Jamalife in Business Opportunity Presentation

Jamalife Helpers Global is expected to hold a free business opportunity presentation which aims at selling its financial empowerment packages.

The presentation is scheduled for Saturday, October 6 at the College of Health Sciences Lecture Theatre in Blantyre.

The presentation will be hosted by Esther Njiwa and George Mbendera while Jessie Mkambula and Gudrun Malunga will deliver the actual presentation.

Jamalife Helpers Global is an international NGO network aimed at empowering its members, through its human capacity development trainings.

The online cum offline network marketing organisation was born out of the need to build up people financially all across the globe to the point of experiencing high quality life in all areas of living.

It originated from Belgium and is now spreading to other countries, including Malawi. The founding members are all networkers who have experienced different kinds of connections all over the world.