Manganya and Kaliati: Not seeing eye to eye
Manganya and Kaliati: Not seeing eye to eye

It’s now official that president of UTM Dr Saulosi Chilima has settled for Dr Michael Usi for the post of running mate automatically giving him the vice presidency once UTM is voted into power come 2019.

It’s believed that Manganya and his boss Dr Chilima are in good books and he is using him as his surrogate to contain the chaos that has engulfed the movement and plainly against Kaliati who has been disciplined so far for her foul language against the President of Malawi Professor Peter Mutharika and First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika.

The whole episode was exposed in Mangochi when Manganya spoke ahead of Kaliati who is the interim secretary general of the movement. This did not please Kaliati and her good friend Calista Chapola who were seen dejected and confused when they saw Manganya rebuking the hate speeches spoken by these two women in all their movement launches so far.

Manganya hit the nail on their heads: ‘It will make no difference to see us here responding to the speeches of our opponents using the same foul language.’ Manganya said this to the dismay of Kaliati and her good friend Calista Chapola.

Some political commentators have said it’s Chilima who is using Manganya to discipline these two foul languaged women and eventually Chilima will throw them away soon the dust settles down.

Manganya who has hanged his boot now not to stand as parliamentary candidate in the 2019 elections is well known for advisory roles and point blank talks.

This is the second time Manganya has talked tough against his fellow seniors in the UTM.

Kaliati is angry now that she has lost the running mate position to Manganya who is considered as an outsider by many UTM gurus who started this movement. She has also complained of the absence from political rallies by Mr Ngalande as a sign that Chilima has started politics of elimination.

Of late Manganya has been seen sitting close to the chairperson of UTM at the podium a seat that must be for secretary general of the organization.

But Kaliati has vowed to ‘finish off’ Manganya until she gets her post which she was promised by Chilima when the movement started.

Exclusive: Main Reasons Why Abiti Manice Has Been Arrested

Manice (Left): Arrrested

Social media controversial figure Abiti Manace Hughes has been arrested by Police in Malawi on charges of falsifying information and insulting the President.

Upon arrival at the Airport, Manice presented herself as an American citizen and produced a United States passport bearing the name Manice Hughes.  At this point she was asked what Nationality she is and Manace told the immigration officials that she was a Malawian national.

She was later asked if she has ever used a Malawian passport bearing the name Manace William Daudi, Manice answered the question in the affirmative and it was at this point that she was arrested and told that she had made a false declaration about her identify to a public officer.

Abiti Manace was later taken to a Police cell with the Airport where upon search her it was discovered that she had two passports; one Malawian and another American with different names.

Manace, a professional nurse who works as a home care agent in Maryland USA recently courted controversy after declaring that she is related to President Mutharika while at the same time persistently attacked the President in the social media.

Recently Manace was hosted on a Times television talk show “Tikudziweni” during which she defended her claims that she is a nephew to President Mutharika and repeated her criticism of the President.

President Peter Mutharika’s late brother married Ethel Zyauya who was a sister to my mother. ” Manace told the host.

Meanwhile officials from the American embassy in Lilongwe  that went  to assist Manace upon arrest on the understanding that she  was an American citizen have returned following confusion as to the correct nationality  and identity for Abiti Manace Daudi Hughes.

THETIMEISNOW TO REALISE AFRICA’S EXCEPTIONAL BEST: Old Mutual Repositions Its Brand And Readies For Growth

Following its primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in June 2018, Old Mutual has unveiled a vibrant new brand identity, to reflect its fresh customer-led approach and stronger focus on Africa. The company’s new visual personality draws on the optimism, vibrancy and seize-the-day spirit of the continent, reinforcing the message of ‘Made in Africa for Africans’.

Speaking on the eve of the #TheTimeIsNow campaign launch, Vuyo Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Old Mutual, says that the new brand repositioning represents much more than a brand refresh.

“As an independent entity with ambitious aspirations and a clearer, stronger focus on Africa, we saw the need to establish ourselves more firmly as an effective Pan-African leader with a distinctive customer value proposition,” she says. “With that came the need to review, reposition and reinvigorate our brand.

“We have re-imagined and strengthened our role and relevance in our customers’ lives. Increasingly, customers tell us that what they need from their financial services provider is closer involvement and understanding, and practical, hands-on support. In short, we will be cutting through the intimidating clutter of the financial sector, and serve more as coaches or partners, providing tools and motivation, helping them take the small steps that lead to great things.


“This is why our brand identity has been given new vooma(replace with Malawian similar word): to express our revved-up purpose to equip and guide our customers to become financially fit and be their absolute and exceptional best.”


Edith Jiya, Group Chief Executive Officer of Malawi adds that Old Mutual is proud to be one of Malawi’s oldest and most reputable, recognisable and reliable financial services brands. Over the 74 years of its existence in the country, Old Mutual has gained vast experience and demonstrated resilience and foresight in adapting to meet the evolving needs of customers and the market. Now, the company is ready to seize the opportunities being created with the continuous changes of our customer’s needs.


Thobile Tshabalala, Old Mutual’s Head of Brand, describes the repositioning of the brand as “a brave tightrope balancing act”. Importantly, the brand evolution cannot be seen as an event, but rather a progressive build on Old Mutual’s customer centric approach. The group will be rolling out many innovative solutions and initiatives over time, to realise its vision.


She explains: “Old Mutual’s brand evolution has been carefully managed since its founding in 1845, and it’s been critical to keep the key associations and core brand values integral to the #TheTimeIsNow advertising and marketing campaign.


“This means that on the one hand, we had to ensure continuity, and on the other, we had to show how the company is generating a pulsating new energy. One of our main aims is to win over a new generation of customers whose needs, preferences and expectations are being shaped by a creative youth culture and access to ever more sophisticated technology.


“The company will retain its iconic anchors logo and its primary shades of green, but several energetic secondary colours – think pink, orange and sunshine yellow – signify a dramatic break with the past and bring the new brand personality to life. Our visuals incorporate many traditional patterns, illustrating the richness of our African culture.”


The images used at various touchpoints, including TV, print and outdoor, speak of hope and optimism, liberation and a warm sense of community, reflecting Old Mutual’s responsibility to its communities and its responsible investment in inclusive economic growth that benefits everyone.


“We are excited to be part of the (r)evolution of this great brand. To build relevance and affinity with people across Africa, we worked with our client, as well as our partner agencies across the continent, to create the communication campaign. Our strategic partnership with Old Mutual helped us get to a strong insight and a bold, simple proposition. ‘The Time Is Now’ is a call to action and a rallying cry. Our campaign is motivational, inspirational, vibrant and dynamic,” says Jonathan Beggs, Executive Creative Director of Publicis Communications.

Lee concludes: “The time is now to realise the potential of our customers and the markets we serve. We firmly believe that the secret to getting ahead is starting with the small steps. Wherever you’re at, being exceptional starts right NOW. There’s so much power in flinging procrastination aside and taking immediate charge of your finances to build a great life.”



Government committed to transform rural areas through MAREP

Government says it is committed to ensuring that the country’s rural areas are transformed by providing electricity through the Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP).

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Aggrey Masi expressed the commitment on Saturday at Kanyimbi Trading Centre in the area of Senior Chief Tengani in Nsanje during the switching on of Kanyimbi Power line under MAREP 8.

Masi said government is ensuring that all rural areas have access to electricity so that the community’s life is transformed. He disclosed that government, through MAREP 8 has electrified about 336 areas countrywide.

“The current administration is very committed to ensuring that all rural areas have access to electricity. We are very sure that once all the rural areas are connected to electricity, then the people’s socio-economic status will be improved.

“In the areas where the connection has already been done, people’s lives have really changed for the better,” said Masi.

He added that government is expecting to extend MAREP 8 so that more rural areas are also connected to the electricity grid.

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Francis Kasaila who is Member of Parliament for the area, said people in the constituency, especially women, were experiencing a lot of challenges due to lack of electricity.

He observed that women were walking long distances of about 18 kilometres to Sorgin to access maize mills.

“Women here have been walking long distances to access maize mills because there was no electricity. Now, women will be accessing maize mills within reach. It is a good development,” said Kasaila, parliamentarian for Nsanje Central.

The MP, therefore, urged local leaders and communities in the area to take care of the development so that they benefit from it for a long time.

Speaking on behalf of Senior Chief Tengani, Group Village Headman Kawa applauded government for bringing electricity to the area.

“Today, we are very happy with the switching- on of the power line. We could not believe what has been done today. We thank government for this development in the area. We expect more developments as a result of availability of electricity,” he said.


Ntaba Backs Wife’s Involvement With UTM, Calls It Political Tolerance

Ntaba’s wife Noria: Now with UTM

Senior ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member and presidential advisor on local policies Dr Hetherwick Ntaba has said all is well with his wife joining Vice President Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) calling it a sign of political tolerance.

Recently, Ntaba’s wife who is popularly known as Namoyo has been seen attending UTM rallies whilst in movement’s colours.

“Don’t you have different  opinions? Spouces have different opinions on issues and politics, so it is not an issue. People are allowed to differ and we all have freedom to hold different opinion that’s political tolerance. People have different political views that’s the values of democracy,” said Ntaba cementing that all is well with his wife.

Ntaba’s family is a replica of the Kaliati family which has husband Angie  and wife Patricia holding different political views but still living intact.

However, Kaliati got a public ridicule  from DPP regional governor (South) Charles Mchacha.

During a public rally in Mulanje addressed by President Peter Mutharika, Mchacha told the rally that Mulanje Mulanje Pasani legislator Angie Kaliati married a foolish woman.

In vernacular Mchacha said: “Ndaona pompano a Kaliati a amuna ali pompano taimani anthu akuoneni, nthawi zina munthu umatha kukwatira chitsiru chokumwa madzi ometera.”

Asian Businessman Chaudhry In ‘Landgate’ Scam: Palm Oils BT City Officials To Acquire Commercial Land

One of the contentious land grabbed by Karamat Chaudhry

One of the contentious land

Karamat Chaudrey: Landgate

He is constructing service stations to sell fuel and run supermarkets on the pieces of land he has allegedly acquired dubiously.

Chaudhry and Lakhu Mohamed NaeemIqbal were in the news recently that they face 13 counts ranging from forgery of official documents, making a false document without authority, uttering a false document to illegally obtaining foreign currency.

“Indeed, he has ‘improper influence’ on some officials (names withheld) at the Civic Offices and, therefore, gets any piece of land he wants at will.

“He has so far bought various pieces of land in Blantyre on which he is doing various business, including filling stations,” said the source close to the investigation, disclosing that some ‘inappropriately’ pieces of land include one in Limbe, along the Robert Mugabe Highway, on which he has constructed a service station, along Masauko Chipembere Highway near Mandala Flats and in Nyambadwe, near Blantyre Girls Primary School where construction works are under way.

In another ‘corruption’ matter, Azamtulla Chaudry, another Blantyre-based businessman, is also under probe by ACB for allegedly bribing some immigration officials to illegally acquire Malawi citizenship, alongside some of his family members.

Azamtulla acquired his Malawian citizenship, two years after he arrived to do business in Malawi from his native Pakistan.

According to highly-placed sources at ACB, Chaudry bribed some immigration and Home Affairs officials to acquire his present status in 2014 when Uladi Mussa was Home Affairs minister and Internal Security.

Karamat: In Landgate

The Malawi Citizenship Act 1966, as amended in 1992, provides that any Commonwealth citizen can only be ‘registered’ as citizens if he “is ordinarily resident in Malawi, and has been so resident for a period of five years; and that he has an adequate knowledge of a prescribed vernacular language or of the English language”.

“Choudry had stayed in Malawi for hardly two years when he and his immediate family members acquired Malawi citizenship. Actually, the rules demand that to qualify for citizenship, one has to have established business and at least real estate in Malawi but Choudry was a mere trader, buying and selling.

“If this is not corruption, then I don’t what else it is,” said the source at the centre of the investigation.

Uladi Mussa was arrested recently over allegations he granted citizenship to illegal immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda and other war countries when he served as Minister of Home Affairs Security between 2012 and 2014. He allegedly received millions of Kwacha in exchange of his ‘favours’.

The charges against Mussa were dropped when he announced he had switched political allegiance from People’s Party (PP) to the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). He was elected DPP vice president for central region at a recent DPP convention in Blantyre.

Lies Have Short Legs, So Does Its Cousin, Cheap Propaganda

There is a piece of cheap propaganda and lies being circulated on WhatsApp about companies that supposedly closed under the DPP.

Let me share the FACTS :-

1. Unilever
Stopped manufacturing around 2012, they still have the distribution office in Malawi. Majority of their staff were from SA and Kenya.

2. Duluxe paint : Was acquired way back.

3. Chemicals and Marketing

4. Protein & Nutrients Co. (Makers of Superstar cooking oil) – a very small insignificant company.

5. Agrifeeds Malawi Ltd : Closed down because they had too much debt they could not pay back.

6. Malawi Distrilleries Ltd : This company manufactures Malawi Gin, which is still at the counters.

7. Indebank : Acquired by National bank.

8. Opportunity Bank: Acquired by FMB

9. MSB : Acquired by FDH Bank

10. Citizen Insurance co: Was liquidated in August 2014

11. Press Agriculture Ltd : Still operational, its headquarters are in Kasungu.

Other FACTS for this cheap propagandist:

* Companies are a legal persona, they are viewed as such in the eyes of the law.
* Political parties do not have any role in decision making of the independent Directors, Shareholders, and qualified(or unqualified) Executives who run these companies.

* While you are at it, please give us stats of the number of companies that have been formed and are succesful in Malawi to date.

* There are many succesful businesses currently running in Malawi today.

* Let me repeat – LIES HAVE SHORT LEGS, AND THE DPP HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH PRIVATE COMPANIES AND HOW THEY OPERATE. Go tell those cheap propagandists, Henry Kachaje and Onezani Kenani – please.

MCP Ward Councillor blamed for shunning CSCC meetings in Chitipa.

The main opposition political party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Ward Councillor for Nkhwangwa , Isaac Mwepa has been criticised by Health stake holders for not attending Community Score Card (CSCC) meetings , a project which is aimed at contributing to the reduction of maternal and child mortality in Chitipa District.

Speaking during the CSCC District review meeting held on 20th of August, 2018 at the District Chamber hall, Kapenda Heath Centre in charge which is within Nkhwangwa Ward Jurisdiction, Joel Tembo said despite several invitation to the councillor but he has never turned up to the meetings under taken recently.

“For two years I have been in charge of Kapenda Heath Centre, we have been inviting our councillor for three times but he has never attended even a single a day, having a councillor at a community level, it is like we have an extra hand where members from the community can present their critical issues in as far as heath issues are concern” said Tembo.

However, Kapenda said they are looking forward from the Area Development Committee (ADC) and Village Development Committee (VDC) for their intervention as the matter was referred to them recently.

Worrying with the development, Chief Quality Management Officer from Ministry of Health responsible for Northern Zone, Dr Owen Musopole, said that councillors must be available in Community Score Card meetings as one way of holding them accountable.

“It really shows that there is no political willingness in this project in Nkhwangwa Ward, for primary Health care to be fruitful in this project, we need the availability for councillors, if they are not available, and to us it is a great concern. Councillors are there to serve the interest of people in their areas. We urge them to participate” Musopole encouraged.

Meanwhile, Mwepa through a telephone interview dismissed receiving any form of invitation from the Heath Centre since 2017 up to this year of 2018, he said he cannot even recall a single day receiving invitation, and he further said the remarks by Tembo was just to please the stakeholders during the meeting.

Heath Centre officers from other Centres such as Nthalire, Wenya, Misuku among others, applauded councillors in their areas for the collaborative effort in the project in the implementation of the project.

Community Score Card is a project which is aimed at contributing to the reduction of maternal and Child mortality in two districts of Kasungu and Chitipa in the country which will run for three years and it started early January, 2018.

The project is being implemented with support from Malawi government through the Ministry of Health and other stake holders such as Integrated Pathways for Improving Maternal and New-born Heath (InPATH), Plan Malawi and others.



S. F International donates genset to Medi Care Clinic

In its continued pursuit towards contributing to the socio-economic development of the country, S. F International has donated a generator to Medi Care Clinic which is expected to improve the delivery of services at the medical facility.

The generator has come at a time the country is experiencing power shortage, therefore it will be used as power backup at the centre.

Before the donation, the clinic had no standby genset.

Receiving the donation, one of the clinicians at the hospital commended S.F International for the donation saying it has come at the right time when blacks-outs were hugely affecting works at the hospital.

He said the community can now be assured that they will receive quality treatment even when there is no electricity as the generator will be able to provide backup power.

The medical officer said lack of power backup has been a major concern, as most parts of the hospital require constant power all the time.

S. F International Director Shiraz Ferreira said the donation was made to ensure quality health service delivery at the centre.

“We believe the donation will go a long way in improving services at the health centre,” he said.
Ferreira promised that the company will reach out to some more hospitals with similar donation in near future.

Kachikho Trophies Expose Young Talents  

Austin receiving his best player award-Pic By Sam Majamanda

Three young football players from Phalombe North Constituency may soon identify their football career paths after Football Association of Malawi’s (FAM) Technical Director John Kaputa earmarked them for trials at Malawi National Teams.

The boys, Austin Takisi 16, Yohane Kaira 20, and Raphael Mulenga 20 were spotted by Kaputa on Saturday during the final games of K1.8 Million Anna Kachikho Football and Netball Trophies that have been running in the constituency for the past six months.

In an interview, Kaputa said it was FAM’s intention to be providing opportunities to young players from rural areas across the country to try their luck at the national teams, however opportunities such as the Kachikho Trophy are not common.

“Trophies such as these are very crucial in the process of talent identification. I have spotted three boys of ages ranging from 16 to 20 and I will make sure that they try their luck at the under 17 and 23 national football teams respectively,” he disclosed.

The Technical Director commended the Minister for the gesture which he said was a sign of her seriousness on issues of youth development.

Presenting the Trophies which were for both football and netball, Kachikho said she fully understands the role that sports play in youth development, hence the introduction of the trophies.

The Minister said apart from giving young people of her constituency the opportunity to showcase and develop their skills, the trophies were meant to divert them from promiscuous behaviours as they prepare to become reliable leaders of the country.

“The government is looking at you young people with keen interest because it knows that you’re the key to country’s future. As a Minister would like to use this leadership opportunity that I have, to invest in you and assist you to reach your goals without catching diseases or ending your lives with immoral behaviors,” Kachikho said.

She asked young people who have reached the voting age to make sure that they register with the electoral commission once registration has started in the district next month in order for them to be able to elect leaders of their choice in the next year tripartite elections.

Kachikho introduced a new season of two Trophies worth K2 million that is expected to begin in two weeks.

In the finals, Madalitso Sisters emerged champions in the netball category after beating Midoli Sister by 10 baskets to 5 and went home with K100 000 cash, a ball and a   trophy while Namanjelema were champions in football after defeating Chitekesa Medicals 3-1 to go home with K100, 000, a football jersey and a trophy.