Blue League Endorses Mutharika’s 2019 Presidential Candidature



After a very good start to the year 2018, the past month has seen a crescendo of noise around our party, the mighty DPP. This noise follows the debate triggered in some quarters within the DPP, targeted at our President, His Excellency President Professor Peter Mutharika.

The debate and the noise were carefully disguised and packaged as “noble”, with the intention to serving Malawians – but as the Blue League and sober minded Malawians, we believe that there is no nobility in that. We can see through the evil plot.

Interestingly, the developments that followed revealed a narrow campaign that was aimed at pushing a particular individual’s campaign to overthrow President Mutharika.

There are coordinated media attacks on His Excellency as well as media statements and staged endorsements. Those events also brought to light the plots and conspiracies that were hatched in the middle of the night, in the deep dark corners of Malawi by the conspirators.

Malawi must be reminded that in 2013, the DPP fielded President Mutharika as its torchbearer for the Presidency of Malawi. In 2014, he heroically contested and defeated the opposition led by Chakwera, and Joyce Banda. Malawians gave him a mandate to lead, and APM has been executing that duty with great diligence and composure.

Malawians as well as the DPP, at that time when giving APM the mandate to lead, knew that he is constitutionally eligible to run for two terms as a President. Malawians also knew how old he was, and how old he would be by the end of his second term. But today we find some who present trivial arguments such as age to advance their evil agenda. They also manufacture lies and claim that Malawi needs change, but those are just disguised reasons for their narrow greedy interests. Greedy interests driven by hunger for premature ascendance to power.

As the Blue League, we would like to categorically state that we would not allow that to happen!

On his return from a successful working trip in Europe, the President said – “there are some who are bent on confusing the party”. We believe this is true.

What we find to be worse, is that these conspirators are working and coordinating with the enemies of the DPP. Yet they claim they want to lead the DPP. They speak the same language with the enemy. They coordinate gimmicks and theatrics with the enemy – even sending statements of condemnation against the party after staging those gimmicks.

APM will win! The EIU (Economic Intelligence Unit) in London released a report that states that APM will emerge victorious in 2019. And he will! That is an independent report by an international and reputable institution. This scares the opposition and gives them sleepless nights.

Now the opposition has resorted to using some within the ranks of the DPP to create disunity in the party. This plot by the opposition that the opposition can gain some ground while the DPP is resolving internal issues. They also want the DPP to field a candidate in order to take away the government.

As our leader and patron, APM has delivered for Malawi. Many of those who lack patriotism refuse to acknowledge this fact. APM has taken Malawi back into the road to economic recovery. In his report back on the State of the Nation Address (SONA), APM has outlined the most achievements and progress made by Malawi in all the critical areas – from economic to social. Because he presented rock solid undisputable facts, the opposition, in their reply to the SONA could not present content-based response. They went on a rambling journey about the DPP political manifesto instead of the delivery record that was presented by APM.

In his opening address to Malawi at the SONA, President Mutharika says, “This month, four years ago – we were speaking of a broken economy, stagnated projects and smashed hopes. Today, we have the economy fixed, confidence regained, projects moving, and hope rising.” – This is a FACT! A fact that the opposition could not refute in their reply in parliament.

Let us remind Malawians about what the Administration under APM has achieved:
• Four years ago, APM inherited inflation that was at 24 per cent. 24 percent! This was inherited from Amayi Cashgate – Dr. Joyce Banda. Today, under APM, we have a single digit inflation. Lower inflation rate is an indicator of good economic stability for the country – especially the poor. Prices of goods and services no longer fluctuate up and down like they used to under Amayi Cashgate.
• Four years ago, interest rates were at 25 per cent. Again, inherited from Amayi Cashgate. Today, interest rates are at 16 per cent. This is a fact that the opposition could not dispute.
• In the past few years, Malawi, under APM has taken GDP Growth Rate from 2.4 per cent. In 2018, the growth is expected to be at 4 per cent. In 2019, we expect growth to rise to 6 per cent. A fact that the opposition could not dispute.
• For two consecutive years, Malawi has not had petrol price increases. A very great achievement, especially for the poor. This is a fact that even the opposition cannot dispute.
• Under APM, Malawi has been on the road to economic recovery. All the economic indicators are the opposite to what the naysayers say about Malawi.
• Under APM leadership, Malawi has progressed significantly in many areas. On infrastructure, we have seen beautiful roads being built, Colleges built, Universities revamped, and new ones commence to be built. In Agriculture, we have seen the irrigation scheme being implemented, and the Greenbelt initiative making a tremendous progress.
• There is a lot more progress in many other areas as well, be it public health, education science and technology, mining, energy, tourism, social development, youth empowerment.

Malawians know that past governments failed what APM has achieved in 4 years! That’s why they respect him. The PP caused more damage and destruction to country and the economy in their 2 years in power. We will not mention them. It took APM the last 4 years to fix that 2 year mess of institutionalised corruption and broken economy.

What shocks many sceptics is how did APM manage to fix the “Mother of all Gates” mess and rebuild the economy at the same time. This has also caused a huge panic in the opposition camp. In their panic, they felt that they need to conspire to overthrow him. Mademo, Letters, and theatrics in parliament could not remove APM.

They know that in 2019, APM is going to achieve a landslide victory – because the people can physically see what he has done for Malawi. From the Northern Region to Central Region, and Southern Region. Most of Malawi has become a construction site – a great sign of development!

As the Blue League, we pledge our support to APM, his presidency and candidature for 2019 completing his second term and driving Operation Landslide Victory. We call on all patriotic blues within the mighty DPP to close ranks and unite behind our great flag. Let us reject factional camp-based politics led by those who want to overthrow our founding father, President and patron. They will not take Malawi anywhere.
Malawi needs the DPP to continue with its development agenda. Malawi needs APM with his great experience and visionary leadership to lead our continued stability. Malawi needs to continue its journey on the road to recovery under the DPP. Our blood is forever blue! DPP woyee! APM woyee!

Malawi does not need leadership change, it needs continued stability!

Issued by:

● Dumisani Lindani (Chairperson)
● Rusford Mtanga (Secretary General)
● Alex Business (Publicity Secretary)
● Jack Mavutula (Administrative Secretary)
● Collins Chitimbe (Vice Chairperson)