Abida Mia storms Chikwawa-South for Iryias Karim; MCP’s road to 2019

By Leo Mkhuwala
The rendezvous for the “Hon Iryas Karim Cup Finals” in Chikwawa-South constituency, had on Sunday afternoon, flooded with the sea of people, when the magnetic top-notch   politician, Abida Mia stormed the place to grace the occasion.
Unexpectedly, when Abida alighted from her convoy, the crowd turned frantically excited to catch a glimpse of the firebrand politician who is also wife to the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) First Vice President, Muhammed Sidik Mia.
The magic behind her shimmering reputation and the fragrance of her political influence had apparently conquered the mammoth crowd as songs so loud in praise of MCP and its current leadership refused die out.
Standing on the podium and gestering, Abida sent the crowds to a productive silence of listeners thirsting for a special message.
In her speech, the peoples’ darling articulated the need for the lucky people of the constituency to opt for Iryas Karim, the seating Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, who had demonstrated to be the rightful peoples’ choice in terms of servant leadership.
“This is the man who, in his 5 year tenure since 2014 has been No.1 in spreading development to all corners of this constituency,” said Abida.
She added: “You must therefore make sure that you make no mistake by voting for the No.1 MP in May next year’s parliamentary elections, because I can assure you that,
Iryas Karim will be the No. 1 MP in terms of development in the whole country.”
On MCP ticket, Abida will contest in the parliamentary elections for Chikwawa Nkombedzi constituency.
In his remarks, the youthful legislature Iryas Karim reiterated his commitment towards youth empowerment.
On a larger scale, Karim also expressed his commitment in leaving no stone unturned in his continuation of spreading development.
He said amid applause: “I will be there for you just as I have been, stronger than before, with renewed determination.”

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