ACB Clears Former CMST Head of Procurement Jimmy Fombe: Attests He Used Personal Money To Fund Wedding

Fombe: He used personal money to fund his wedding

Graft-busting agency, Anti Corruption Bureau has cleared head of procurement at Central Medical Stores Trust, Jimmy Fombe, who was sent on forced leave by the organization last year to pave way for investigations into how he funded his luxurious wedding.

Fombe came into national limelight over claims that he spent K69 Million on his wedding held at lakeshore resort Livingstonia Beach Hotel in Salima.

Following a public outcry, Fombe also found it moral to allow the investigations go ahead so as to clear his name both morally and legally.

Fifteen months into that investigation, the ACB says it finds no any trace or hint of corruption in how Fombe funded his wedding and how he operated as chief executive.

Responding to a questionnaire from one of the media outlets, ACB senior Public Relations Officer, Egrita Ndala, the case was closed because it lacked substantial evidence.

“The Anti-Corruption Bureau concluded the investigation into allegations of suspected corrupt practices by Mr. Jimmy Fombe. The Bureau investigations did not establish any wrongdoing against him,” wrote Ndala in response.

Fombe: Cleared by ACB and he can now afford a smile

The bureau found out that Fombe spent K11.3 Million for his wedding against the bloated allegation of K69 Million.

Ndala was however elusive on the implications of their findings in relation to Fombe’s job at CMST saying such decisions can only be carried out by those who sent him on leave. She also added that the ACB does not offer recommendations in cases where there is no criminal conduct.

It is not known whether Fombe will be rehired as his position was already filled months after he was sent on leave. He has since secured a lucrative job in Asia.

Authorities at CMST refused to comment on the outcome for what they called internal procedures.

The wedding and the subsequent investigation will go down in history as one case that was driven by society’s emotions and led to spending of state resources over an issue that was simply underlined by sheer jealous.