Suspected Nigerian thief arrested while romancing female victim after robbing her

A suspected thief was yesterday arrested and beaten mercilessly after he made an attempt to romance his victim just after robbing her in Delta state.

It was gathered that the suspect allegedly gained access into a lady’s house with the intention to steal along Yoruba road extension in Sapele area.

Thief arrested while romancing female victim after robbing her

After stealing the lady’s phone, the suspected thief decided to embark on another mission, this time to feed his sexual desire.

According to the female victim, she felt someone romancing her leg in her  sleep as she opened her eyes to see a stranger in her room. She raised an alarm and shouted before neighbors gave the suspect a hot pursuit.

“I was not aware of when he was robbing me because I was deep asleep but was awoken when I realised something was rubbing on my legs. I opened my  eyes, only to see a stranger in my room”

It was revealed that the suspect later identified as Julius – was beaten mercilessly by the mob to the extent he pooed on himself.

The lady disclosed that she’s sick and took some drugs that’s why she slept off and didn’t noticed when the suspect entered her house.

The stolen phone was later recovered.


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Chikwawa man gets 10 years for defiling 4 year old girl


By Alick Junior Sichali

The Chikwawa Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 49 year old man to 10 years imprisonment for defiling a 4 year old girl.

Chikwawa Police Public Relations Officer, Foster Benjamin, confirmed this  in an interview saying Chirizani Maudzu committed the offence last year in  January.

Benjamin said the court, through State Prosecutor Danford Otala, heard that Maudzu defiled the neighbour’s daughter in the absence of both his wife and his own daughter.

“During that time, Maudzu invited both the victim and his own daughter who  were playing outside.
He gave his daughter a K5 coin to buy some sweets on her own, taking  advantage of his daughter’s absence, he dragged the victim into his bedroom  where he defiled her,” explained Otala .

It is said that the girl came out crying, prompting her mother to check on her and discovered that she had been sexually attacked.

The matter was reported to Police who arrested the accused and charged him with defilement.

Appearing before Chikwawa Magistrate Court, Maudzu denied the charge whichmmade the state to parade witnesses to testify on the matter.

In his mitigation, he said he had an extended family to look after hence  asking for leniency.

The state, however, prayed to the same court to hand the accused a harsh sentence, arguing cases as such were on the rise in the district despite several convictions on the same.

First Grade Magistrate Gladstone Chirundu, while concurring with the state in condemning an increase in defilement cases, noted that characters like Maudzu need not to be condoned in society but rather isolated for the sake of girl children.

Chirundu pronounced his verdict and slapped the accused with a 10 year jail  term which he said would serve as a lesson to others.


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Crack down; Malawi Govt imposes MK5m penalty for unregistered SIM card from Oct. 1

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi government says all unregistered mobile phone SIM card will be deactivated by the service provider  and also  liable to a fine of MK1 million or if in default face five years in jail.
This comes as the deadline for the exercise is September 30, 2018.

Parliamentary Legal Affairs committee (headed by MP Maxwell Thyolela) in conjunction with the Media & ICT committee (headed by MP Sam Kawale) during a joint press conference held at Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) in Blantyre says the decision arrived towards the fulfillment of the legal requirement as stipulated in the Communications Act No. 34 of 2016.

Thyolela said; “Section 92 of the Act requires that any person who uses or owns or intends to use a SIM card or generic number for voice telephony services must have the SIM card or generic number registered by a phone company or with an authorized distributor, agent or dealer of the phone company.
“Section 94 of the Act makes it an offence for any person to use an unregistered SIM card or generic number. The punishment for this offence is K5 million and imprisonment for 5 years. It is therefore very important that every subscriber must register his number or SIM card to be on the right side of the law.
He added, “We urge all Malawians with a SIM card to register before the deadline [of September 30] in order to avoid disconnection and further to avoid committing an offence under the Act. MACRA is just implementing its mandate and we expect all phone operators and every subscriber to comply with the law.
“As a Committee we strongly urge MACRA to punish operators that will fail to comply with the deactivation deadline of 1st October.”
Thyolela further said  that from last week MACRA learnt about the failed registration by some Airtel customers who had gone through the process already and urge Airtel to work on their system so that people should not be repeating the process.
“SIM card registration is an international practice which is aimed at protecting phone users from cyber criminals who use unregistered SIM cards to trick and swindle people. Those that have traveled outside Malawi can attest to this because it is mandatory in most countries for one to register a SIM card upon acquisition.
“With unregistered SIM cards, intimidators find it easy to bully their victims, issue death threats because they know they will destroy the SIM card and never be traced thereafter. This is happening in Malawi and the police have a number of reported cases on this matter,” he said.
On his part, Kawale said from October 1, new subscribers shall be asked to register first with the operators so that the SIM card is linked first with the owner before it is handed out.
“We are aware that some people have not registered despite awareness by MACRA as well as the operators themselves. For one to register, they are asked to produce one of the following identity documents: national identity card, driver’s licence, passport, refugee identity card, asylum seeker identity card and voter registration card.
“There is no need for people to fear anything because this is a normal exercise that is aimed at protecting phone users. We as members of parliament found it necessary to pass it into law considering the criminal activities that were on the rise on the market,” Kawale said.
Operators have also provided codes for customers to verify registration. Airtel customers are advised to dial *122# while those for TNM should dial *277#.

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Thugs invade Malawi Catholic priest’s house, steal cash

By Malawi News Agency

Malawi Police in Kasungu are hunting for six suspects who on Thursday night broke into the compound of Father Sebastian Malango’s house  at  St. Joseph Catholic Church and stole K800 000.

Kasungu Police Spokesperson Harry Kamwaza said that on the night of September 10, 2018 around 1:30 am, the suspected  used a big hole on the fence to enter into the father’s compound.

“They tied up a watch man with ropes before inflicting a knife wound on his right forefinger. Later on, the criminalsbroke the main entrance door to get into the house,” he said.

Kamwaza added that the three criminals entered the house and demanded for money.

“Three of the criminals went inside while the other three remained outside where thethree in the house met the father in the corridors.

“They then used threats and violence while they demanded for money and due to fear he surrendered the amount of Mk 800 000 including an laptop and then the criminals left the place,” the Police Spokesperson said.

Police say they  launched an  investigation into the matter.

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EXPOSED: Nigeria woman tells court his husband is a fake pastor who sleeps with his sister

A housewife, Deborah Olusola, on Wednesday told an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi in Ibadan, that her husband, Sunday Olusola, a pastor, lured her into marriage through fake prophesy.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Deborah had approached the court seeking for dissolution of her 18 months union with the pastor over insincerity, infidelity, nagging, and brutality.

In her testimony before the court, the 23-year-old woman, narrated how Olusola approached her and promised to assist her spiritually.

”My lord, he promised to assist me but later told me that God said both of us should become one through marriage. I believed the prophesy because I thought it was truly God’s voice and we got married after few weeks.

”Again, he prophesied that my mother should resign from her place of work and relocate to our matrimonial apartment. He said God would kill her if she didn’t obey the purported God’s voice and my mother yielded to the prophesy because she too believed him as a man of God.

”He began showing his true colour immediately I got pregnant, maltreating me, became less concerned about my well-being and brutalised me. I passed through hell during the pregnancy of the only child of the marriage. His parents too nagged and beat me, and even extended the hatred to my mother by treating her as slave.

”The worse he did was that I caught him sleeping with his blood sister and he threatened to deal with me if I expose him. I couldn’t believe my eyes until I read text message conversations between him and his sister on his cell phone which confirmed what I saw.

”My relationship with him in the last one and half years was not friendly and his ways of life didn’t prove him to be a man of God. I pray the court to separate us because I can’t cope anymore with the marriage because of his devilish ways of life,” she stated.

In his defense, Olusola, 28, denied all the allegations and blamed the plaintiff for the break-up. He urged the court to uphold the divorce request of his wife and pledged to abide with the judgment of the court.

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Malawi Supreme Court overturns ruling on MK145million DPP-Police food ration case

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Supreme Court of Malawi in Blantyre on Friday overturned the High Court’s earlier ruling that Youth And Society (YAS) did not have sufficient interest in the MK145 million food rations deal.
YAS executive Director Charles Kajoloweka confirmed the development, Mzuzu-based civil society organisation (CSO) that dragged Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Pioneer Investments to court and freezing their bank accounts linked to the MK2.7 billion police food rations deal.
Lawyers representing DPP and Pioneer, Frank Mbeta and Chancy Gondwe, had argued in court that YAS was out of its jurisdiction as it has no power to sue on behalf Malawians as Section 98 of the Constitution stipulates that it is only the Attorney General (AG) that has such powers.
But on his part, Theu argued that the AG was in a compromised situation as he is a member of the governing DPP and he is also a party in the case.
YAS executive director Charles Kajoloweka said his institution will fight to the end until Malawians get the truth and justice on the matter.
“Pushing the caravan of accountability is no longer an option,” he said.
Immediately after the High Court ruling by Judge Jack N’riva in August dismissing the CSO in the case on the basis that it has no sufficient interest and cannot sue on behalf of Malawians.

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Malawi’s Kasungu man arrested for allegedly raping a prostitute

The Malawi Police in the central district of Kasungu have arrested Wilson Billy, 27 for allegedly raping a 28 year old woman who plies her trade as a prostitute around Kasungu boma.
According to the district’s police publicist Harry Namwaza, the incident  happened on September 4, 2018.
It is alleged that, the suspect hooked the victim for a short time sexual services which the victim voluntarily agreed at a price of MK1,000.
Surprisingly, the suspect denied to accompany the victim to her room but instead insisted that the victim should follow him to a nearby bush where he  would quench his libidinous feelings.
Upon reaching the proposed bush, the suspect demanded for unprotected sex which the victim protested.
Seeing the persistence in the victim protesting  against his wish, it is alleged that, the suspect worn a threatening character and  strongly told the victim that he would stab her with a knife if she continued resisting against his demand.
The suspect further confiscated the victim’s phone as one way of forcing her to accept his demand.
According to one of the victim’s statements, she tried to free herself from the suspect but she was overpowered and in the course of tussling with him, the suspect managed to find his way through and raped her.
The victim lodged a complaint at Kasungu Police Station and the suspect was arrested on September 7, 2018.
The victim was issued with a medical report to go to the hospital for medical examinations whose results will be tendered in evidence when the suspect appears before the court of law to answer the charge of Rape.
Wilson Billy comes from Nthumbo village, Traditional Authority  (T.A) Chilowamatambe in Kasungu district.

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Malawi’s Mchinji elderly arrested for impregnating granddaughter in exchange for school fees

By Patience Mandowa
A 53 year old man in Mchinji who has been coughing out money, paying school fees for his granddaughter is in police custody for allegedly impregnating her.
The victim, who is now 16 years old and a form two student at Bua Community Day Secondary School in Mchinji, lost both parents in 2012 and opted to stay with her grandpa Chaphankhwani Wilson at Robert IV village, T/A Zulu in Mchinji as her caretaker and guardian.
According to Mchinji Police Station spokesperson, Kaitano Lubrion, it is alleged that Chaphankhwani who has been paying for her school fees, during the month of June this year, forced the victim to sleep with him in exchange to the school fees which the suspect has giving out.
According to the victim (name withheld), her grandfather slept with her two times before conceiving, now she is two months pregnant.
Lubrino said  the development prompted her to report the matter at Mchinji Police Station where she was referred to Mchinji District Hospital for medical examinations and the results has proved that the victim has a nine weeks pregnancy.
“These findings triggered the police to open a case of incest which involves having sexual intercourse with a close blood relation against her grandfather.
“On September 9 2018, Chaphankhwani Wilson (53) of Kandama village T/A Njewa in Lilongwe was arrested,” said Lubrino.
Meanwhile, the police have charged him with the case of incest which is contrary to section 157 of the penal code and will he appear before court soon when investigations are over.

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Kasungu Municipal boss Ngoka claims MK50m damages from Minister Nankhumwa

By Alick Mhango
Kasungu Municipality Council chief executive officer (CEO) Stewart Ngoka, who was sent on leave pending an investigation, is claiming MK50 million compensation for defamation from Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani  Nankhumwa.
Ngoka’s claim through a demand letter to the Attorney General’s Chambers by his lawyers, Mbulo Attorneys At Law, follows remarks by the minister during the African Day of Decentralisation commemorations in Lilongwe that Ngoka, alongside Nkhotakota district commissioner (DC) Felix Mkandawire, were sent on leave for allegedly being involved in corruption.
Writing on behalf of Ngoka in a letter dated August 31 2018, the lawyers said: “On August 10, during commemoration of African Day of Decentralisation held in Lilongwe, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa, in his speech, singled out our client and Felix Mkandawire, district commissioner for Nkhotakota, who he said have been sent on forced leave due to corruption.
“It should be noted that in the mind of any reasonable person, the speech by the minister portrays our client as person who was involved in corruption and that he has been sent on forced leave as a way of showing government’s efforts in fighting corruption.”
Ngoka’s lawyers have since given government 90 days to explain how they intend to meet the claim failing which he will start legal proceedings.
Lawyer Leonard Mbulo told the Nation Newspaper of writing the Attorney General Charles Mhango, saying his client’s moral standing in society has been lowered as people now perceive him as a corrupt CEO.
But when contacted on Wednesday, Mhango claimed the letter was yet to reach his office.
He said it is only after getting the letter that he can start acting on the issue.
“It is unfortunate that the matter has reached the [media] first before reaching my office,” said Mhango:
Nankhumwa however has not yet responded on the law suit claims

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National Statistics exercise equipment stolen in Ntcheu

Two Control Centre Supervisors in the on going National Statistics People and Housing Census, had a rude awakening when their two Tablet phones and three Power-banks used in the exercise, went missing at a rest house in Ntcheu on Tuesday night.
Morris Nyaka 52, of Mtogolo village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Malemia, and Richard Kansichi 32, of Chaweza village, Traditional Authority Mwambo, both from Zomba District, are Supervising Khuzi centre in T/A Kwataine and Kulanga Centre in T/A Ganya in the District, respectively.
According to Hastings Chigalu, Ntcheu Police Public Relations Officer, the two, having arrived in the district on August 26, 2018 for the exercise, lodged at *Anansi Sasowa Rest House,* and use to share a room.
Chigalu said, on this fateful day, after a hectic day of collecting and supervising the National Census, the two gentlemen thought of having supper, hundred metres away from their base at around 1900 hours.
“They left all their gadgets and other belongings in their room and locked it up. When they return after almost 30 minutes later, they were puzzled to see the said equipment missing though the door and windows were not broken. It was later discovered that entry was gained through the door. The unknown criminals used keys to open and properly close the door.
“All other efforts to trace and recover the Government equipment same night, proved futile whose value is not yet established. Investigations into the matter is underway by Police, to track and arrest the culprits”, said Chigalu
Meanwhile, Police is advising all personnel involved in the exercise to jealously guard the equipment and avoid neglegence.
It is further warning people that anyone found impersonating National Statistics Officials with an aim to commit a crime, the law will deal with them.

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