Its high time Malawi President Mutharika should resign over MK145 million and Karim vehicles obtained corruptly

By Saunders Jumah
Malawi will stop corruption the day a big fish from the top resign, time has come for President Peter Mutharika to resign.
The MK577 billion corruption cash gate has been pushed under the carpet, saving the face of the president, MK145 million has been refunded back to Zameer in a quest to protect the face of the same president.
We have exposed a lot of corrupt activities directly involving the first family only to be ridiculed by the community that lives and depend on corruption in Malawi.
Today more exposé are coming out with verifiable evidence that the corrupt Zameer Karim bought five Nissan bakkie for president Peter Mutharika costing MK85 million.
 The question that baffles our anti corruption drive is, why Peter Mutharika and not ministers? Is DPP going to defend their leader again at the expense of the nation that is dying because of corruption?
DPP has always been defending President Peter Mutharika that he is clean, why after being exposed of the MK145 million did he not reveal that the 5 Nissan pick ups must also be returned if the president is indeed not corrupted?
Again! Does corporate governance not part of DPP party being official and a ruling party? Why are properties of the party being personalised as being Peter Mutharika? Are the laws of Malawi restricting citizens to adhere to corporate governance while the ruling party run jungle accounts? First an international bank opened a bank account of a party with single signature, later vehicles belonging to a political party are registered in the name of an individual, does this make any sense or Malawi politics is uneducated or running ignorantly?
Where are auditors and accountants of the nation?
This calls for a probe in all activities of political parties in Malawi. We may wonder why political parties are run as family businesses because books of accounts of political parties in Malawi are not reconciled by legal accounts firms.
After DPP refunded the money, we did not hear what initiative was taken to discipline Peter Mutharika over his lone signature over the party bank account, Standard Bank failed to clarify what criteria was used for the president to open a political party account without the consent of other party members. We demand minutes that declared Peter Mutharika to be a sole signatory otherwise the entire corporate system of business is a farce.
No wonder Indians have found a green grass in externalizing money made in the country back to India.
The way citizens are being penalized at the borders and offices of MRA, in offices of registry, there are people in this country that break the laws of corporate and political governance and remain presidents and leaders? This is pathetic of a nation.
President Peter Mutharika must resign or be forced out of power by the tribunal of Parliament which must assess the matter about his involvement with Zameer Karim.
Fellow citizens! We have watched Kamuzu Banda destroying this nation for 31 years, we let Bakili Muluzi complicate democracy for 10 years, we dare not let Peter Mutharika confuse the nation’s intelligence.
There are a lot of scandals that have occurred under this very man Peter Mutharika, we cannot sit back and watch when our way of life is being damaged and destroyed.
President Peter Mutharika must be probed without fear or favour to unmask whatever dirty deals he is involved in till the truth is unveiled. If he is found guilty let him face the law.
The nation is crying over chronic corruption and nepotism, without catching up with big fish in this case president Peter Mutharika our country will never win the war or crusade against the vice of corruption and state looting.
It is high time president Peter Mutharika appeared in the court of law and defend himself not using political propaganda making Nicholas Dausi to dry his throat coaxing answers to defend the president.
Maenga and all Utopians of Malawi call for a sweeping broom to enter state house, ministries, parastatals, government departments, pockets of President Peter Mutharika, ministers and spouses as well as concubines to find out why corporate governance is a hard task in the government personnel?
If President Peter Mutharika lead in having dubious bank accounts what about ministers and those in his party?
Malawi is not a country that belongs to DPP and Peter Mutharika alone, we are having elections in 2019 for any party that command more support to take over we cannot let one single political party or tribe to hold our nation hostage.
Mr. President you have lived three quarters of your life in a country where democracy has white hair (imvi) in that country where a leaders commits a slight mistake resigns.
Be board enough and lead by example by resigning. You will lose nothing rather you will leave a legacy that will make this country start all over on a clean slate.
Your corrupt activities have damaged and destroyed the fabric of our society.
With you at the helm Road Traffic will not stop demanding MK75000 for a driving licence, with you at the helm Department of immigration will not stop demanding extra MK20,000 for an express passport of MK68,500.00.
With you at the helm each and every government department will not stop asking for bribes for services they are paid to do.
All these have increased and are promoted because they know you are corrupt.
Case in point Zameer Karim scandal, US$10 million meant for our soldiers from the peace keeping fund of the UN, MK577 billion cash gate, the MK3, MK9 billion you are giving Mulli and the MK270 billion you are about to give him when 20 souls family are crying for their loved ones your brother commanded the police to kill.
If you love this nation Mr. President you will do the needful by resigning or allow an independent probe to prove your innocence over all these scandals.
You may not worry over the future of this country because your generation is almost over and that your children and grand children are in America but there is those of us whose only home we know is Malawi, our generation and the rest rely much on the tree of fruits you plant today.
 If you plant the tree of corruption all will inherit that, you lay a foundation of the rule of law we will praise you when you are gone.
Face saving is good at times with resignation from office. This is known as maturity and human.
Saunders Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor works for MAENGA;

His views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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Businessman Zameer Karim corruptly gives Malawi President Mutharika MK85 million vehicles


As the dust refuses to settle on theMK145 million which businessman Zameer Karim deposited into a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) account whose  sole signatory is President Peter Mutharika.

The Weekend Nation has exclusively  revealed that the same businessman bought five brand new vehicles worth K85 million and registered  them in Mutharika’s name.

Karim of Pioneer Investments Limited is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for defrauding government in a MK2.7 billion  food rations deal at Malawi Police Service and depositing the proceeds in the DPP account in August 2016.

The publication however reveals that in July 2017, Karim bought five Nissan NP 300 pick-ups from Nissan Malawi at a cost of MK17 million each, translating to K85 million, and gave them to the President.

Documents in our possession show that Tax Invoice number 20302982 from Nissan Malawi dated 31st July 2017 to Zameer Karim of P.O Box 567 Blantyre gives details of a white Nissan NP 300 vehicle, chassis number ADNAPGD22Z0097058 at the total cost of K17,000,000.

Payment was made into account number 1001359416 held in the name of Imperial Motors Limited at Victoria Avenue of the National Bank of Malawi.

This vehicle was registered at the Road Traffic Directorate Blantyre Makata office by Zameer Karim on 7th August 2017 under registration number TO 8288  under receipt number GIN1721912143213.

A further dig into documents of ownership at the Road Traffic Directorate  is showing that the same vehicle TO 8288 is now owned by Arthur Mutharika  whose registration number at Road Traffic Directorate is 20160104026588 and  date of birth is 18th July 1940 and his proxy is one Dabble Disi whose  Registration number at the Road Traffic Directorate is 20150704157551 and
date of birth is 11th February 1981.

Our documents also show that the five vehicles were delivered to Zameer Karim on 31st July 2017 under order number 318712 and were fully paid for  by Karim.

When news of the MK145 million surfaced, the DPP, which earlier denied the existence of the said account, argued that Mutharika never personally  benefited from the transaction and the party was not aware of the source of  the funds at the time.

Both government spokesperson Nicolas Dausi and Mutharika’s press secretary Mgeme Kalirani are yet to respond on the vehicle scam

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MCP President Chakwera’s bodyguard ADC Phakamisa resigns over his boss’s self-enrichment

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-New reaching the publication reveals that William Phakamisa, one of the longest serving members of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who has served as a security and intelligence agent of the party for a very long time has resigned from Abusa Chakwera’s team.
Phakamisa, a man who is a graduate from the disbanded Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) and a very devout MCP supporter, has been Chakwera’s Aide De Chargé (ADC) cum Bodyguard since Chakwera was elected as President of MCP.
This comes amidst allegations that Chakwera has pocketed over half a billion kwachas from  different well-wishers that meant for the party.
According to sources, as Chakwera’s ADC, Phakamisa has a lot of evidence and information that implicates Chakwera in many clandestine dealings and secret meetings.
Chakwera is alleged to have been secretly meeting many high profile business people and making money deals on behalf of the party.
However, it appeals that Chakwera has been using his son-in-law’s personal account to make sure that the money meant for the party doesn’t end up in party coffers.
“Bwana Chakwera is abusing the party funds. He also got a second hand Range Rover bought by Sidik Mia”, said a visibly furious MCP supporter.
“Imagine that a Land Cruiser that belongs to the party is being used by Chakwera’s own son! Chakwera has no regard for procedures. He is abusing the party too much,”  concurred another youth league member.
Effort to get MCP leader reaction on matter yielded nothing as his mobile numbers could not be reached.
But others sources told this publication that Chakwera is using new security team as Phakamisa is up with United Transformation Movement (UTM).

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Have we forgotten about the infamous MK236bn Cashgate in Malawi?

Written By Steve Nhlane
Former president Bakili Muluzi once said “ Amalawi sachedwa kuyiwala (Malawians forget quickly).” He was referring to the atrocities the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) committed during its 31 years in power under the reign of Kamuzu Banda. And they are not few.
Ironically Muluzi was once MCP’s secretary general. In that position he was the party’s second most influential man. After Kamuzu.
But when Muluzi was making that statement at a rally, he rightly expected that Malawians had forgotten all that. This was when he was campaigning for a third term or an open term. It flopped.
Muluzi eventually settled for Bingu wa Mutharika to succeed him. And not Justin Malewezi his vice-president for two terms. Muluzi’s third term bid flopped not because Malawians forgot anything.
But because they remembered that they had the Constitution which put a cap on presidential terms. They also remembered that Muluzi’s 10-year rule had failed to lift them out of abject poverty.
At the time Muluzi was campaigning for a third and open term as president, donors who were contributing 40 percent to the national budget had also abandoned the country.
But perhaps Muluzi was right after all. The famous or infamous Cashgate was first noted in 2005 although it was mostly exposed in 2013. This is according to a forensic audit of the government of Malawi by auditors-RSM Risk Assurance Services LLP of the United Kingdom (UK). By 2014, the malfeasance could no longer be swept under the carpet. Hard cash in millions of kwacha was being kept or transported in boots of cars. A help hand spotted one of them. This led to more ‘discoveries’.
The Baker Tilly forensic audit only picked six months of the 2009–2014 plunder-from April to September, 2013-and uncovered that during this period alone civil servants and businesspersons had looted MK24 billion from the public purse.
When Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kaluwa was vocal about seven ministers in the Peter Mutharika administration were alleged to have been mentioned in the MK236 billion Cashgate report,
the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) went for him. But no-one in this government wants to talk about that report.
The issue now seems to be water under the bridge. All attention is focused on the tripartite elections. With elections only seven months away, there must be a huge sigh of relief among the seven ministers alleged to have been mentioned in the report. Amalawi anaiwala. (Malawians forgot about the plunder of K236 billion spanning 2009 and 2014).
When the Salima South member of Parliament Uladi Mussa was acting People’s Party president, and was vocal against government, it (government) went for him over allegations that he issued permits or passports to undeserving immigrants. Now that he is politically correct after taking camouflage in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that case is dead. Amalawi anaiwala. The same Uladi Mussa who was being demonized while in opposition is now a hero in DPP as its vice president for the centre.
How Malawi lost K577 billion or K236 billion will never be concluded under this regime. It is a forgotten issue. It is only ‘petty’ bulawulas who have the cheek to talk about it. But these are the issues opposition politicians-MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera, United Transformation’s Movement’s Saulos Klaus Chilima, People’s Party JB, ought to be pushing.
At what stage is the forensic audit report (if any) about the whopping K236 billion looted from the public pulse between 2009 and 2014? Of course, there have been other Cashgates-the 4.3 million liters of fuel (of 76 tankers of 35 000 litres each)-vanishing at Escom, the audit report about materials worth over MK10 billion Escom procured which may never be used in the next 10 years. Billions of kwacha vanishing at the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc).
Mystery still surrounds the MK1.9 billion of the MK2.9 billion that Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) board approved to give to Admarc for maize purchases in 2016.
Some 20 MPs embezzled Constituency Development Funds-what is the status of this issue; five years after government’s Integrated Financial Management System (Ifmis) was hacked, improving public finance management remains a mirage as government is yet to procure a foolproof Ifmis.
The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)warehouse in Lilongwe gutted immediately after the court ruled that there should be a recount of votes is a forgotten issue.
Meanwhile, the country has plunged further on the corruption perception index. As a result of all these, donors are yet to return to Malawi as they strongly believe Account Number One is a leaking bucket. The ultra poor will continue to be marginalized. Why? Because they forgot why they are in this predicament. Muluzi was very right.Amalawi sachedwa kuyiwala.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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Malawi Judiciary slammed for immerse corruption

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Government and Malawi Law Commission (MLS)  on Friday  bemoaned corruption in the judiciary.
Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu and MLS Vice-President Tadala Chimkwenzule were speaking during Malawi Judiciary Sherry Party at Chichiri Court House Grounds.
“Sometimes you see the court orders and wonder, is this a court order or a lawyer’s order? We want the court to be applying the laws of the country because all the people who come to the courts want finality. We see people being acquitted on technicalities but what does the law say?” he said.
Chimkwenzule concurred with Tembenu saying corruption in the judiciary is both real and perceived, adding some of the decisions made in courts nowadays raise suspicions.
“You look at the decisions by the courts and wonder if they are merit-based. Now that erodes the integrity of the courts,” she said.
Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda admitted that corruption has not spared the judiciary but said they are doing all they can to deal with the vice.
“We should start with conceding that there is corruption but we have the Judiciary and Fraud Prevention Policy to deal with the corruption. We will work with the lawyers themselves and the media to fight corruption in the judiciary,” he said.
Nyirenda said the judiciary will not be lenient on legal professionals caught in corruption saying, like anyone else, they will be prosecuted.
The Sherry Party brings together lawyers, magistrates, judges and all court users to celebrate developments in the judiciary.
During the party, four former justices of appeal – Richard Banda, Lawrence Chatsika, Friday Makuta and Leonard Unyolo – were honoured by naming court sessions which were previously named after British law icons.
Former president Joyce Banda was in attendance to support her husband during the auspicious event.

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Judicial corruption in Malawi ‘a present danger’, says Chief Justice

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda said on Friday that corruption has become “a present danger”  that can easily overshadow the integrity of  the country’s Judiciary. Nyirenda was speaking in Blantyre during Sherry party – a celebration marking the...

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Malawi graft body ACB arrests former Zomba Malosa legislator Undani

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested former Zomba Malosa legislator Anderson Undani and Pangani Nazombe on suspicion of corrupt practices.
A statement issued on Wednesday, signed by ACB senior public relations officer Egrita Ndala, states that the bureau arrested the two on October 1 2018 after it established that they did not deliver materials for the construction of Mapalo Full Primary School in the constituency.
“The two also abused Constituency Development Fund (CDF) meant for a project at Domasi CCAP Primary School and requested Zomba District Council to pay transportation charges to Nelson Sonkho for a project that did not exist,” reads the statement in part.
Ndala confirmed the arrest saying the two were taken to Zomba Magistrate’s Court on October 2 where they were charged with two counts of abuse of office contrary to Section 25B (1) as read with Section 34 of the Corrupt Practices Act; theft, obtaining money by false pretence and forgery, contrary to Section 278, 319 and 356 of the Penal Code.
The trial is set to start on November 28 this year.
The development comes amid increased corruption reports in councils, particularly in CDF, Local Development Funds (LDF) and District Development Fund (DDF) that are meant for development projects at district level.
Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa recently admitted high levels of corruption and abuse of funds in local councils.
The minister said an audit carried out in 2016 for LDF, CDF and DDF, revealed rampant theft of public funds in almost all local councils, affecting the implementation of various projects targeting locals.
He cited the procurement of tools under the Public Works Programme that was marred by gross irregularities.
Reports on LDF projects have also revealed ghost projects and ghost workers in most local authorities.
Observing that the mismanagement and abuse of resources in councils threatens the decentralisation process, Nankhumwa hinted that his ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development has drawn guidelines to address the challenges.
United States Agency for International Development (USAid) mission director in Malawi, Littleton Tazewell, also bemoaned high levels of corruption in local councils.

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Chakwera wants to deal with corrupt  thieves: ‘ACB  boss job should be opened to foreign professionals’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  leader  Lazarus Chakwera has maintained his stand that hseparating the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) from the Executive arm of government could give power and independence for the ACB to investigate corruption by...

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Judge concedes corruption in Malawi courts exist: Startegies put to mitigate delayed judgements

Lilongwe-based High Court Judge Charles Mkandawire has conceeded that corruption exists in the Judiciary  which has recently been tarnished with allegations of judge shopping. Other observers say in most of the times corruption starts with...

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