BMG’s Charity Work Continues…As New Song Is Available For Downloads  

Blessed is the hand that giveth

Bossaro Music Group’s (BMG) members have once again proved that caring is at the centre of what they do.

While the country was celebrating 54 years of independence, BMG celebrated in a special way by visiting Mbayani where the members interacted with children to inspire them.

It is obvious that the group has a huge influence among the youth that is why BMG is committed to change people’s lives.

After cheering mothers at Zingwangwa Health Centre on July 6, 2017, BMG visited children of Holy Heart Care Centre in Mbayani on Friday as way of celebrating the

Independence Day with the children.

Two members of the Group, Bossaro Cyclone and Bossaro Iceberg spent the morning with the children who showcased a number of activities that impressed the two artists.

The two attributed their visit to the care centre as one way of fulfilling BMG’s desire to help the under-privileged people in the society.

“It’s not just about music. As musicians, is it our responsibility to spread the love to everyone that we can and the smile on the children’s faces is exactly what we wanted to see,” Bossaro Iceberg said.

The duo also spent time getting to know the children who expressed their interests and desires.

BMG duo listens attentively during the event

“We want them to be able to dream big and realise those dreams. We will continue supporting them as we already do with a lot of under privileged people in the community,” he added.

The centre is largely financed by Jamina Botomani who was grateful to the artists for visiting the children.

“I am very happy with what has happened today. You can clearly see it on the faces of the children that they are happy too,” Botomani said.

Holy Heart Care Centre provides space for the children to come in the morning, have three meals throughout the day and learn a few lessons too.

“This is a space that enables mothers to not worry about their kids for a few hours as they go out to try and make ends meet. We care for them as our own kids, but the help, like this, is always appreciated,” she added.

The founder also called on more people to assist saying an Independent Malawi should provide for the future leaders of Malawi.

To influence future leaders, BMG has been involved in a number of initiatives. This year, BMG engaged University of Malawi students during the Financial Awareness Week.

BMG said it recognises the need for increased financial inclusion and financial awareness in Malawi in order to improve the economy and the financial sector as a whole.

Since its launch, the group has used music to mobilise the youths in the communities.

 BMG, which comprises Dalitso Mtambo (Bossaro Ice) and Patali Mkorongo (Bossaro Cyclone), uses music to mobilise the people in the community and it is working towards improving and inspiring young people in the community through fundraising events, shows and motivational talks.

BMG has taken part in charitable events such as donating assorted items to Zingwangwa Health Centre Maternity Wing and donation of clothing to Rotaract Club Blantyre for distribution to orphanages. The group has also partnered a non-governmental organisation known as Improved Midwifery Care Access Initiative (IMCAI Malawi) which aims at up lifting the wellbeing of all child bearing women, unborn children and new-borns by promoting and supporting the activities of midwives in Malawi.

BMG was established in October 2016 with the aim of entertaining, raising awareness and empowering the youth through music.

BMG has since released singles like Ma Bossaro, Bow Down featuring Malinga Mafia, Carry On featuring Rina and Legends Never Die which features various artists.

In May, the group won Nyasa Music Awards in the category of Best Collaboration with ‘Legends Never Die’ which features Barry Uno, Young Kay and Blak Jak.

Meanwhile, the group’s new song is now available for download at Malawi The song features Tsar Leo and Hyphen.

Bleesed is the hand that giveth