Credibility of Afford convention remains questionable amid infighting

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-As the Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) goes to its convention tomorrow May 1 supporters and the oldest Member of Parliament the whole northern region, Frank Mwenefumbo who is also an inspiring president have expressed their dissatisfaction on how the convention committee and the embattled current party president Enoch Chihana handles the convention process.

The convention which was supposed to be held last year in 2017 as stipulated in the party constitution has been meeting resistance from the current party president who is described as a selfish and undemocratic by the party supporters.

Chihana who’s the son of the party founder looks at the party as a family investment which makes him more powerful over the party constitution, the conduction of Chihana over party matters enforced the party members and supporters to request Karonga Central legislature Frank Mwenefumbo to take the lead so that their party can bounce back to its glory.

The current party president together with his convention committee which is chairs by his VP who’s also his foot soldier, Tanilani Chipeta fails to reveal the convention electoral team, security assurance and other logistics.

Party supporters requested Malawi Electoral Commission to handle the electoral system but Chihana is scared to use MEC and he suggests that MEC is entrusted but Chihana has hand picked his friends from different civil and academia organizations which party supporters say is a fowl to make Chihana win the selections.

While may supporters have vowed to disagree with the results if Chihana wins who seems too desperate for the party president for his survival as he has nothing to rely on for his survival apart from getting party benefits.

Mwenefumbo who is a potential contender in the race has warned Chihana that fooling people is not the beat way to go about with convention.

Mwenefumbo who says he’s keenly interested in a credible and fair convention elections so that the elected leader may boost supporters confidence in the party that has been taking people fie granted for so long.

Mwenefumbo has reminded the delegates to vote without fear and shortsightedness but with wisdom and knowledge of a leader who saves people not greedy individuals who feel godly and oppress and intimidate the people.

Mwenefumbo who says he only believes in God and not in thuggery to win these convention election than Mr Chihana who’s rumored to have prepared to brutalize people so that he retained as president a scenario he staged in the 2013 convention where he brought thugs to brutalize people and declared himself president in absence of the other contenders and delegates who fled for their lives.

“There is hope in AFORD as is the only party that has no dirty history and stands a better chance to be tested by Malawians,” said Chikondi Mbewe a delegate from Eastern Region who’s among the delegates assembled at the AFORD headquarters in Area 49 in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile all AFORD supporters are looking with keen interest on how the convention process is going.

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