Of MCP’s botched and hoodwinking primary elections; Is isn’t towards death bed?

By Falles Kamanga
The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) on going primary elections have been characterized by  maladministration from day one.
The continuation of electoral problems the party is entangled with is serious reflection on the quality and capacity of the oldest party’s mandate to lead Malawians in 2019.
The party has obviously been thrown into disrepute and derailed credibility of the party, National  Executive Committee (NEC) above all  the presidency.
The idea of holding primaries early was the right one the party made for better preparation of the next year’s polls.
But the path looks rosy and hoodwinking and botched as the leadership has the list of individuals in circles it needs to promote or deal with at local and national level.
All party members labeled as “NKHOLOKOLO” or labels are the many culprit of these primaries as their punishment by the party.
This is a continuation from  the party’s convention that dealt completely with rebels
In these primaries there is also  a cartel of sitting MPs led one Richard Chimwendo Banda who the National Director of youth Chilondola, Elias Chakwera and Willard Gwengwe, to do injustice to new aspirants who have clearly beat them in primaries and they are out to blatantly steal from them.
This man, Chimwendo is truly selfish and wicked to win extent that he is single-handedly destroying MCP chances of doing well in the parliamentary polls next year. Many of us in the party have tried to reason with him but he is so pompous and arrogant that he has successfully pushed us on the wayside.
The self proclaimed bulldozer has really bulldozed his way into the elections directorate despite being the youth leader.
The man who was previously our regional elections director, voluntarily stepped down to opt for the bigger position at a national level but would still not want to take leave of his former office.
He is up and down every day fanning violence and putting MCP in bad publicity on a daily basis with his evil handling of the primary elections.
He is the only party official who is assigning himself daily errands to preside over the primaries. But almost everywhere he has gone there has been controversies. He is using this process to deal with his political threats and favouring his friends and sponsors. He can even call off a primary election mid way upon noting that his friends are losing.
Because of his bad attitude and temper, both the regional and national directors of elections are not able to tame his lavish ego. He has made himself incharge of the rigging team together with Hon Ezekiel Ching’oma.
No wonder Chimwendo constituency was the very first to hold primaries without any notice to his challengers. That’s how evil he is. The case is currently in court. The aspirants in his constituency were only told of the elections just a day before the polls. What a coward!
Below is just a sample of his many botched up primaries he has presided over:
1. He presided over the primaries in Dedza north. This is the constituency of the regional chairmen whom he had to protect at all cost. Upon noting that his master was very unpopular to real party delegates who wanted Savel Kafwafwa. He barred them all and instead allowed the RC to bring non party delegates on the queue. This did not please the bona-fide MCP members and went on rampage vandalising his car and house. Chimwendo was behind all this mayhem because of his arrogant stance against a peaceful process.
2. Chimwendo refused to preside over over the botched up primaries in Dowa Ngala simply because Arthur Sunrise is his pal in the Youth Directorate. This is a constituency of the National elections director.He influenced crooky Peter Chalera to do his job. Meanwhile,inside source have revealed that Chakwera will be crowned winner without an opposer after disqualifying Sungitsa who has stood his ground and poised to win the constituency even if it means standing on an independent ticket.
3. Chimwendo cancelled the primaries any the eleventh hour in Lilongwe Msinja North constituency of his rigging peer Chalera after carefully observing that the ground was in favour of an aspirant Edgar Chipalanjira. This he did without convincing reasons but everyone knows he simply wanted to protect his fellow.
4. Chimwendo can even handle two primaries in a single day just to accomplish his evil mission. This other day he went to Dedza to promote his two friends Ishmael Onani and Bon Malunga. In Dedza South he and his team successfully created an intimidating atmosphere for those who were against Onani though he won. But Chimwendo and crew quickly drove to Dedza central east where their mission was implemented. They went their to support Malunga who was losing the election. Actually he finished 3rd. But Chimwendo simply cancelled the election on flimsy grounds calling for a rerun in order to advantage his loser friend. And indeed he has won the re-run yesterday after corrupting the constituency membership and instilling fear in supporters of the aspirants.
5. Chimwendo yesterday went to Mchinji East with one purpose: To support his long time financier Maxwell Chimkokomo. And indeed after seeing that his buddy was a distant fourth, Chimwendo swiftly called off the primary. This was just yesterday. On first position was Kayo.
This is just a small sample of how Chimwendo is destroying the whole process. Just this session, he has already been to about 10 constituencies when other NEC haven’t presided over even one ward.
Just to  add more, the Chiphiko/Nancy elections which were clearly won by popular Nancy Tembo. But the Presiding Officer, Abraham Liwinde  twisted numbers for Chiphiko because he had earlier been corrupted by Chiphiko with huge some of money .

The corruption took place at the Woodlands Hotel in City Centre. Rhino Chiphiko was accompanied by Mr Chipuwa to the corruption venue.
The bribe was shared with Richard Chimwendo, Abraham and other guys.
The guys had a party sort of at the said venue till wee hours celebrating THIEVING OF VOTES.
Another instance worth noting is where,  Boniface Kadzamila is going alone to preside over other primaries including in  Hon Chinkhondo’s Area. No NEC member nor observer accompanies him. Is this democracy the MCP way?
INTERESTINGLY, in all this, the President is so quite and a dead stone, not even commenting all intervening despite his full knowledge of the happenings. He is known to fear his sitting MPs.
The truth within the party is that the MCP sitting MPs are stronger than the docile Chakwera.
Chakwera fails to condemn any unruly behaviour and always hopes problems will just vanish away on their own. In public he speaks as someone who is in charge yet he is not.
This is the party that wants to paint themselves as angels of hope when they are crooks, thieves to the bone.
In light of the above we calling for the immediate resignation of the entire Elections Directorate and their function reverted to the Presidency.

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Nurses and pregnant mothers vacate clinic as horny goblins wreak havoc in Matabeleland

By Nelson Bhebhe
HEALTH workers, expecting mothers and some patients have allegedly vacated a clinic in Lupane following sexual attacks by suspected goblins, authorities have confirmed.
Expecting mothers in waiting mother’s shelter raised alarm complaining of having sleepless nights saying they are seriously being sexually abused by the invisible “things”.
According to the SundayNews, Matabeleland North provincial Medical Director, Dr Alfred Muchara confirmed the alleged sexual abuse by goblins at the clinic saying the goblins issue has been in existence since time immemorial.
He said the problem is said to have been there for quite some time now although having become too prevalent now.
“Services are still fully offered at the clinic although our nursing staff vacated the clinic because of these social problems. We have however, engaged local leadership to deal with the case so that nurses stay peacefully.
“This time a lot of reports have been forwarded by both patients, particularly expecting mothers, who come and stay at the clinic for a while waiting to deliver and staff members who live in the clinic,” he said.
Dr Muchara said the expecting mothers complain much with health workers and said they couldn’t stay there anymore.
“In consideration of the expecting mothers, we felt it was riskier for them to go back to their homes, hence, our decision to rather transfer them to St Luke’s Mission Hospital for their own protection. They will be accommodated there until the case at the clinic has been resolved.”
Meanwhile, Dlakapiya Primary School in Tsholotsho District failed to open as teachers fled from the school following attacks, mostly sexual, by suspected goblins. It is understood that the suspected goblins were attacking both female and male teachers.
Matabeleland North Provincial Education Director Mr Jabulani Mpofu said the school had not opened on opening week due to alleged goblin attacks which saw teachers returning to their homes after having arrived at the school on Sunday ahead of schools opening.
According to sources in the area, teachers reportedly would hear strange knocks on their doors, banging of tables as well as footsteps including on roofs with no one in sight. Villagers are in the meantime, putting up in the teachers’ cottages, guarding them from the mystery while they seek sangomas or prophets to clean the school.

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Suspected Nigerian thief arrested while romancing female victim after robbing her

A suspected thief was yesterday arrested and beaten mercilessly after he made an attempt to romance his victim just after robbing her in Delta state.

It was gathered that the suspect allegedly gained access into a lady’s house with the intention to steal along Yoruba road extension in Sapele area.

Thief arrested while romancing female victim after robbing her

After stealing the lady’s phone, the suspected thief decided to embark on another mission, this time to feed his sexual desire.

According to the female victim, she felt someone romancing her leg in her  sleep as she opened her eyes to see a stranger in her room. She raised an alarm and shouted before neighbors gave the suspect a hot pursuit.

“I was not aware of when he was robbing me because I was deep asleep but was awoken when I realised something was rubbing on my legs. I opened my  eyes, only to see a stranger in my room”

It was revealed that the suspect later identified as Julius – was beaten mercilessly by the mob to the extent he pooed on himself.

The lady disclosed that she’s sick and took some drugs that’s why she slept off and didn’t noticed when the suspect entered her house.

The stolen phone was later recovered.


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Anti-government demos organizers to take legal action if President Mutharika refuses to receive petition


By Falles Kamanga

The organisers of the ongoing today’s anti-government demonstrations  says will take a legal action if the President denies to receive the petition

Briefing the media this morning at community ground in Lilongwe, the Chairperson of the organization committee Gift Trapence said, the have received permission yesterday from Court that the President must receive their petition today and failure to do so they have right to take legal action.

He said they have organised a peaceful match to demonstrate how sad Malawians are because currently many things are not moving well such as corruption, electricity and water problem among other things.

Trapence said the Match will start from Lilongwe community ground to capital hill and there in no restrictions until they deliver their petition to the President.

The demonstration are underway across the country whose main event is in the capital  Lilongwe.

However, President Peter Mutharika is expected to leave this afternoon for United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York in the United States of America (USA).

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Chikwawa man gets 10 years for defiling 4 year old girl


By Alick Junior Sichali

The Chikwawa Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 49 year old man to 10 years imprisonment for defiling a 4 year old girl.

Chikwawa Police Public Relations Officer, Foster Benjamin, confirmed this  in an interview saying Chirizani Maudzu committed the offence last year in  January.

Benjamin said the court, through State Prosecutor Danford Otala, heard that Maudzu defiled the neighbour’s daughter in the absence of both his wife and his own daughter.

“During that time, Maudzu invited both the victim and his own daughter who  were playing outside.
He gave his daughter a K5 coin to buy some sweets on her own, taking  advantage of his daughter’s absence, he dragged the victim into his bedroom  where he defiled her,” explained Otala .

It is said that the girl came out crying, prompting her mother to check on her and discovered that she had been sexually attacked.

The matter was reported to Police who arrested the accused and charged him with defilement.

Appearing before Chikwawa Magistrate Court, Maudzu denied the charge whichmmade the state to parade witnesses to testify on the matter.

In his mitigation, he said he had an extended family to look after hence  asking for leniency.

The state, however, prayed to the same court to hand the accused a harsh sentence, arguing cases as such were on the rise in the district despite several convictions on the same.

First Grade Magistrate Gladstone Chirundu, while concurring with the state in condemning an increase in defilement cases, noted that characters like Maudzu need not to be condoned in society but rather isolated for the sake of girl children.

Chirundu pronounced his verdict and slapped the accused with a 10 year jail  term which he said would serve as a lesson to others.


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Malawi slates for AAHEFA conference September 24


By Alick Junior Sichali

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi will host its first ever international conference of the Association  of African Higher Education Financing Agencies (AAHEFA) from 24-26  September at Bingu International Conference Center (BICC) in Lilongwe.

The conference will be hosted by the department of higher education  student’s loans and grants board.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe, Executive Director of the loans  board, Chris Chisoni, said preparations about the AAHEFA conference are  progressing well and that they expect to benefit a lot from the meeting.

Chisoni said the meeting will bring together delegates from different countries that are in different lending departments including banks.

Among countries the delegates will come from include Botswana, Rwanda,  South Africa, Tanzania and Lesotho just to mention a few.

The loans board Executive Director said being a member state of the  association; Malawi has been given the opportunity to host the meeting  where they will discuss issues of advancing duties of the lending bodies  from different countries to students.

He said apart from fostering the duties of the loans board, the conference  will also help in promoting the tourism sector.

“We have been given the opportunity to host the AAHEFA conference from  24-26 September; this is a platform which brings together people from  different countries that are in the lending departments to share ideologies  on how we can advance our functions in our respective countries,”

“As am speaking preparations are progressing well and that we are geared to  host the AAHEFA conference at BICC in Lilongwe,” Chisoni said.

Chisoni expressed his gratitude to the government of Malawi, FDH bank and  Nico Insurance for their financial support of the conference.

Apart from delegates from other countries attending the conference,  students in the country from different universities have also been invited  to participate at the discussions.

The conference will also bring together policy makers across Africa,  professionals, education administrators, telecommunication sector,  entrepreneurs, IT sector and international organizations.

At the conference they are expected to discuss issues of capital markets  funding of higher education, African governments support for higher  education and AU agenda 2063 among other issues.

Some of the previous meetings which AAHEFA has held across Africa since  2014 have happened in Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania and Lesotho.

This year’s AAHEFA conference theme, “innovatively financing higher  education for the jobs of tomorrow”.

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Religious leaders, chiefs condemn anti-government protest

By Falles Kamanga
SEPTEMBER 20, 2018
Members of the media, welcome to this news conference which has been organized by Pastors
Fraternal and Citizen Development Network. We do not take your presence for granted.
Without wasting your time, we are here to condemn the so called Human Rights Defenders
Coalition (HRDC) for organizing anti-government demonstrations tomorrow because we are
convinced that they are doing so to serve interests of their masters and not necessarily serving the
interests of Malawians. We are saying so because they snubbed government which invited them
for dialogue. They missed a big opportunity.
Secondly, we are convinced that the protests are organized in bad faith because of the
involvement of church organisations and politicians. Their involvement clearly shows that the so
called defenders of human rights in Malawi have hidden agenda. We call upon members of
different religious organisations not to participate in the demonstrations because they will just be
used to advance political interests of the organisers. We ask fellow church leaders to desist from
turning the pulpit into a political podium. We call on church leaders to continue promoting peace
and unity. We also call on politicians to continue their work of providing leadership and helping
one those in power to govern well. CSOs should also play their rightful role of providing checks
and balances in civil manner.
We would also like to remind Malawians that last month the court gave a ruling that said that
Civil Society Organisations in the country do not represent the interests of Malawians because
they do not have legal basis. The court clearly stated that CSOs cannot claim to represent
Malawians as only councilors, MPs and President represent Malawians because people elect
these officials not CSOs. This is in reference to the Court ruling when it ordered the unfreezing
of the accounts of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party over the K145 million donation case.
Now, the question that we are asking today is: Whose interests are they organizing the
demonstrations for?
Ladies and Gentlemen, as church leaders, we were happy when we heard that the CSOs were
invited for dialogue with the Government to find solutions to the issues they have. Unfortunately,
the CSOs decided to boycott the dialogue and proceed with the protests. That adamancy
demonstrated by the CSOs simply shows that they have hidden agenda for the protests. Anyone
can see that they are organizing the demos in bad faith. They want to please their masters. They
are not serving the interests of the general public as they claim. After all, it is the usual kind of
the so called human rights defenders that make noise all the time when the larger population of
CSOs is not in agreement with their usual sinister plans.
We want to state here that the reasons they gave for boycotting dialogue with government are
unfounded. They said they could not meet the Government team because the president and some
ministers were not present. We want to remind them that they should not exaggerate their
importance. They need to respect the Head of State. They are growing too big for their shoes.
They should not treat the President as their peer. We can conclude that they deliberately chose to
snub government to fulfill their political agenda.
In conclusion, as peace loving leaders, we would like to urge Malawians not to participate in the
demonstrations as there could be chaos. We also urge Malawians to stay in-doors so that they are
not used to advance the agenda of the organisers who in the end benefit when those that support
them by demonstrating get nothing.
Let us love our country. Let us respect our leaders.
Thank you for your attention.
Bishop Joseph Kazembe:
Chairman for Citizen Development Network
Bishop Lazarus Gama
Chairman for Pastors Fraternal Association of Malawi
Chief Chiwere-Dowa
Executive Member of Citizen Development Network
Chief Chimwala-Mangochi
Executive Member of Citizen Development Network

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UNESCO launches witchcraft Degree program in Zambia

LUSAKA-(MaraviPost)-The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has given the University of Zambia US$340,000 to develop a Degree Programme to train students in witchcraft.
According to Lusaka Times, the training in what is referred to as Intangible Cultural Heritage will commence with the first intake comprising of 20 students.
The Zambia National Commission for UNESCO has explained that Intangible Heritage comprises of practices such as Witchcraft, Social Practices such as expression through music, Knowledge, skills-as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts and rituals.
Zambia National Commission for UNESCO Secretary General Dr. Charles Ndakala said despite efforts in safeguarding cultural heritage, there are cases of destruction of priceless culture heritage in certain countries which threatens traditions and customs.
Dr. Charles Ndakala was speaking to Journalists on the sidelines of a five days’ workshop for the orientation of UNZA Lecturers on Intangible Culture Heritage.
In November last year, Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo announced that Zambia should consider research and the study of witchcraft as a science that can be used productively for the benefit of the country.
Professor Luo said Zambian scientists can learn from the South African counterparts who have commenced studies in witchcraft in some universities.

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2018 UNGA opens in New York

By Deogratias Mmana-Malawi News Agency
This year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) opened in New York on Tuesday
with President Peter Mutharika expected to deliver his statement in the afternoon of
September 25, 2018.
Mutharika will be the second world leader to deliver a statement after the official opening
of the General Debate of the 73rd UNGA on September 25.
He will speak after Guatemala and followed by Egypt according to UN page www.sdg.iisd.org.
The high level General Debate is scheduled to last for nine working days.
This year’s debate is under the theme: ‘Making the United Nations Relevant to All People:
Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable
A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation says five
ministers and a deputy minister will form part of Mutharika’s delegation.
These include Foreign  Affairs and International Cooperation minister Emmanuel Fabiano, Minister of Gender, Children  Disability and Social Welfare Jean Kalilani, Minister of Labour Youth, Sports and Manpower  Development Francis Kasaila, Minister of Health and Population Atupele Muluzi, Minster of
Home Affairs and Internal Security Cecilia Chazama and deputy minister of Defence Everton
Mutharika will co-host and participate in a number of high level meetings and side events during
the assembly which include meeting on global peace in honour of the centenary of the birth of
South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela; the UN private sector forum; launch of the
young people’s agenda; and He or She impact summit.
The statement signed by Fabiano says Mutharika will also speak on Malawi’s initiatives in
reducing new Tuberculosis infections; expected to deliver a statement at the high level panel on
migration and structural transformation  in Africa; another statement on what Malawi has done in
ending child marriages at the African Heads of State and Government roundtable  discussion;
and will also give insights of the initiatives Malawi is making in sensitizing the masses of the
effects of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).
According to the UN page sdg.iisd.org the high level plenary meeting on global peace in honour
of Mandela will take place on September 24 while meeting on TB on September 26 and NCDs
meeting on September 27 and other meetings will take place in parallel to the opening of the
Other high level meetings Mutharika is expected to attend include: Meeting of Southern Africa
Development Community Troika Heads of State and Government and Troop contributing
countries in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the UN Secretary General; UN International
Commission on Financial Global Education Opportunity and is also expected to hold bilateral
meetings with some world leaders.
“At the time when the country is experiencing rapid economic growth, it is the expectation of the
Malawi Government that the trip to New York, USA, will tap the much needed resources to
further move forward the development aspirations of Malawians,” said Fabiano in the statement.
The session is expected to end on October 5 2018.

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Dedza’s Mtakataka Admarc guard, Luanar student become millionaires; Airtel Bandaulo Bandulo

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The much celebrated and on-going Airtel “Bandaulo Bandulo” promotion is still making surprised to low income customers with the latest witnessing the security guard in Dedza becomes a millionaire.

Another financial boost also went to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) student becomes a millionaire.

Since its launch August 15, this year, low income customers have been emerging the winner.

Both Luanar Student Nelson Mphande from Rumpi and Alisen, Admarc  guard at Mtakataka in Dedza became lucky winners in the fourth draw of the promotion on Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe.

They both sounded shocked when told that were millionaires after using SMS bundle

Norah Chavula, Airtel Malawi Corporate and PR manager expressed gratitude over the promotion’s feedback saying its uplifting low income customers.

Chavula therefore encouraged also subscribers patronizing the promotion coupled with SIM Card registration.

The promotion gives all Airtel customers a chance to win fantastic cash prizes by simply purchasing an Airtel bundle – whether Data, Voice, SMS Combo, International
or roaming bundle.

Dubbed ‘Bandulo Bandulo’, the promotion will give all Airtel customers a chance to win fantastic
cash prizes by simply purchasing an Airtel bundle – whether Data, Voice, SMS Combo, International
or roaming bundle.

And will be automatically entered into a draw to win MK1 million cash, MK10, 000 cash and 4G MiFi routers every week from today 15th August until the 5th of December where one lucky customer will win the final grand prize of MK10 million cash!

Apart from the grand prize of MK10 million cash which will be awarded at the end of the promotion.

The ‘Bandulo Bandulo’ promotion, which will run for 16 weeks from 15th August until the 5th of December, will award 2 lucky winners with MK1m each every week; and by the end of the 16 weeks, 1,000 customers will have won MK10, 000 cash; and 1,000 customers will each walk away with a 4G MiFi router.

A total of 2029 winners across every town and district in the country by the end of the promotion.

Therefore each bundle purchase will qualify as ONE Entry in the Bandulo Bandulo Promotion so the more bundles customers buy, the higher the chances of winning prizes.

All winners will be contacted via the official Airtel promotion line +265121.

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