Chilima says he won’t resign as Malawi VP

Malawi Vice-President Saulos Chilima, who is in the United Kingdom (UK) on private tour, says he will not resign from his post as the country’s second-in command.
His comments rubbishes the joint Civil Society Platform on Governance, which on Thursday October 18 called for the resignation of Chilima, accusing him of drawing a salary and benefits from government without doing work.
Chilima said on Thursday evening that he will not bow down to calls from some sectors of the society for him to quit his position as elected vice president.
The Vice President, who is also an interim leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM), said: “I will not resign because some people are holding press conferences. Let them hold the press conferences as that is their right to do so. They have the freedom to think or say any garbage but one thing is certain. I will not resign.”
Chilima made the remarks at Hilton Hotel in Northampton when he attended a dinner hosted in his honour by Diaspora Malawians.
“This is not about Saulos Chilima, this is a movement to make Malawi a better for all. Malawi needs all of us to change and the time is now.
“Asking me to resign will not stop the movement because I am not the movement. The movement is for the people. I am but just one of the people who believe in the cause for a better Malawi,” said Chilima.

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