Malawi President Mourns 6 Killed Soldiers In DRC


For immediate release
16th November, 2018


The Commander-In-Chief of the Malawi Defence Force, His Excellency the President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has learnt with deep shock and sadness about the loss of six Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) while in the course of duty on 14th November, 2018.

The Commander-In-Chief regrets the loss of these brave, disciplined and courageous soldiers who have paid the ultimate human price in the course of facilitating peace for our brothers and sisters in the DRC under a United Nations (UN) Peace Support Operation.

The Commander who is also President of the Republic of Malawi offers condolences to the families of the young, brave and courageous soldiers who have died in battle and fallen in their uniforms. Their lives have not been lost in vain.

The Commander-In-Chief is urging the remaining members of the current Malawi defence force mission in the DRC to continue to be strong and soldier on with their mission to the end in honour of their departed friends, Malawi and humanity at large.

His Excellency the President, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika assures the mission of his ultimate support in these trying times and wishes those injured a quick recovery.
Meanwhile, the Commander-In-Chief, Malawi Defence Force Commanders, Generals and the United Nations are working on logistics to bring home bodies of the brave soldiers so that they can be accorded the respect they deserve.


India VP Meets Mutharika: Pledges More Support To Malawi

President Peter Mutharika with Indian Vice President, Shri Venkaiah Naidu at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Monday, 5th November, 2018

Malawi is expected to receive more development projects from the government of India as a result of the long lived cordial bilateral ties between the two governments.

Vice president of India Shri Venkaiah Naidu said this at Sanjika Palace in Lilongwe on Monday whem he held talks with President Prof. Peter Mutharika.

“We have all things in order to donate machine to Kamuzu Central Hospital on cancer related diseases, ten ambulances and supply more medical services as part of our diplomatic ties that are growing from strength to strength.

“Our government will also look at how much it would help in the infrastructural development hence the reason we are constructing the Mahatma Gandhi International Conference Centre in Blantyre,” Naidu said.

He said that Indian government has great plans to assist more in the trade and industry services.

He also announced that Malawi mangoes have been cleared for exportation to India which he said will boost the country’s economy.

“We will also work with four universities and assist them with assorted materials that matter but lack in their academic stature,” he said.

Naidu applauded Malawi for standing by India in many United Nations positions which has boosted his country, mentioning gender related portfolios as an example.

In his welcoming speech, Mutharika thanked the efforts made by the two governments that have seen the diplomatic ties growing for centuries while further lobbying India to invest more in Malawi.

“I urge Indian investors to come and open their various businesses in the country which I am sure already started for over one hundred years now. This country as fondly called the ‘warm heart of Africa’ welcomes various industrial works to get invested in Malawi,” Mutharika said.

Naidu left the country for India through Kamuzu international Airport on Monday.

Malawi in Top 10 of 2018 Mo Ibrahim African Governance Index

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance(IIAG),now in its 12th iteration, constitutes a credible tool for measurement and monitoring of governance performance on the continent.

Under the IIAG a country’s performance in governance delivery is measured across 4 key components that indicates her “Overall Governance” Perfomance namely: Safety & Rule of Law,Participation & Human Rights,Sustainable Economic Opportunity, and Human Development.

Each of these components has sub thematic areas with various specific indicators, dimensions and quantifiable measures.The data is collected from at least 35 independent sources.

IIAG thus provides a reliable,comprehensive and impartial picture of governance performance in every African state.

Whilst some busy bodies have sought to label Malawi as a “failed state” the IIAG report thoroughly contradicts such doomsday narrative.

Cynics and Government critics will be disappointed to learn that Malawi is amongst the best governed countries in Africa according to the IIAG report card.Be that as it may, right thinking members of the general populace who are in majority will be spirited by the upward trajectory and its long term implications on economic growth.

APM: Continues to steer the Malawi ship in the right direction as evidenced by the IIAG results

Malawi emerged 19th out of 54 African countries on the overall Governance Index posting a 55.8% grade above the continental average of 49.9%.In fact 11th placed Kenya and Malawi are separated by not more than 5 percentage points.

For the avoidance of doubt, the worst managed remains Somalia closely pursued by South Sudan,Libya,Eritrea and Central African Republic.

Malawi excelled on the Safety & Rule of Law component which assesses Rule of Law,Transparency & Accountability,Personal Safety and National Security.Malawi is placed 10th out of 54 nations scoring 66.3% way above the African average of 52.6% beating powerhouse economies like Nigeria,Kenya and Egypt.

Malawi is also amongst the star performers in the Participation & Human Rights category which measures civil and political rights by assessing citizen participation in political and electoral processes,respect for basic rights and absence of gender discrimination.Malawi, in 11th place on the chart, posts a solid 64.5% significantly outscoring the continental average of 49.2%.The Malawi results on this criteria translate into a 7.4% improvement against a continent wide upward adjustment of a meagre 2.9%.

Malawi is a striking example of a country on the mend registering considerable momentum and gains on key governance fundamentals necessary to spur economic growth and development.

At this rate of progress, Malawi is rated as a predominantly stable country.Malawi enjoys increasing improvement in Rule of Law which is key to progress in governance and strongly related to improving economic opportunities.

However the detractors read the numbers they ought to acknowledge that APM continues to steer the Malawi ship in the right direction as evidenced by the IIAG results.

APM Inaugurates Poppy Week: “Our World War Soldiers Showed us Patriotism”

His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Thursday, November 1, inaugurated the Poppy Week at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe ahead of Remembrance Sunday which will be held on Sunday, November 11.

During the function, President Mutharika bought the first Poppy flower at K1million as a way of fundraising for the Commonwealth Ex-Service Leagues of Malawi (COLEM).

In his speech the President emphasized the need for the war survivors to get the best support from government and all citizens for their improved welfare.

Poppy Day is a Memorial Day when we join the members of Commonwealth in honour of our armed force- members of the Kings African Rifles (KAR) who died on duty during the First and Second world wars which were fought between 1891-1945.


Below is the full speech:

Our World War Soldiers Showed us Patriotism



Welcome once again to Kamuzu Palace. I know most of you have been here before.

We meet every year to inaugurate the remembrance of soldiers who died in the First and the Second World Wars.

Many of the soldiers are no longer with us. But their spirit of patriotism is still with us. And their families are still with us. We need to be there for them. They need our support.

From Poppy Day, what we particularly commemorate is the spirit of patriotism and service to one’s country.

This is the time that reminds us the spirit of true patriotism. This is the spirit of putting country first.

This is the spirit that we all need to emulate. We must all learn to walk this spirit of patriotism.

There are many people who put their personal interests first before their country. This encourages us to be selfish.

That is why this country is full of politics of destruction. That is also why most people are full of jealous to see others prospering.

We need to change this mindset and learn to serve our country selflessly. Malawi is the only country that we have. This is our only country. Let us love our country.

As we honour these patriots, I also want us as a nation to remember the importance of celebrating our elders.

We are where we are because some people worked hard for this country. They are the ones who built the foundations of the nation. Elders are the cornerstones of every society.

I urge all Malawians to remember the patriots and elders who struggled for this country. Let us place them in our special heart.

Today, we launch the poppy flower as a symbol of remembrance for those patriots. Since 1921, we have always used the Poppy flower as a symbol of this special remembrance.

Following this launch, the Commonwealth Ex-Service League of Malawi (CELOM) will immediately commence the sale of the Poppies.

I appeal to all my fellow Malawians to purchase the poppies. Show your patriotism by buying a Poppy Flower to support our veterans. I just bought one.

Let me commend the Commonwealth Ex-Service League of Malawi Committee for the selfless job of looking after the War Veterans. Keep it up.

This said, I declare the 2018 Poppy Week officially inaugurated.

Thank you and God bless us all.

MEC, Ministry of Information Shine: Awarded Most Open, Accessible Institutions

Misa Malawi chair Teresa Ndanga presents the award to Mec official Richard Mveriwa

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has for the third time been awarded with the Golden Key award for the most open public institution in Malawi.

This was announced Tuesday evening in Lilongwe where MISA-Malawi launched its 2018 transparency report.

MISA coordinates researchers across southern Africa between May and July each year to evaluate the openness and transparency of government and public institutions throughout the region. The researchers evaluate institutions’ websites and survey their willingness to engage with the public by sending out written requests for information and requesting information via telephone or in person.

The result of the research is the published report and the awarding of the Golden Key to the most open government or public institution and the Golden Padlock to the most secretive government or public institution in each country where the research was conducted.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) scored position two on the most open and accessible institutions in Malawi as assessed by MISA-MALAWI.

MEC emerged the overall winner after collecting 36 points from 40 mark while the MoICT came second with 33 points and Blantyre City Council was third with 31 points.

The Ministry scored strongly on its online presence where its website: was rated highly on provision of information and also its well updated social media platforms that includes this page and twitter pages as well as instagram.

The Ministry was also commended for having available designated officials to take and respond to information and being able to reply within 21 days and acknowledge request for information within 7 days among other areas. Mana

Namisa chair Teresa Ndanga presents the award to Mec official Richard Mveriwa

Fashion4Change Back: To Be Held On Nov 3 At Crossroads Hotel In Blantyre

The spectacular Fashion4Change, an annual fashion expo which was introduced in October 2017, is back and this time around it will be held at the Crossroads Hotel in Blantyre on November 3 from 6:30pm.

During this event, Fashion4Change will host 10 of Malawi’s best apparel makers and six international designers to raise awareness about recycling through the fashion expo. Malawi’s celebrated artists Patience Namadingo and Piksy will spice up the event with live performances.

“The world currently faces an unprecedented double-edged race to restore the environment as well as curb rampant practices that lead to adverse climate change and have a devastating effect on the planet.

“There is a need now, more than at any time in the history of the earth, for people to join in united forces to address this problem and save the planet from further distress. Our initiative, Fashion4Change, is our contribution towards that goal.

“We duly recognize the impact that fashion has and the interest that it generates among the youths; hence our deliberate tactic of using the fashion platform to raise awareness but also rally voices in on environmental issues,” said the initiatives’ Managing Director Ausa Tinyade Kamanga.

Kamanga said the project is founded upon the mission of using fashion and other artistic expressions to make a global impact.

“Fashion4Change targets corporate leaders in a bid to consolidate voices in the campaign for environmental sustainability practices across Malawi.

“Our first event focused on the environment, with a more specific emphasis on deforestation, and we partnered United Purpose’s ‘Chitetezo Mbaula’ product which has been proven to reduce carbon emission,” she said.

How do they go about it?

“Every year since inception, we host a fashion expo where designers exhibit projects tailored around that year’s theme. The theme for this year’s fashion expo is Recycle.

“At Fashion4Change, we feel this is breakthrough moment because today, more than ever before, customers want to be associated with brands and companies that are thoughtful and responsible to their communities and environment,” said Kamanga.

Previously, Fashion4Change conducted ‘The Cook Stove Challenge’ which was aimed at inspiring companies to purchase Chitetezo Mbaula as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to distribute to rural communities in an effort to both empower people and preserve the environment.

Via the Cook Stove Challenge, Fashion4Change donates 6,000 stoves in areas highly affected by deforestation.

“Our passion for fashion is only matched by our hunger for a clean environment and this drives Fashion4Change to continue organising the event.

“Fashion4Change is offering a new way to donate by enabling donors to choose the charity or project that they support, see what they have raised and understand the impact they have made.

“As a social enterprise, we will utilise any operating profits to continually develop trusted and efficient ways of reducing cost, increasing ease of recycling and significantly increasing funding to the social projects chosen by our donors.”

Contact Details:

Ausa Tinyade Kamanga (Managing Director)

+265 999 183 859





Mpico Donates To Area 25 Health Centre…Tay Grin Graces The Donation Ceremony (Pictorial Focus)

Tay Grin poses with Mpico and hospital officials after the donation

On Saturday, October 19, Shadow MP for Lilongwe City Centre Constituency Limbani ‘Tay Grin’ Kalilani graced the donation ceremony of  various items to Area 25 Health Center courtesy of the ‘Good Samaritan’ The Malawi Property Investment Company Limited (Mpico).

Amongst those donated were blankets, bedsheets and mosquito nets.

In an interview after the donation, Kalilani said he was extremely honoured and humbled for the invitation. He commended Mpico for the donation saying it would go along towards supporting the wellbeing of patients at the hospital.

After the function, Kalilani addressed DPP supporters that gathered at Lilongwe Teachers Training College. Here are the events in pictures captured by Stanley Makuti (Mana)

Mpico officials interact with patients after the donation
Tay Grin listens attentively to presentations
Man of the people: Some of his fans had to ask for a photo with him
Tay Grin addresses his fans after the donation ceremony

Fare Thee Well Senior Cadet Lilian Matonga

Lilian: Gone too soon

It is in sad moments like these that I agree with the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon, that life is vanity: it is a chase after the wind. I spent some time over the phone last night with my good friend Samuel Samson sharing pain and grief over the death of Lilian Matonga because my best memories in politics are about the day I met and worked with Lilian in about August 2012.

I left Blantyre in the company of two DPP friends on a political assignment. We arrived in Lilongwe and picked two more DPP friends. We left Lilongwe after sunset and drove through the night to the northern district of Mzimba. In Mzimba we were supposed to meet two DPP guys from Mzuzu. Since it was night, we slept at an agreed lodging place where we knew our northern guys had lodged already.

In the morning, my two Blantyre friends, Lilongwe friends and I, went at the restaurant of the Lodge to take breakfast when upon scanning the environment and looking at the unfamiliar faces, I saw a guy and giant lady taking breakfast. They were looking at me. They both smiled and I later discovered that they had smiled because the lady had made a joke about me for eating nsima for breakfast. They both had warm and very friendly smiles: they were Lilian Matonga and Samuel Samson.

A Blue Soul Sleeps: Fare Thee Well

After finally identifying each other and strategizing for the day ahead, we drove out into the field for work. That is when I discovered that Lilian was not only gifted with a giant stature but great physical strength and hardworking spirit. Lilian was the only girl among us but was always ahead of us and completed way much work than any of us the guys. She never got tied. None of us matched her strength and dedication to the assignment. None!! and she always smiled.

During the assignment, one guy nicknamed me Jakaya Kikwete. I dont remember why he gave me the name. But I remember Lilian later laughing and saying, “komatu dzinali likukukhala, after all you really look like Jakaya Kikwete.” They all kept the name and when we met on several other occasions in Mzuzu and later Lilongwe, Lilian was always excited and friendly saying “Kikwete ulipo?”

Lilian was the most loyal and dedicated Cadet I have ever known. I dont want to pretend to know all cadets, but among the few I ever had a chance to meet and work with, Lilian was the most loyal and loved DPP with her soul. She could die for DPP, literally. While DPP was in the Opposition between 2012 and 2014, Lilian was living in Mzuzu but she could travel on several occassions to attend meetings, rallies and to escort or welcome APM at the airport, usually on her own account. Her love for DPP was amazing and she sacrificed and gave DPP her best love.

There was a time I disappointed her when I quited my activities with DPP the following year in 2013 and later lost my trust in the party in 2015. Lilian and myself, once comrades that stood together for DPP found ourself on different sides arguing and “fighting” each other. Her trust in DPP never wavered. Unlike other cadets and myself, she never lost faith in DPP at any point. Her loyalty to DPP was steadfast until her death yesterday.

And most importantly, her other unique attribute was her love and loyalty for friends which remained steadfast as well even when you disagreed and fought. The last time I met her was towards the end of 2016. I had arrived in the country from somewhere and I was at the peak of disagreements and fights with Cadets, including herself. But when we met at Shoprite in Lilongwe, I was trying to avoid her knowing we had facebook disagreements. But she had seen me from a distance. She walked towards me in her majestic stature with the same warm and friendly smile she had the first day at Mzimba and said, ” Iwe Kikwete ulipo?” There were no grudges with her. We laughed and talked and she invited me to her office. I failed to go due to other committments. But I am happy that our last parting was well made with smiles and laughter.

She loved DPP. I am not sure if the party loved her the same way she did. But I am sure she did not really care if the party loved her less. She loved loving DPP and that was good enough for her.

I can’t pretend that I knew her a lot. I know she had close friends who knew her way better than I ever did. But through the few moments I interacted with her, I know she was an asset to DPP and the party has lost a future leader. And in deed our country has lost a future leader.

Lilian Matonga, its Kikwete here. Rest well Cadet, Rest well daughter of God. If we meet again, we will in deed smile and laugh again.

First Couple Mourns DPP Cadet, As First Lady Attends Burial Ceremony

The First Lady Her Excellency Prof. Gertrude Mutharika on Tuesday attended the funeral service and burial ceremony of a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Charles Chawanda in Likuni in Lilongwe.

Chawanda died during a road accident that also claimed life of Graciano Tsumba, a technician at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology who died upon arrival at Kamuzu Central hospital. Tsumba has been buried today in Mchinji.

The accident, which involved a Toyota pickup belonging to the party with registration number BP 8384 happened on Sunday in Chapuwala village near Kasese at Bua along the Lilongwe-Kasungu M1 road.

And on Monday, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika cheered four victims of the accident at the Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Mutharika also expressed sincere condolences to the deceased families.

The President said he and the First Lady ‘ learnt with great shock and sadness about the loss of those lives and those injured.

According to Mponela Police Station report, the driver of the vehicle, Samuel Rajab, was avoiding a head on collision when he was overtaking another vehicle.

Rest in peace: The First Lady lays a wreath

APM Receives Letters Of Credence From EU, Norway

EU Ambassador presents letters of credence to the Malawi leader

The European Union (EU) has reaffirmed its commitment to its continued implementation of strategic priorities of the cooperation that exist between the EU and Malawi.

The strategic priorities are outlined in the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Program for Malawi which among others focuses on supporting governance and accountability, supporting growth and jobs and supporting the most vulnerable through social cash transfer and secondary education.

European Union ambassador to Malawi, Sandra Paesen told journalists in Lilongwe on Tuesday when she presented her Letters of Credence to President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace that the EU will continue working with the Malawi Government in order to achieve its potential.

She said she is looking forward to maintaining and strengthening the good working relationship with the Malawi government including regular political dialogue on Malawi’s ambitions, regional SADC issues and cooperation between EU and Malawi.

However, Paesen said the return of EU’s investment to Malawi depends on having a sound policy framework.

“Beyond our cooperation, we value the dialogue and engagement with Malawi government on the various areas we work on and we appreciate the government’s commitment to dialogue on various issues,” she said.

APM receives letters of credence from Norwegian Ambassador

She said her private discussion with President Mutharika touched on domestic political agenda, the economy and trade and investment agenda, development cooperation and governance, issues relating to elections, the EU external investment plan among other things.

Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi Steinar Egil Hagen also presented his Letters of Credence to Mutharika.

He told journalists that his government is committed to investing in Malawi saying it is one of the priority countries in its development cooperation.

He said both his government and president Mutharika are of the view that there is need for private sector involvement.

“The president also said that we need more private sector involvement in Malawi and as such the embassy will work with that to stimulate and get private companies from Norway involved in investment in Malawi,” he said.

The Norwegian ambassador to Malawi said his country is expanding its main sectors of health, education, agriculture and good governance issues cooperation and put them in line with Malawi government’s policy to ensure that they are in line with Norwegian development cooperation priorities so that “we can reach the Sustainable Development Goals.”

EU and Malawi relations date back to 1978 while that with Norway dates back to 1965 but the Norwegian embassy was established in Malawi in 1999.

APM interacts with the EU Ambassador after receiving the letters
APM interacts with the Norwegian Ambassador