need to have the judicial review to determine the spirit of the constitution as regards the political structure of the President, the Vice and the Second Vice President.

Our Continued Calls.

We still demand the resignation of the Vice President of the Republic of Malawi for his own admission and the 10 reasons that we highlighted. Chilima as a person who tout himself to be transformative, needs to rise above average politicians and act with principle, integrity and sound moral judgement. By Chilima clinging on to the office that he is well aware is not working, is tantamount to theft, and giving Malawians a raw deal.

We will continuously remind Chilima on the need for his resignation and we will use any means necessary within the framework of the law to force the resignation. The so called ‘garbage’ that Chilima referred to our calls will continue spilling out and the voices will only grow louder. However, should he resigns, Chilima will demonstrate the highest level of integrity and indeed earn the respect of the world than the case where some quarters have started referring to him as a ‘CHARLATAN’.

10 Reasons Why Chilima Must Resign

As a reminder these are the ten reasons why he must resign:
1. Drawing Salary and benefits from Government without doing any work – This is tantamount to theft
2. By his own admission, he is not fighting corruption but supporting it – Chilima went on record on ZBS TV that the UTM is getting funding from the people within DPP whom he accuses to be corrupt.
3. Abusing the courts to justify illegalities – Chilima uses over 50 police officers against 6 authorized by law but cannot accept to follow what is prescribed in the law but chooses to abuse the court through orders to maintain the illegal officers at his residences and offices.
4. No respect for the laws of Malawi – By involving himself in electioneering with a group that is illegal in Malawi, Chilima has expressed disregard of the laws of Malawi
5. Acting with Impunity – Chilima continues to hold meetings both local and abroad which undermines a democratically elected Government, which is tantamount to anarchy and lawlessness
6. Lacks Integrity and moral justification – By continuing to be the country’s vice President against all the issues that Chilima talks bad about the same government, he is demonstrating highest level of lack of integrity and moral justification
7. Brave Leaders with integrity do not hide behind the ambiguity of the law – Chilima continued use of the loopholes in the law that he cannot be fired and holding on to the office of the vice President continue to portray him as a greedy politician who wants to hoodwink the country to believe he is a different caliber of politician
8. Abusing state resources for personal gains – since breaking ranks with the DPP and launching the UTM, Chilima has been crisscrossing the country on tax payers money for personal gain not in the interest of Malawians
9. Chilima needs to be held accountable – the remarks that Chilima has made as regards to elections rigging and eavesdropping machine by the Government are very dangerous coming from the Vice President of the country. That Chilima doesn’t want to provide evidence on the same puts to question his character as a leader and hence the need for him to resign
10. More tax payers money will be wasted – This country needs a functioning Vice President. With Chilima’s self-imposed absence from the Government, President Mutharika might be forced to appoint a second vice President. This is a drain on the resources and tax payers as they have to pay for two vice presidents with one not functioning.


If indeed Chilima stands on reforms was that people must be paid for their work and performance, he can do this country good by resigning and concentrate on his political ambitions

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