USA snatches top Zimbabwean inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso

“Africa did not see what the US Government saw in my ground breaking inventions”, Claims Chikumbutso

The United States government has given Zimbabwe’s prolific inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso a new home in its populous state of California. Chikumbutso is the founder of Saith Holdings Inc. under which he made headlines for his serial innovations which include the world’s first ever green power generator which can produce electricity using radio frequencies, an electric powered car which doesn’t consume fuel, a multi-fueled helicopter and many more.

According to Zambian Observer online Chikumbutso from his new base in the United States of America, he expressed disappointment that Africa did not see what the US Government saw in his ground breaking inventions.

“The USA Government saw what Africa did not and California is now our HOME, the Head Office of Saith Holdings Inc. I always love AFRICA and I’m so proud of being born and raised in AFRICA. I will surely come back to Zimbabwe where everything started.” said Chikumbutso.

Chikumbutso’s journey started in 1997 when he started experimenting with various technologies while in Kuwadzana. At one point he was profiled on ZBC-TV as a prominent young man in the innovation industry. He developed the first Green Power Prototype generator which produces 100% clean consumable energy using Radio Frequencies.

In 1999, he built his first successful project which was a Radio broadcast transmitter for which he made the headlines on ZBC news. He started broadcasting, though illegally. The project fell away due to lack of funding.

In 2001, under the mentorship of Rose Mazula, then Broadcasting Association of Zimbabwe Chairperson, he developed what he named the Digital Navigation Facilitator which is used to facilitate landing of aircraft from variables that include the size of the aircraft, its position in altitude, speed and so on.

He took it to the Air Zimbabwe Technical Training Centre where it was assessed and given commendation by aircraft engineers. He says that it became the first addition or modification to Zimbabwean aircraft technology since 1980 even though he himself had never been in an aeroplane.

He took the invention to Air Force of Zimbabwe where the squadron leader and technical team assessed the technology and confirmed that it worked. However, due to lack of financial support the project just fell away.

A few years later, he met up with a Lawyer, Bruce Mujeyi, who introduced Maxwell to the idea of patents which was by then to him an unfamiliar subject. Bruce bought into Maxwell’s vision, volunteered to register patent for free and started providing financing for projects.

In 2003, Maxwell began to get ideas on creating a self-powered generator. Through Bruce, Maxwell interfaced with some prominent professors in Zimbabwe who told him that it was impossible to create such a machine.

He, however, pursued his idea financing it with the little money he got as a haulage truck driver. By 2009, the first prototype of the Greener generator began to work generating 1,200 Watts, but still no one was interested in funding the project.

In 2009, Maxwell was invited by the Government of Lesotho to do a presentation of his project. He was offered a $1,2 million dollar deal but turned it down after he met with Zach Wazara, former Econet CEO and founder of Brodacom.

Maxwell says together they formed a partnership and he became influential in the building of failed telecoms company Brodacom.

At Brodacom, he invented what he says was the first WiFi Meshing technology in Zimbabwe with self-organising base stations among other projects.

Under the partnership, the second Greener power prototype was developed and generated 50 Kilowatts.

In 2007 Maxwell says they failed to find an attorney who was able to file a patent for the Greener Power because it violated the present day natural laws of physics.

Instead, patent examiners proposed classifying it as a perpetual motion device. Zimbabwe and South Africa likewise failed to patent the invention.

Max and Clerks, a leading law firm in the UK who handle Motorola and Samsung patent registrations were supposed to come and inspect a bigger prototype but unfortunately Wazara’s business began facing challenges and he could not continue funding. Still, Maxwell went on to build 3 machines that successfully powered his mother’s house in Kuwadzana.

An opportunity arose in South Africa where Johannesburg City Power invited tenders for new and renewable energy solutions.

Among the bidders, Maxwell was the only individual. In spite of that, he performed exceptionally but unfortunately, he lost the opportunity because the awarding director wanted a portion of shares in the company in exchange for his grant.

He also turned down a buyout from an unnamed European Institute at around the time that he met with Angolan born pastor and businessman Dr Teddy De Almeida in Johannesburg.

Dr Almeida owns one of the biggest energy companies in Angola under the Bongani Group. He bought into Maxwell’s vision and contributed over $500,000 seed money desiring no return for his investment. No documents signed, just a stern warning to use the money wisely.


Eventually when the Greener Machine was eventually completed and he invited Dr Almeida to take up equity in Saith Technologies.

Here are some of Chikumbutso’s innovations:

SAITH Technologies founder and inventor Sangulani Max Chikumbutso stands by his two-seater helicopter which uses six different types of fuel.

The Saith Fully Electric Vehicle which was designed and made locally by Chikumbutso through Saith Technologies.

Traffic signs which Chikumbutso invented.

School children and guests take pictures of the drone during its test run

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SHOCKING!! How Nigerian pastor was killed by another pastor in power struggle

This shocking story of a pastor who was killed by an evangelist who later assumed his duty as leader of the church is one that reflects grimly on today’s society.

The chilling story of the coldblooded murder of Pastor Blessed Kelechukwu Iwuanyanwu aka Apostle Blessed Kizito of Wind of Glory International Church, an Umuahia-based Pentecostal church, at first sounded like an episode in one of the Nollywood movies. But it turned out to be true.

According to, he pastor was murdered along with his assistant, Pastor Ikeagwu Kalu aka Ambassador, and women leader, Ruth Andrew Eze. The Wind of Glory International Church where Iwuanyanwu presided before his gruesome murder is a church of not more than 200 members.

It is behind the Ohokobe Hall on Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Road. Part of the wall of the church is not yet plastered. The back of the church rests on the fence. It has an entrance without door, so it is always open. As at the time our correspondent visited the church, it was empty.

The incredible murder of the pastor and his lieutenants was uncovered when operatives of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Patrick Edung, on October 20, 2018, discovered the decomposing bodies of the victims.

They were found in Iwuanyanwu’s residential apartment. The pastor lived at Umuobia Housing Estate, where the other two had gathered for prayers.

It was right there in that apartment that the three met their untimely death. While the police were sniffing for clue to the murder case, the daughter of Ruth, Sweeney Andrew Eze, reported the disappearance of her mother to the Zone 9 Police Command Headquarters, Umuahia.

Sweeney reported the matter on October 16. She alleged in the report that on October 12, about 11p.m., Iwuanyanwu, who happened to be the founder and owner of Wind of Glory Ministry, came to their residence at Ehimiri Housing Estate, with her mother and shortly left with her in his SUV Infinity Jeep, marked RSH 583 HZ, to an unknown destination.

She added that the next day, October 13, when Ruth did not return as expected, she called her two mobile phone numbers, but the numbers were unreachable. It then dawned on her that something was amiss.

On October 20, she called the police and informed them that her mother had been murdered, along with Iwuanyanwu and Kalu Ikeagwu.

On October 26, detectives at Zone 9, Umuahia got information Iwuanyanwu’s SUV Infinity Jeep was sighted at the Mechanic Village, Ohiya, Umuahia South Local Government Area. The policemen swung into action.

One of the police investigators said: “The mechanic, Mr. Chibuike Peter, who was in custody of the vehicle for repairs at Ohiya, was traced to Umuokpara Police Station where he was detained over a Road Traffic Act (RTA) case. He identified the duo of Prosper Akachukwu Peter, Ikechukwu Nnadi and Fidelis Akubuokwu as those that gave him the car to repairs. They were arrested.”

During interrogation, one of the suspects, Prosper, confessed to killing the victims. He disclosed that he killed them with the assistance of three other men, who were at large.

The police found that Prosper also removed some of the personal effects of Iwuanyanwu in addition to his vehicle.

“The suspect removed the pastor’s shoes and footwear, three gold plated wristwatches, phones, dresses and cash, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards of different banks and three plasma television sets,” said the police.

Prosper said that he and the late Iwuanyanwu were from Imo State. But while he is from Mbaise, Iwuanyanwu was from Mbano. He said that the two of them were best of friends.

Prosper said:

“We both attended the same secondary school and started our gospel ministries together. We were both preachers. Iwuanyanwu was my childhood friend and we were also co-pastors. When he was having challenges in growing his church I took him to a native doctor in Ondo State to get charms to attract members to his church. The charms also help him to perform miracles. I also gave him N100,000 to support him during the trip.

“We started the process in 2013 and we have been going to the shrine to renew the charm every year since then. But when the charm started working and Iwuanyanwu started making money, he forgot me. Whenever I called him for financial assistance, he would tell me not to disturb him, which was why I decided to attack and collect some of his personal belongings.”

According to him, he sat down and planned how to get back at Iwuanyanwu. He hit on a plan and decided to see it through. He hired three assassins from Aba to help him execute his plan.

“I hired three boys from Aba to attack the pastor. We trailed him to his house when he was going home and laid an ambush for him. We waited until midnight, when we knew he would return home,” Prosper said.

The suspect contradicted himself when he said:

“I was outside when the boys started the operation. They invited me in when they were through with the operation. I entered and found out that they had killed Iwuanyanwu and the two other people in the house.”

He had earlier said: “When I was about attacking the pastor, the assistant pastor saw me. He called my name and asked me why I was doing that. I went after him in the other room because he saw me. I also went after the women leader because she heard when the assistant pastor called out my name.”

According to people that know Prosper, he is the only son of his parents, but is disposed to criminal ways. It was further alleged that Iwuanyanwu started avoiding Prosper because he was no longer comfortable with his criminal ways.

It was learnt that because of pressure from Prosper, Iwuanyanwu finally agreed to meet him at Shoprite Umuahia, from where Iwuanyanwu took him to his house and fed him with noodles.

After Iwuanyanwu took Prosper to his home, it was easier for the latter to later trace the house.

After murdering Iwuanyanwu, Ruth and Kalu, the suspect helped himself to some of Iwuanyanwu’s property. He took some of the items to his father, presenting to him as gifts. The father, a battery charger, based in Aba, refused to accept the ‘gifts.’

After he was rejected by his father who doubted the source of the sudden change of fortune, he went to his father-in-law at Obowo in Imo State and invited his in-laws to celebrate with him.

There, he left two of the Plasma television sets, rice and cash for his father -in-law and his (Prosper’s) wife, Precious, who he does not live with.

A police source disclosed: “The suspect had no residential address. He lives in hotels and moves from place to place. After killing the victims, Prosper went to Iwuanyanwu’s house the next morning with the bodies still lying in their blood, took his bath and changed into Iwuanyanwu’s clothes. He was answering calls to Iwuanyanwu’s phone.

“He posed as Pastor Iwuanyanwu, replying to inquiries about his whereabouts and health. He told callers that he was praying or attending to programmes. That was why Iwuanyanwu’s church members could not discover on time that he had been killed. By the time the members discovered Iwuanyanwu’s corpses and the other two, they were already decomposing.”

Police further found out that Prosper, after the murder, threw his footwear over the fence of Iwuanyanwu’s house. The footwear was discovered by the police search team. He was also discovered to have calmly gone through the collection of Iwuanyanwu’s clothes after the murder, picked one tickled his fancy and wore it. Prosper then went out to bring an auto electrician to start the SUV for him.

“He lied to the auto electrician that the SUV key fell into dirty water. This was probably to cover the fact that the key fell into the blood. He was shamelessly using the pastor’s SUV, dresses, including his shoes, crucifix and staff before he was arrested,” the source said.


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Satanists are pushing back as the devil appears in more shows


This has been a particularly hellish year in television and film. From A24’s Hereditary to Hulu’s Castlerock , the devil has lurked behind dozens of 2018’s most talked about plot twists, appearing time and again to rain chaos on the mortals who challenge him.

But with Beelzebub on such a roll, modern-day Satanists are once again pushing back on Hollywood’s decades-old practice of fictionalizing their very real belief system.

The Church of Satan has publicly criticized the misrepresentation of their organization in FX’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse, responding to a comment made by star Kathy Bates on Twitter in the process.

Similarly, another group, The Satanic Temple, has leveled a $50 million copyright lawsuit against Netflix and Warner Bros., contending that one of their iconic religious statues was ripped-off for use in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

At the core of these developments is a simple complaint: when it comes to Satanism, Hollywood just doesn’t get it.

So, who are the real believers supposedly “inspiring” these horrific narratives? And what can be done when it comes to accurately representing them on screen?

The historic “Satanic Panic”

The Exorcist (1973) and Rosemary’s Baby

(1968) are two legendary examples of the film industry’s enduring fascination with Satan. Notably, their releases also coincided with—and may have played some part in—what many have come to know as the “Satanic Panic” of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Church of Satan, founded by late High Priest Anton LaVey, began recruiting members to their non-theistic religious organization in 1966. Distribution of The Satanic Bible and later its companion volume The Satanic Rituals presented a

reimagined version of existing nihilist philosophy to newcomers—highlighting Satan not as a supernatural being, but instead as a “symbol of pride , liberty, and individualism.”

Simply put, LaVey’s Satanists were (and are) atheists. But their non-threatening stance on what some have called “self-worship” quickly became entrenched in more sinister news items of the time.

During the summer of 1969, the notorious

Manson family murders took center stage as one of the nation’s most sensationalized current events —rivaling both Woodstock and yes, the moon landing. The ritualistic slaughter of numerous victims understandably raised the national profile on Satanic ritual abuse and was made even more disturbingly dramatic by its connection to Rosemary’s Baby director Roman Polanski.

In the years that followed, numerous serial and spree killers, including Ted Bundy and the infamous Son of Sam, as well as the Jonestown massacre gained international attention. Although not all of these high-profile crimes were directly related to occult practices, they enflamed a very specific fear of devil-worship in the United States, which was then fed by popular culture.

This “moral panic” continued well into the 1980s and an article from Vox makes a compelling argument that its effects were felt as late as 2016.

And now, the fall 2018 TV season is adding powerful new fuel to that narrative, extending the mythical terror to present day.

The Church of Satan’s Anton LaVey in American Horror Story

Cue American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which recently featured Anton LaVey—or, at least, a parodied version of him—throughout its ten episode season.

Appearing most prominently in Episode 6 “Return to Murder House,” the fictionalized LaVey introduces himself and his two followers to Michael Langdon, AHS’s Antichrist, as members of The Church of Satan. The trio vows to assist Michael in his takeover of Earth and subsequently performs a ritual human sacrifice of a young woman abducted from a bus stop.

A cursory glance at The Church of Satan’s

website will quickly inform you that this portrayal is far from factual. Among a number of inaccuracies, real Satanists absolutely do not believe in a supernatural god and they certainly don’t sacrifice living beings to it. (Moreover, Anton LaVey’s death in 1997 was not staged as AHS contends.)

Church officials have responded to the AHS depiction in multiple formats, including a post specifically directed at American Horror Story, a statement on 2018 Satanic media representation at large, and a number of comments on Twitter. As is the case with much of their literature, their responses have been nuanced, lengthy, and a bit dense.

The Church of Satan has assured its congregants that officials will be “monitoring such developments as this trend plays out.”

Broadly speaking, The Church of Satan is neither pleased with the portrayal nor outraged by it. Current High Priest Peter H. Gilmore regards the representation of LaVey as “both a disservice and an insult to the memory of a true iconoclast,” but concedes that the farcical portrayal may be “the price [Satanists] pay for being prominent in contemporary media.”

The church additionally takes no issue with fellow Satanists who continue to enjoy American Horror Story, noting: “Mileage varies amongst our folks who care enough to view it. We aren’t a collective, but a varied cabal of individuals, so to each his own!”

However, this live and let live philosophy does not entirely supersede the genuine concerns some Satanists have over these caricature-like images. Gilmore has said he wouldn’t be surprised to see “less sophisticated viewers” take hostile actions toward his faith’s followers.

As a result, The Church of Satan has assured its congregants that officials will be “monitoring such developments as this trend plays out.”

The complicated case of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

On the more litigious end of the spectrum, you have The Satanic Temple’s pending lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Netflix, a copyright claim the plaintiff is

valuing at $50 million. The suit itself is straightforward, but the politics surrounding it muddle the discussion.

The Satanic Temple contends that Warner Bros. and Netflix are profiting from its well-established statue, “Baphomet With Children.” This image of an ancient deity (often attributed to occult practices) was commissioned by The Satanic Temple as part of a controversial protest regarding the separation of church and state.

In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a strikingly similar statue appears at

Sabrina’s “Academy of Unseen Arts.” The Satanic Temple is accusing the show’s creators of unlawfully cashing-in on their original work.

Both Warner Bros. and Netflix declined to comment on the accusation.

Copyright claims aside, ownership of this particular image doesn’t speak to the factual or responsible portrayal of Satanists on screen. But the clash between The Satanic Temple and the aforementioned Church of Satan does. These are entirely separate groups and the looming Sabrina lawsuit is highlighting a long-standing rift between them.

This unexpected laundry list of accusations only scrapes the surface on a long-standing, nuanced rift between The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple.

In a statement made on behalf of The Church of Satan, Reverend Joel Ethan first clarifies the distinction between his organization and The Satanic Temple. He then presents an evidentiary argument that picks apart The Satanic Temple’s copyright claim bit-by-bit, ending with a particularly out-of-left-field kicker.

“While TST is known for childish PR stunts such as fake political rallies, mailing ‘cum rags’ to congress and rubbing genitals on grave stones to turn people gay after their deaths, these actions are not in anyway representative of the apolitical, individualistic and atheistic religion of Satanism. Please do not attribute their actions to us.”

This unexpected laundry list of accusations only scrapes the surface of the interfaith disagreement between The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple.

Case in point: responding to Mashable’s request for comment, The Satanic Temple similarly provided a lengthy account of discontent.

Here is an excerpt.

In regards to your request for reaction to The Church of Satan’s recent statement regarding the lawsuit, the most anyone can say at this point about the Church of Satan’s constant need to make uninformed statements about The Satanic Temple’s affairs is: it’s not our concern and should be of no concern to anyone else. Their stances are purely based on needing to be against us, not based on any legitimate counter-arguments or knowledge of the activities at hand, and merely provides them the opportunity to continually and falsely claim sole ownership of Satanism. The advantage of being a do-nothing group is that, by virtue of merely stating disapproval of our actions, anyone also taking issue can rally behind them in applause for a stance that requires nothing more than 10 minutes of writing incoherent ramblings laced with hypocrisy and irony.

Summarized plainly, neither group thinks the other qualifies as correctly Satanist. And, perhaps more importantly, they simply don’t want to be confused with one another any longer.

That makes accurately representing their philosophy and practices on screen that much more complicated.

Can Hollywood represent Satanists accurately?

When asked how The Church of Satan would ideally be depicted, Reverend Joel Ethan told Mashable, “I think like anyone we simply want to be portrayed accurately. Especially in the case like AHS where we are mentioned by name, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

Most reasonable consumers of media can agree that fictitious imaginings of real religions should reside within factual framing. Unfortunately, in the case of Satanism, that is far easier said than done.

History suggests Satanists will need to present a united philosophy for beginners to latch onto.

For practicing Satanists to effectively fight back against decades of cinema-fueled Satanic panic and find realistic portrayals of their faith on screen, history suggests they will need to present a consistent, united philosophy for beginners to latch onto.

Or, at the very least, find a way to stay in the same room long enough to agree on the rules they expect Hollywood to follow.

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Jumani “Kamuzu Banda son” back into Malawi

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- Reports reaching the Maravi Post has revealed that Jumani, a man who claims to be the son of the late and first Malawi president Kamuzu Banda has returned in Malawi.
Jumani was deported years ago after he made the same claim.
Jumani has for years said his DNA results are the same of Hastings kamuzu Banda, a claim that has been vehemently denied by late Kamuzu family.
More details of his arrival into the country, will be provided.

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CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi murder

The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the country’s consulate in Istanbul last month, The Washington Post reported Friday.


The agency has high confidence in its assessment, the newspaper reported.


The CIA reportedly examined multiple sources of intelligence in reaching its conclusion, including a call between the crown prince’s brother Khalid bin Salman and Khashoggi.


Khalid, who is the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., reportedly told Khashoggi, who was a columnist for The Post, that he should go to the country’s consulate in Istanbul to get documents for his marriage to a Turkish woman, offering assurances that he would be safe.


People familiar with the call, reportedly intercepted by U.S. intelligence, told The Post that it wasn’t clear if Khalid knew Khashoggi would be killed when he returned to the consulate, but said that he made the call at the direction of his brother.

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“I’m Tired of Eating Human Flesh” – South African Cannibal confesses

A “CANNIBAL” walked in a police station holding a human leg and told cops “I’m tired of eating human flesh”, a court heard on Thursday.

According to The Sun online paper, Nino Mbatha, 33, is said to have handed in part of a human leg and a hand to a police station.

Nino Mbatha allegedly walked into a police station holding a human leg

More remains were discovered in a nearby house before officers were led to a woman’s mutilated body under some rocks in Estcourt, South Africa.

Mbatha, Lungisani Magubane, 31, and Khayelihle Lamula, 33, have been charged with the murder of 24-year-old mum Zanele Hlatshwayo.

Mbatha, who is also said to be a traditional healer, has also been charged with “handling human tissue”.

Prosecutors say Magubane and Lamula went to Mbatha for medicine for good luck.

Zanele Hlatshwayo was killed and her body was mutilated

Mbatha told them the ancestors insisted that blood needed to be spilled.

Later it was reported Lamula found Zanele drunk and she agreed to get into his car.

All three suspects have pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Sithembiso Sithole, 31, was arrested and charged but reportedly killed himself in jail awaiting trial

The woman’s body was found in August 2017 after one of the suspects reportedly led community members and police to where it was hidden.

Local councillor Mthembeni Majola said at the time: “It was buried under big rocks and we had to call a machine to remove the rocks.

“They showed us the body parts in one of the houses.

“They admitted that they were waiting for the body parts to attract maggots.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbheke said Mbatha showed the human leg and it had a foul smell

“Apparently maggots collect money for them.”

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbheke said the suspects were arrested after Mbatha walked into the Estcourt station with the human leg.

She said: “When he was questioned, he produced part of a human leg and a hand.

“Further investigation led police to a house where they were met with a foul smell, and more human remains were found.

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Jesus Christ SECOND COMING predicted after Jerusalem temple ‘fulfils Biblical prophecy’

Jesus Christ


By Rachel O’Donoghue


Bible conspirators believe the construction of a third Holy Temple in Jerusalem will come before Jesus returns and an ensuing apocalypse.


Talk of Armageddon went into overdrive this week after a powerful group of leading rabbis – known as the Sanhedrin – wrote a letter asking for the temple to be built.


They reportedly penned the note to Jerusalem mayoral candidates Ofer Berkovich and Moshe Lion ahead of an election next week.


The first two Holy Temples of the city no longer exist, having been destroyed by Babylonians and later the Romans.


And building a third has long been linked to doomsday predictions.


Christian pastor Paul Begley, who is also known for his end of the world predictions, claimed the letter is a sign the end is nigh.


He said: “The rabbis of the Sanhedrin court are calling both mayoral candidates to include in their plans for this city the rebuilding of the third temple.


“Folks, this is as close to Biblical prophecy – I don’t know what else to say.


“That’s how close it’s getting and if you’re a Christian, you’re saying: ‘Wow, the Messiah is coming’

“There’s no doubt about it. Jesus of Nazareth, the saviour of the world, is going to return.”


Fellow Armageddon predictor, Irvine Baxter, of EndTime Ministries, said the temple will be erected in the last seven years of Earth.


“As that cornerstone is laid on the Temple Mount, every network on Earth will be televising this incredible event,” he claimed.


Their predictions come as a snake was filmed wriggling out of Israel’s Western Wall – something that is also a sign of the return of the Messiah.

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Bizarre:Philippines toddler left with ‘Devil Horns’ after brain surgery

A toddler battling a rare brain condition has been left with ‘devil horns’ after surgery.

Clyne Solano, who’s 22-months-old, suffered from hydranencephaly in the womb which stopped his brain from fully developing.

When he was born in January 2017 in the Philippines, his mother quickly noticed small cracks in his skull.

According to, surgeons operated on Clyne in March this year to relieve swelling on his brain and the operation was a success.

But the procedure caused his skull to cave in to the holes in his head where the brain tissue was missing.

Since then, the horn-like ridges have become more and more pronounced as his bones continue to grow.

Hydranencephaly is caused by the right and left hemispheres of the brain failing to develop in the womb, and it is incurable.

Most infants born with the severe condition die within a few months, but Clyne is battling on.

Justine said: “We sold almost everything we own to have enough money for the operation.

“But even after the operation we still have to go back to the hospital regularly.”

“I am sad to see my baby suffering like this, if only I could switch places with him I will do it right now,” she continued

“We will keep fighting for as long as Clyne does, and when he has no strength we will be there for him.

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Bizarre: Malawi’s Likoma man commits suicide in church

Likoma man hangs himself in a church


A man has committed suicide by hanging in St Peter’s Anglican Cathedral on Likoma Island on Monday, November 12, 2018.


Likoma Police Station spokesperson, Mcliff Ngulube identified  the deceased as Kennedy Malikita, from Chamba Village,Traditional Authority (T.A) Mkumpha on the Island.


Monday afternoon, Mr. Charles Mwaithula went in the Cathedral for his usual daily prayers.

According to Ngulube, upon entry, he was surprised to see the deceased hanging from the roof of the Cathedral.


He rushed to inform the police who took the body to St Peters Hospital where postmortem result indicates death due to suffocation.


Later on, the police established that the deceased was defilement suspect which was reported to the police the previous day.

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Bizarre: Malawi’s Likoma man commits suicide in church

Likoma man hangs himself in a church


A man has committed suicide by hanging in St Peter’s Anglican Cathedral on Likoma Island on Monday, November 12, 2018.


Likoma Police Station spokesperson, Mcliff Ngulube identified  the deceased as Kennedy Malikita, from Chamba Village,Traditional Authority (T.A) Mkumpha on the Island.


Monday afternoon, Mr. Charles Mwaithula went in the Cathedral for his usual daily prayers.

According to Ngulube, upon entry, he was surprised to see the deceased hanging from the roof of the Cathedral.


He rushed to inform the police who took the body to St Peters Hospital where postmortem result indicates death due to suffocation.


Later on, the police established that the deceased was defilement suspect which was reported to the police the previous day.

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