Chiumia Abandons Ministerial Vehicle To Woo People To Register

Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Grace Chiumia on Friday surprised people in Thyolo when she abandoned her ministerial vehicle and joined a publicity van, to woo people to go and register for the 2019 polls.

Chiumia passed her message to the people through a sound hailer which she had grabbed from one of the officers in the publicity van in Thyolo.

The minister moved from Goliati trading centre through Thyolo boma to Bvumbwe trading centre.

“The last day of regisration in this district is Saturday so please let’s go and get registered in our
nearest centres.” went the announcement from Chiumia.

Chiumia told the gathering at Goliati trading centre that good citizens take partf in national issues like elections hence the need for them to participate in the forth coming elections.

She said it was only through vote that they could choose leaders of their choice in various political

Registration of voters in Thyolo started on September 2 to September 15.