People’s team Bullets enjoys TNM premier league Supremacy

By Alick Junior Sichali

Nyasa Big Bullets reserve continues their superb performance in Chitetezo Mbaula Southern Region Premier league as they still remain on position one after a 6 game victory.

This comes after the team over the weekend on Saturday, 16 June hammered Mulanje Friends Offers Form with 4 goals to nil the game which was played at Mulanje park stadium.

Hassan Kachoke scored a hat trick while Wilton Kaunda Junior scored the last goal, which made the red army to claim 3 points after the match.

According to head coach of Nyasa Big Bullets reserve, Enos Chatama, was happy with how the team performed over the weekend but was quick to say there is a long way to go as the league has just commenced.

Chatama said despite a 6 game run without the team loosing it has no ambitions of being promoted in the elite league, TNM Super League.

“We are doing well in our home and away games and that is what any coach would love to see his team doing but for as we see that we have a long way to go and our vision is just to remain in the premier league by finishing in top 10,” Chatama said
So far Nyasa Big Bullets reserve has 18 points from the 6 games they have played, and they have scored 14 goals conceding 2 goals only.
Nyasa Big Bullets next game they will play against Be Forward Wanderers at BAT ground in Blantyre district.

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DPP convention sets for July 1; Nankhumwa challenges Chaponda for southern region presidency

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) elective convection scheduled for July 1 to 3 at Comesa Hall in Blantyre will see the party’s heavyweights competing with each other in various positions

Among other notable faces, Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa is set to challenge former minister of Agriculture George Chaponda for the position of vice-president for the Southern Region.

Nankhumwa, who is the incumbent national director of elections for the party, confirmed the development to the Daily Times on Monday.

“I can confirm; it is what it is. That’s what people have been telling me for a long time. I have been advised for a long time. I have not heard about anyone else who is contesting but I am aware that he [Chaponda] will defend his position,” Nankhumwa said Chaponda’s personal assistant who picked up Chaponda’s mobile phone said he [Chaponda] was in a meeting.

“He is in a meeting. I will pass the message. He will get back to you when he is out of the meeting,” he said.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi, who is the convention’s chairperson, said he did not have the full list of contestants but confirmed that members of the party have started collecting nomination forms from the DPP secretariat.

“What I can tell you is that every position will be contested for. I do not have the full list of names as we speak but I will compile the list and you will know [names of] the people who will take part during the convention,” Dausi said.

President Peter Mutharika’s former personal assistant, Ben Phiri, confirmed that he is contesting for the positon of national director of elections.

“Initially, reports were that I would contest as vice-president for the Southern Region; people wanted me to contest for that position, I had not made my decision on the matter. So I decided to go for a national position and not a regional position and, so, I will contest for the position of national director of elections,” Phiri said.

But inside sources in DPP also disclosed further that Uladi Mussa wants to contest against incumbent Hetherwick Ntaba as vice-president for the Central Region, secretary general Grezeldar Jeffrey will battle it out with Clement Mwale, Samuel Tembenu and Wictor Msongazaudzu Salinjeni while publicity secretary Francis Kasaila will have to defend his position against Nicholas Dausi and Esther Mcheka-Chilenje.

Jappie Mhango will battle it out with Henry Mussa, Joseph Mwanamvekha and Rashid Gaffar for the position of treasurer.

Chancellor College-based political analyst Ernest Thindwa said a convention is necessary considering its purposes, which include a review of the political programme which a party wants to adopt for its campaign.

“In the case of DPP, it is a necessity and a positive development; they need to have a convention. Unfortunately for political parties in the country, there isn’t genuine competition for positions, especially for the position of president.

“Many people do not express interest in challenging the incumbent. And that is the case with DPP. I want to believe that nobody will express interest in challenging President Peter Mutharika,” Thindwa said.

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USA walks out of Human Rights Council, cites anti Israel as cause

The United States on Tuesday June 19, 2018, walked out of the United Nations Human Rights Council almost half way through its second three year team on the Council.

According to a diplomatic note from the Permanent Mission of the US to the UN, to diplomatic missions in New York and made available to the Maravi Post, the US is storming out of this multilateral body because of its “myopic focus and anti-Israel” stand

This is the third multilateral body the US is walking away from since Donald Trump took office 18 months ago.

The US charges that there are various countries that are members of the Council that have worse human rights offenses; its action cones as a notice that the US will not take the hypocrisy the Council excuses.

The US walk out cones against a backdrop of over two thousand children that are currently living in tent cities after they were separated from their parents at the Mexican border. The US President is under intense criticism for this policy of separating what he calls illegal immigrants; his supporters are saying the policy is to deter others from terming to enter the US illegally.

Opponents to the policy however have called it inhuman and un-America. The critics of the policy include all former US First Ladies, (Roslyn Carter, Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama), and current First Lady Malarnia Trump.

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Malawians urged to embrace youth’s talent

By Alick Junior Sichali

People have been urged to support youth’s talent saying if they can be supported they can easily fulfill their ambitions and benefit from it.

One of the best local urban artists, Noel Chikoleka, commonly known as Phyzix, has made the remarks as they are doing a contest show in Balaka.

Phyzix said he and his colleagues thought of doing the contest show in Balaka after receiving overwhelming support when they last did a show in the district.

“We thought of doing this contest because of the support we received last time we did a show in Balaka and people have been calling us as when we will go again, so this is one way of appreciating what they did last time” Phyzix said.

Phyzix also said that he and his colleagues thought of doing the contest show to support and unearth talent of the upcoming artist in the district.

During the contest Phyzix, Macelba, Martse and Sulu will also perform at the contest show apart from the upcoming artist which is expected to happen on 24 June this year.

He however said its only entertainment will be happy if youths in the country are supported in all endeavours happening across Malawi in particular entertainment activities.

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Kanengo police for HIV/AIDS, malnutrition free families

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-In bid to reduce stigma, discrimination and malnutrition among people living with the HIV/AIDS in the Malawi Police Services at Kanengo station, officers’ wives have been instilled with skills and knowledge on how to contain the pandemic’s scourge further.

The law enforcers better halves over the weekend were trained on nutrition service care, ways to contain discrimination and stigma on those living with the virus for better life.

This comes as the service’s HIV/AIDS prevalence rate remains high hence various intervention to contain the virus.

Kanengo Police In-Charge’ wife, Zione Mtetemera told The Maravi Post that time was ripe for women to take charge of their families amid the pandemic impact on communities.

Madam Mtetemera observed that for many years women have been behind on how to face the pandemic with skills to care on those suffering.

She therefore lauded the station for the timely resources provisions for the training saying about 500 women are supposed to be reached.

Echoing on the same, Brenda Makandani,said the training has opened up her role as mother to take charge of the care of her family.

Makandani added that the nutrition skills attained will improve food intake in her family.

Kanengo Police HIV/AID coordinator, Priest Mpemba said the trained officers’ wives will be given more support on how to manage their families to contain the virus.

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Saudi team plane catches fire, lands safely;2018 World Cu

Saudi Arabia’s plane has landed safely despite a terrifying incident when it caught fire during their flight to Rostov-on-Don for the World Cup game against Uruguay on Wednesday.

The team posted photos of the players exiting the plane and smiling on Monday night but did not release further details of the engine problem, despite video taken from on board the plane showing flames coming from beneath one of the wings.

The Saudis were beaten 5-0 by Russia in the World Cup opener in Moscow last week.

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Malawi’s University students for pro-Chilima movement

By Alick Junior Sichali

Students from public and private universities in the country say they want Saulos Chilima to contest in 2019 tripartite elections and they have vowed to support him.

They said this in Blantyre during an interface meeting the pro-Chilima grouping had with students from Polytechnic, Chancellor College, Health Science and College of Medicine.

Chairman of the students, Juston Bulawula, said students in the country are not happy with the worsening unemployment rate.

Bulawula thinks the youths have solutions to some problems haunting them but are denied a chance to participate in governance issues.

“We are not happy with the current administration they are not giving us chance of holding higher government positions in various department despite having the requirements it is for this reason we want Saulos Klaus Chilima to contest in 2019 elections,” Bulawula said.

On his part, guest of honor at the interface meeting, Allan Ngumuya, said the development shows that people in the country are not happy with the current administration.

“People are tired with this administration and coming of the students to ask the veep to represent them is a clear indication that they want change,” Ngumuya said.

Ngumuya further said time has come for the youths to be given higher positions as one way of curbing some of the challenges the country is facing.

The development comes as some people in the country are asking the vice president to contest in next year’s tripartite elections.

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Malawi’s CSOs corruption syndicate exposed

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The gross lack of accountability has been exposed as 75 percent of Malawi’s Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that got elections funding towards the 2014 Tripartite Elections have failed to reconcile their accounts books todate.

According to Zodiak radion, the development has angered the United Nations (UN) which funds the NGOs through the UN Development Fund (UNDP) which manages the Elections Basket Funding making it hard for the UN to fund them again for 2019 elections.

Projects Manager for the NGO Board Joel Mkandawire confirmed the unfortunate development which vindicates the long held concern that many of the vocal and anti-governenment CSOs are simply conduits for siphoning donor money in the name of the people and enriching themselves under the pretext of human rights activism.

More information on to come on the syndicate.

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Malawi’s 2018-2022 national multisectoral nutrition policy set for launch June 20

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The much awaited Malawi’s 2018-2022 national multisectoral nutrition policy and strategic plan is set for launch on this coming Wednesday, June 20 at Bingu International Convention Center (BICC) in the capital Lilongwe.

The launch will be presided over by Her Excellency the First Lady, Professor Gertrude Mutharika.

During the launch the first lady will also open the Food and Nutrition research dissemination conference; the theme of which is: “Nutrition for National Development: Leveraging Investments for Effective Nutrition Response”.

Addressing the news conference on Monday, Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi said the revised policy is intended to provide a framework that will guide the implementation of ournational nutrition response to address the existing and emerging national and global issues.

According to Muluzi added that the Policy will be operationalised through implementation of the National Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan 2018–2022.

“A good nutrition is a critical for human growth and development, meaning that it is an integral element of the social and economic development of a country.

“Adequate nutrition is critical for physical and cognitive development which then determines an individual’s intellectual performance, and professional achievement and overall work productivity,” said Muluzi.

The Health Minister added that the new policy looks at how the nation can use behaviour change to prevent malnutrition.

“The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDs has already developed a Nutrition Education and Behaviour Change Communications Strategy with key nutrition messages in local languages, these will be delivered to households and community care groups,” says Muluzi.

Bessie Ndovi, Civil Society Organisation Nutrition Alliance (CSONA)-Malawi Programs Manager lauded the ministry for the policy saying its timely as it will guide the entire country’s nutrition sector.

Echoing on the same, Sangita Jacob Duggah, Unicef’s Chief Nutrition said despite Malawi facing economic challenges head way has been made in reducing stunting to 37% in 2016.

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