Exclusive: Tough Questions & Answers On Mec Registration Kit

Mec commissioners during the press conference

Question No. 1: What business did the Office of President and Cabinet vehicles have to carry election material?

(In Malawi, MEC uses vehicles from government departments or parastatals in their mass exercises. We are not sure if these vehicles are hired but they are labelled with the the MEC Registration Numbers)

Question 2: Why were the materials carried in an open vehicle without adequate security?

(This might have been a one off incident. One cant contemplate a mishap when doing somethings. I would think the best question would have been, what time did the open truck travel and did they stop somewhere? Even vehicles that belong to security agencies have had cases of someone “illegally” getting something out. Havent we heard of theft of stuff from security installations by hardened thieves?)

Question 3: Why was the public not informed immediately? The explanation given is nonsensical. We want a convincing reason.

(Exactly what would have the public done when the relevant agency which is the police was informed? Why is it that when an issue is under investigation we always hear statements like, we will not disclose much to avoid jeorpadising the investigations. They have given their explanation which in your view is nonsensical.)

Question 4: Where, exactly, did Vale find the electoral registration kit in Mozambique? Under what circumstances? How did they realise it belongs to the Malawi Electoral Commission? Who, at Vale, found the material? What time? Which specific date?

(The question of where can best be answered by Vale officials and even the circumstances. They didnt realise it belongs to MEC if you check the statement from MEC. They said they had found something similar to what MEC uses. It is MEC who confirmed its their kit. As regards times and date of the find, check with Vale Logistics)

Question 5: How did Ben Phiri know there was data in the material even before MEC had briefed the parties? To put this in perspective, the DPP statement was out before mid-day and MEC’s briefing was at 3 p.m., yet Ben Phiri wrote, on behalf of the ruling party: “The DPP demands answers as to …. the safety of the data that was already on the kit”. How did he know there was already data on the kit before MEC’s briefing?

(Ben Phiri knew just like all of us that there was data in it immediately we heard that a kit was found. His statement came out at 15:30 hrs Malawi time.The kits are known to contain data and not mangoes. It doesnt require rocket science to think along those lines. Rigging claims came in even before we had heard from MEC)

The best in the current circumstances is get the best IT experts and let them examine the kit. If it has recently been tampered with, the best expert will know. This is purely a case of theft. I wouldnt think anyone interested in rigging can specifically want to steal a kit that is in use. Similar kits can be sourced anywhere without any questions asked. With a good IT guy one can pump in the necessary programme and “rig” if one thinks that is a possibility.

Also take note that parties had monitors in all centres and they were monitoring the registration and also keeping the figures. There is no centre called Vale or Mozambique or whatever is being pushed through the gullible public.

In Malawi at least we know that after the registration, voters roll is open for inspection, if anomalies are observed, that is the time issues can be cleared.

It is time as a nation we move in a positive way. Whatever we are doing today is a seed that one day will germinate into a tree with fruits. Is this the way we want this generation and the next to think or brainwash each other? Let us for once be honest in ourselves and do what is right.

Just as an afterthought, why is the blame being heaped on DPP? We should not play ignorant that DPP is back in government from the opposition. Same claims were made even when it was an opposition party. Should we say parties in Malawi are so unprepared and ill organised that they operate on fear of DPP?

—Copied with responses—