Egenco up for power generation increase in Malawi

The Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) has said it plans to increase electricity generation capacity from 384 megawatts to 2,300 in 2034.

The company’s publicist Moses Gwaza, said this during a presentation he made on Friday during the Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE) annual Lakeshore conference in Mangochi District.

Gwaza said Egenco has lined up short and long-term programmes which are aimed at eliminating challenges of electricity supply.

Among them, Gwaza said, the company intends to continue adhering to the timely rehabilitation of hydro-electricity generation plants so as to make them more efficient to meet their generation capacity.

“As of October this year, we were generating about 384 megawatts of electricity. We expect to double this generation capacity in the next five years. And within the next 10 years, we would be able to generate about 1,700 megawatts and around 2,300 megawatts in 15 years,” Gwaza said.

He said 10 megawatts would be added by December 2018, another 10 megawatts in May 2019 and 19.5 megawatts by December 2020.

“We hope that these arrangements will help us end the blackouts very soon,” he said.

Currently, only 14 percent of the country’s population has access to electricity and population experts estimate that the country’s population would be around 30 million in the next 10 years.

Speaking earlier at the meeting, MIE President, Wilson Chirwa, said lack of serious investment in the energy sector was hindering the growth of the sector.

Chirwa challenged that MIE has the capacity to solve the country’s energy and water crisis if the government committed enough resources to the course.

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