Ntcheu teacher arrested for impregnating learner

Mtsisunge Kagomo


The Malawi police in the central district of Ntcheu have arrested a teacher of Kammwamba primary school for defiling and impregnating a 14 year old standard 5 learner


According to Ntcheu Police Spokesperson Hastings Chigalu ,the 22 year old Gilson Kavalo was on separation with his wife at the time he was sleeping with the girl and that he convinced her of marriage.


Chigalu further explained that upon hearing of the learner’s pregnancy, he reconciled with his wife.


The suspect who hails from Kainga Village T/A Mpando in Ntcheu district will soon appear before court to answer a defilement case.


The Police are also looking for the teacher’s wife who physically assaulted the 14 year old after finding out that she was sleeping with her husband.

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“I’m Tired of Eating Human Flesh” – South African Cannibal confesses

A “CANNIBAL” walked in a police station holding a human leg and told cops “I’m tired of eating human flesh”, a court heard on Thursday.

According to The Sun online paper, Nino Mbatha, 33, is said to have handed in part of a human leg and a hand to a police station.

Nino Mbatha allegedly walked into a police station holding a human leg

More remains were discovered in a nearby house before officers were led to a woman’s mutilated body under some rocks in Estcourt, South Africa.

Mbatha, Lungisani Magubane, 31, and Khayelihle Lamula, 33, have been charged with the murder of 24-year-old mum Zanele Hlatshwayo.

Mbatha, who is also said to be a traditional healer, has also been charged with “handling human tissue”.

Prosecutors say Magubane and Lamula went to Mbatha for medicine for good luck.

Zanele Hlatshwayo was killed and her body was mutilated

Mbatha told them the ancestors insisted that blood needed to be spilled.

Later it was reported Lamula found Zanele drunk and she agreed to get into his car.

All three suspects have pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Sithembiso Sithole, 31, was arrested and charged but reportedly killed himself in jail awaiting trial

The woman’s body was found in August 2017 after one of the suspects reportedly led community members and police to where it was hidden.

Local councillor Mthembeni Majola said at the time: “It was buried under big rocks and we had to call a machine to remove the rocks.

“They showed us the body parts in one of the houses.

“They admitted that they were waiting for the body parts to attract maggots.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbheke said Mbatha showed the human leg and it had a foul smell

“Apparently maggots collect money for them.”

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbheke said the suspects were arrested after Mbatha walked into the Estcourt station with the human leg.

She said: “When he was questioned, he produced part of a human leg and a hand.

“Further investigation led police to a house where they were met with a foul smell, and more human remains were found.

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Malaw Govt suspends nurse over a selfie







suspension of Patricia Mulichi who works at Ndirande Health Centre


By Mtisunge Kagomo

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Government of Malawi has suspended a midwife over a selfie which was taken in a labour room exposing a naked pregnant woman ready to deliver


Director of health services at Blantyre District Office Gift Kawaladzira has confirmed of the suspension of Patricia Mulichi who works at Ndirande Health Centre.


Kawaladzira said that the suspension is pending an investigation over her misconduct by the Nurses and Midwifery Council of Malawi


Speaking on the matter,Spokesperson for the Ministry of  Health Joshua Malango ,the ministry is waiting for a report from Blantyre District Health Office for it to take an action .


Nurses and Midwifery Council  of Malawi’s Executive Director Isabella Musisi has called Mulichi’s behavior as unacceptable and the entering of phones in a labour ward has been banned.


Some of the people on social media has called Mulichi a disgrace to womanhood and asks government to revoke her medical license for it to serve as a warning to others


One of her relatives recently posted on her facebook page that the nurse has been betrayed by an Ex boyfriend who leaked the photo to social media


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Exposed; Rwandan businesman Niyongira bribes Salima concerned citizens to write a petition asking Malawi’s authorities to evict Emmanuel Sekanawo



By John Saukira

We reveal how Salima concerned Citizens pocketed bribes from Vincent Niyongira  to write a petition asking authorities to evict Emmanuel Sekanawo
Details have emerged that a Salima-base group calling themselves Concerned Citizens wrote a petition to the authority to force and discredit businessman Emmanuel Sekanawo under the influence of money received inform of kickback from Salima Businessman Vincent Niyongira.
Although Vincent is denying allegations of bribery, but two concerned citizens have confessed to have been bribed in order to issue a strong petition to the authorities that discredit foreign business people from Rwanda and Burundi.
On 8 November, 2018, a group calling themselves petitioned the Salima District Assembly, to force the very innocent man Emmanuel Sekanawo for pocketing K1Million as upfront payment to fake the situation that the grouping is angry with  Sekanawo and yet Emmanuel has nothing to do with the Salima Security situation.
A Group of Concern Citizen which was formed mid this year in order to tackle security situation amongst Burundians and Rwandees.
People liked the group because it had a good agenda.
After incidents of disagreements among some Rwandees and Burundians the Concerned Citizens wrote the District Commissioner and held a press conference in Salima asking the authorities to evicts  all Burundians from the District.
They gave the authorities 15 days.
However, surprisingly before the expiry of 15 days, on 8 November they wrote another letter now to target one person to move out of the area alleging that he has been bringing problems.
However our records can entells that  Salima Based Group calling Concerned pocketed K1Million upfront payment from foreign Businessman  in order to write a strong worded letter  against one individual business personnel Emmanuel Sekanawo who is a Rwandees by nationality currently playing a chain store business in Salima.
Sekanawo settled in Salima long time ago alongside other Burundians and Rwandees nationals all totaling 18 in Number.
According to evidence that we have some Concerned Citizens on 7 November, 2018, petitioned Salima District Commissioner Charles  Mwawembe and other authorities asking them to order the immediate removal of Businessman, Emmanuel  Sekanawo whom they believe is causing problems in Salima.
The letter was copied to Senior Chief Kalonga, Officer Incharge of Police Mr M’bobo and DPP District Governor.
Salima District Governor while confirming about the letter he was quick to say all issues about security are handled by Police so he referred  our reporter to the Salima Officer incharge.
Salima Officer Incharge Assistant Commissioner M’bobo while confirming about the disagreement amongst foreign Nationals described the situation as quite and normal.
He said business is taking place as usual.
The Concerned Citizens have not disclosed specific reasons why they want Sekanawo out of the District.
However, in an exclusive interviews with some concerned Citizens, who were not happy with the way how the members handled themselves, expressed concerned over the way how the concerned citizens have handled themselves on the issue.
“We received K1Million but we agreed to receive K7Million after the end of the contract. We have so far distributed the letter to all the relevant authorities,” Said our source.
The Concerned Citizens are accusing Burundians and Rwandwees for bringing chaos and insecurity in Salima by among other things brazing guns in public.
On 31 October, 2018, the same Concerned Citizens held a press conference in Salima where they demanded immediate  removal of all foreigners of Bururndians and Rwandees national within 15 days however susprisingly while within 15 days another letter has already been petitioned tagetting one family of Sekanawo, out of 18 Families of foreign nationals currently plying trade in Salima under the influence of money.
One of the business man who is believed to have sponsored concerned citizens Vincent Niyongira said he was not aware that he is sponsoring the concerned citizens althought we have a petition with us and recorded interviews of Concerned Citizens.
It is believed that divisions have locked the group and disbandment might follow because other members are disgruntled with the behaviour of moving away from the agenda and targeting one person.
What the Concerned Citizens are doing is against the United Nations Charter “reaffirmed faith in fundamental human rights, and dignity and worth of the human person” and committed all member states to promote “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”.
According to the charter all people are Born Free Equal and that all have their thoughts and ideas and need to be treated in the same way with no elements of Discrimination.

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Female lawyers want Mchacha out of Malawi cabinet

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Women Lawyers Association of Malawi on Monday afternoon presented a petition to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) seeking President
Peter Mutharika to include more women in his cabinet.

The female lawyers even demanded the removal of Charles Mchacha in the cabinet for his bad character towards women.

Mchacha who is governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Southern region governor was hired as deputy minister of Homeland and Security.

Mutharika recently appointed a twenty member cabinet where there are only
three women out of the twenty ministers.

Executive Director of Action Aid Malawi Grace Malela (a lawyer by profession) and other representatives of Women Lawyers are the ones who delivered the petition.

Last week some Civil Society Organisations also delivered apetition to the United Nations offices in Lilongwe, pushing for the removal of President Peter Mutharika as a He-for-She champion,arguing he is not fulfilling his role as a 50/50 campaigner.

Mutharika was appointed a He-for-She champion by the United Nations Headquarters over his ‘commitment’ in promoting gender equality.

The petition by the women lawyers was received by the Chief Secretary to
the Government, Lloyd Muhara.

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Exposed: Chakwera accused of swindling MK50 million donation to MCP

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  president Lazarus Chakwera is being accused of  swindling MK50 million donated to the party by construction magnate Simbi Phiri.
The party has been going around begging for financial and material support from its sympathisers to prepare for the 2019 elections.
In this campaign, Chakwera travelled to South Africa last week where the Khato Civils owner donated MK50 million (R1 million) towards the party’s activities.
Two sources have independently confirmed the donation and  is appropriation.
A top official at Khato Civils told The Maravi Post  that indeed, Simbi, who comes from Mchinji, gave Chakwera R1 million for the party.
But when he came back from the trip, Chakwera told his colleagues in MCP that Simbi did not give him any money, according to another official close to Chakwera.
Accoridng to him, the matter was only revealed later when Simbi disclosed to MCP Director of Finance Rhino Chiphiko that he had given Chakwera R1 million. Apparently, Chiphiko had asked Simbi Phiri for support for the party.
Interestingly, while the party is circulating letters asking for help which state that any financial help should be deposited in the party’s account, Chakwera has been going around to the financiers asking them to draw cheques in his name.
The source said Chakwera is aware that MCP will not win the elections next year and that members of the party have resolved not to elect him again at the party’s next convention.
“So he is using the party to generate money which he is investing in personal businesses to fall back on. He is creating his own pension, while everybody else is fighting for the party,” said the source.
When he was picked to lead the party in 2013, the expectation was that, as a pair of new hands, he would strengthen MCP and make it a force to reckon with.
But since they lost the elections  in 2014, Chakwera has dragged the  party into the worst divisions through his dictatorial actions and abuse of party finances.
He has kicked out those that have been questioning his decisions, demolished the NEC, replaced its top officials with people from his home district and allowed the other positions to be hijacked by People’s Party renegades led by Sidik Mia.
Chakwera has just taken his divisive actions to the party’s primary elections where he set up a committee that does his bidding by imposing candidates and removing those than do not toe his line.
At the moment, MCP parliamentary primaries have been rocked with violence and huge discontent among the electorate.
Due to bitter disagreements, the party has suspended the primaries and many candidates which Chakwera does not want have vowed to stand as independent candidates while they still remain MCP members.
For five times in a row in the past two years, the London-based think tank Economist Intelligence Unit has predicted that MCP would lose the elections in 2019.
Apart from that Chakwera does not provide any convincing policy alternative, EIU says MCP would lose because Chakwera has tampered with the structures of the party and left the party far more divided.
Efforts to get MCP President’s side of the story proved futile as his mobile numbers were not available as we went to press.

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Malawi Govt urgently recalls RSA’s High Commissioner, 3 diplomats to return home in seven days

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Government this week fired four diplomats at Malawi High Commission in Pretoria South Africa including the head of the mission and they have been given seven days each to pack up and return home.
According to Foreign Affairs Ministry, Malawian High Commissioner to South Africa Professor Chrissie Kaponda, Defence Attaché Colonel Lawrence Mambo, first secretary (protocol) Kondwani and Daniel Salimu second secretary (social services) were effectively out of work and must return home.
“I write to inform you that government has directed that the exigencies of services require that you be recalled to Malawi with immediate effect,” reads a communication from Foreign Affairs Ministry signed by acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Veronica Chidothe.
The letter dated November 1 2018 under reference number EA/1/3/55B says the recalled diplomats are expected to return to Malawi within seven days.
High Commissioner Kaponda confirmed she has been recalled but could not state the reasons behind the recall.
Meanwhile, the two that have survived the chop are those related to the power-that-be. They fare deputy head of Mission Gloria Bamusi and Rosaline Mapundula, First Secretary (Political Affairs).
Bamusi becomes the de facto acting head of the mission.

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Malawi Law Society chides President Mutharika for kicking Chilima out of cabinet; says its illegal

Chilima and Mutharika
Mutharika (L) and Chilima: Failures

By Nenenji Mlangeni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Law Society (MLS) on Thursday accused President Peter Mutharika for kicking out his deputy Sauolos Chilima of the cabinet arguing that the decision is illegal.

The society President Alfred Majamanda bashed President Mutharika for violating Section 92 (1) of the constitution.

Majamanda observed that according to the supreme law of the land, the vice president must be in the cabinet either he/she is good terms with the President or not.

Chilima has been sacked out of the cabinet when he is in Dubai.

President Mutharika on Wednesday evening kicked his deputy Chilima out of the cabinet in the latest reshuffle.

President Mutharika also removed Ana Kachikho, former Lands Minster replaced her with Jean Kalirani who was Gender Minister.

Another casualty is Mukumbwa as new comers include Welani Chilenga who is now the deputy Natural Resources Minister while Charles Mchacha is the deputy minister of newly name Homeland Security (formerly Home Affairs and Internal Security).

Kalekeni Kaphale is back into the cabinet as Attorney General (AG) replacing Charles Mhanga who according to Chief Secretary to The Government Lloyd Muhara, the latter resigned.

Mhango resignation comes a day after the former AG failed to block the United Transformation Movement (UTM) from being registered at the High Court.

Nicholas Dausi has been shifted from minister of information and communication technology to minister of Homeland security (ministry renamed and Dodma to be transferred to this ministry).

Henry Mussa is now minister of information and communications technology, Jean Kalilani has been appointed minister of Lands, Housing, and Urban development.

Francis Kasaila is now minister of industry, trade and tourism, Grace Obama Chiumia has been appointed as minister of Labour, Youths, Sports and public works, Cecilia Chazama to minister of Gender, Children, disability and social welfare.

Atupele Muluzi, Jappie Mhanga, Bright Msaka, Samuel Tembenu, Emmanuel Fabiano, Joseph Mwanamveka, Goodall Gondwe, Kondwani Nankhumwa and Aggrey Massi have retained their ministerial posts including health, Transport, Education, Constitutional Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Finance, Local Government and Natural Resources respectively.

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Lilongwe man arrested over Indian hemp cultivation

Biyeni arrested for cultivating indian hemp

By Chifundo Nedi

Lingadzi Police in Lilongwe Monday arrested a 41 year old, Patrick Biyeni for cultivating Indian hemp locally known as Chamba in his farm in Area 10 which made a body of land cruiser full after Police uprooted it.

According to Central Region Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Nolliettie Chimala, Police received the information from members of the community that the suspect cultivates Indian hemp in his farm found along the stream of Kamanthongo which is between Areas 10 and 43 in the city.

She added that the suspect mixed the plant with maize, cassava, onions, beans, green pepper and assorted vegetables in order to trick the public.

“Upon following the report we received from the members of the community, Police rushed to the scene and managed uproot the plant and arrest the suspect,” the PRO said.

Chihana urged the public to continue providing them with such kind of information about people who may be seen possessing, cultivating and selling the substance because criminals always live in our communities.

The suspect is pending court proceedings to answer charges of illegal cultivation of Indian hemp which Contravenes Regulation 6A as read with 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.

Biyeni hails from Nenekeza Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kwataine, in Ntcheu district.




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Jeff Sessions Resigns as USA Attorney General

WASHINGTON-(MaraviPost)-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the first sitting senator to endorse Donald Trump for president, is no longer in charge of the Department of Justice.
According to CNN, Sessions submitted his resignation in a letter to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Wednesday afternoon.
Sessions’ resignation letter was delivered by hand to the White House after it was requested by President Trump earlier Wednesday.
In the letter, Sessions ticked off a list of accomplishments.
“Most importantly as my time as attorney general, we have restored and upheld the rule of law,” Sessions wrote.
“Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. President,” Sessions said in his closing.

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