Karonga North MP Ghambi under fire for flouting CDF guidelines

By Lusekero Mhango

Member of Parliament (MP) for Karonga North Vincent Ghambi has been lambasted by local development structures and traditional leaders in his constituency for using party structures in development projects under the constituency development fund (CDF).

Ghambi was rounded upon Tuesday during an interaction that concerned community members had with the media that National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) facilitated on cdf management in karonga north.

The community members alleged that 3.2 million of the Cdf money was spent on constructing a school block at mwayofyo and 15 million was spent constructing mwayofyo bridge but this is on only on paper as there is nothing on the ground to the contrary.

According to Water Msiska a representative for TA Kilipola, wondered why the mp was sidelining the local development structures such as the chiefs and the Area Development Committee (ADC).

“We chiefs through our TA want to work with our MP on development for our area but the MP appears not to be interested in working with us. We have called him several times to attend developmental meetings but all have been in vain as Ghambi doesn’t turn up,” he lamented.

Concurring with Msiska Ngerenge ADC chairperson Nelson Mwakisolu, said the situation has gone so worse to the extent that their MP is no longer picking up their calls.

“All that we want is for accountability and transparency to be followed and for proper guidelines too when implementing cdf but sadly this is not what is happening on the ground hence we are wondering if we the ADC are no longer important in development,” he said.

He therefore called upon the district council to help end abuse of funds by ensuring only those eligible for the implementation of cdf are involved.

Efforts to get honorable member Ghambi’s side of the story have proved futile as his phone went unanswered after several attempts.

However karonga district civic education officer Cristabel Shaba has cautioned members of Parliament to be accountable and transparent when it comes to cdf projects. Saying the communities have the right to know how their tax payer money is being spent in their areas.

“When multiparty democracy came in our country it brought with it decentralization meaning power to the people who have the right to choose what development is brought in their area and if MPs are breaking these traditions by forming their own rules this is unfortunate as they are denying communities the right to choose what projects are done in their jurisdiction,” she explained.

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