EULOGY FOR PEACEKEEPERS By Malawi President Professor Peter Mutharika

(Leading the nation in receiving remains of 6 Malawian Soldiers who died in the UN Peacekeeping in the DRC)

President Mutharika pays last respect to the fallen heroes

This is a painful day for us as a nation. Today, we lost heroes of peace for Africa. This is a painful loss for us as a country.

It is more painful to die for peace than to die for war. They died for peace! May their souls rest in everlasting peace!

Let me thank all peace lovers who stand with us in our time of loss and mourning. We thank the African Union and all countries who sent their words of sympathy from the AU Summit and within.

Let me thank the United Nations for being with us in fighting for peace and in our time of mourning.

On Saturday evening, the Secretary General of the United Nations called and offered his condolences to me, the families and to all Malawians.

The fallen heroes

In return, I told him that our sacrifice is painful. But I assured him that we will continue fighting for peace. Because fighting for peace is our duty to mankind.

Let me also commend the Malawi Defense Force for being an exemplary peace-keeping force wherever you go. From every part of the world, I receive reports of commendation that our Defense Force is known for discipline, loyalty, and effectiveness.

In life and death, you have raised high the flag of our country with patriotism, integrity and hardwork. That is what we are!

Neither death nor the enemy will stop us from being what we are!

We are warriors for peace! We are ambassadors of peace.

Our heroes of peace died because we love peace more than war. We never sent our soldiers to wage war. We sent our soldiers to keep peace.

Peace is a universal desire for mankind. Peace is a desirable condition of existence for all humans.

Above all, peace is precious, very precious!
Whether we are Christians or Moslems, we all unite in search of peace.

In their greetings Moslems always wish peace to one another:

As-salāmu ʿalaykum – meaning “Peace be upon you”.

The Quran itself encourages us to settle peace where others are fighting (Quran 49 Verse 9).

In Christianity, peace is the last treasure that Jesus left with mankind after he had finished all his work on earth. Upon ascending to heaven, Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.” (John 14 verse 27)

Malawi is a peace-loving country because peace is fundamental belief upon which we are founded as a nation. In fighting for peace, wherever peace is under attack, we join the rest of the world that means well for humanity.

While some declare war on peace. We declare peace in war. When some attack peace, we will fight for peace.

May the Lord God make Malawi an instrument of peace in the world.

As a peace-loving society, let us bring peace where there is war.

And where there is hatred, let us bring love;
Where there is injury, let us bring forgiveness;
Where there is doubt, we bring faith. Where there is despair, we bring hope. Where there is sorrow, we bring solace.

May God bring solace to all grieving hearts today.

May the departed souls who died fighting for peace Rest in Everlasting Peace!

Thank you!

MCP declares Kabwira as their torch bearer for Salima North West Constituency in 2019 Polls

MCP declares Kabwira as their torch bearer for Salima North West
Constituency in 2019 Polls

By Christina Matoga, Mec Stringer

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia has declared
Jesse Kabwira as the party’s candidate for Salima North West
Constituency during the2019 tripartite elections.

Mia has therefore urged her and
other aspirant members of parliament from other constituencies and
councilors respectively to work in unity and make the party strong.

Speaking during a political rally on Tuesday at Works ground in the
district, Mia advised party officials from Lake Shore regional and
district offices to work together with party contenders in all the
constituencies and wards saying the unity will strengthen MCP and win
the elections.

“We need unity so our party becomes stronger and this enables MCP
defeat the current government which is putting majority Malawian lives
in misery with squandering of tax payer’s money meant for drugs,
alleviation of hunger through universal subsidy, good infrastructures
such as roads, modern markets among others,” he said.

He then introduced the party aspirants including Kabwira who some
party officials from the region and district declares as disqualified
and was burring her to contest in primaries elections in Salima North
West and were opting for her opponent Enock Phale.

In his part Kabwira said she is happy MCP still follows its four
corner pillars to bring sanity especially in her constituency where
primary polls was cancelled twice because of some greedy people.

“The coming of the Vice President of MCP here in Salima is very
important for the people of Salima North West Constituency because the
VP declares me as a torch bearer of the party in 2019 polls.

This is a
relief for me and people in my constituency,” she said.

She added that it is time for the party to work together as a family
and strategize well on how they can win the tripartite elections next
year and not wasting time in pulling each other down.

Kabwira then thanked MCP VP who honored the aspirants request to stop
by after attending IGITMA prayers at Chipoka and addresses people.

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Malawi Muslims ask govt to declare Prophet Muhammad birthday as public holiday

Malawi Muslims ask govt to declare Prophet Muhammad birthday as public holiday

By Our reporter

Malawi Muslims have asked government to declare birth of Holy Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) on the third month (Rabiul Awal) of the Islamic lunar calendar a public holiday as it is the case with other 51 countries in the world.

The Muslims renewed their request on Tuesday during this year’s Ziyarah Parade which marks the birthday of Prophet Muhammad known as Miladun-nabi.

Sheik Mathew Kawinga asked President to consider declaring this day a national public holiday for the sake of about five million Muslims in Malawi.

“Muslism should be given more time to pray and trasact their business without being disturbed,” he said.

Thousands of Muslims took to the streets of Blantyre, Malawi’s second largest city and the country’s finance and commerce center, to celebrate the occasion.

Executive director for Al-Traq Qadeia Sunni Association Faizal Aboo also made the request during the previous Ziyarah Parade.

“Malawi as a democratic country needs to consider us, Muslims, to celebrate this birthday while at home and that those working should be given a full day of celebrations,” said Aboo.

“Those working should be given a full day off for these celebrations,” he added.

Milad–un–Nabi i is a national holiday in Muslim countries.

Government figures suggest that Muslims account for 12 percent of Malawi’s 14 million-strong population, while Muslims puts the number at 36 percent.

Islam is the second largest religion in the country after Christianity.

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Police arrests 4 Tanzanians for robbery

Working on tip-offs,Limbe CID officers have arrested four Tanzanian nationals, on suspicion that the are connected to series of robbery cases in Limbe Policing area.

The four suspected robbers from Tanzania are; Stephano Idd Mnungu 46,Titho Jackson Kasagula 39,Abuu Ahmed Huruvi 34 and Steward Mwakachinga 34.

It was on November 9,this year when police received a report from one of the Mpingwe residents Mrs Sumeya Satar about the unknown criminals who invaded her house and stole assorted items including five smart phones.

The four,on this material night,used a tinted Toyota Spacio,silver in colour, which the complainant managed to identify.

After a successful man-hunt,a team of CID officers from Limbe, arrested these robbers on November 21,at Kameza area in Blantyre.

The have also been found with several items suspected to have been stolen from different places across the nation.

Among the recovered items are five smart phones, stolen in Mpingwe township which have been positively identified by the owner.

Preliminary findings show that the four,committed similar offences in countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia,Lesotho and Tanzania.

Investigations are going on,to make more arrests and recover the remaining items.

Police is pleading with members of the community to continue giving tip-offs on suspicious people found in our respective localities.

They will appear in court after finalising paperwork to answer charges of Robbery with violence and Burglary.

Widson Nhlane
Deputy Publicist,Limbe Police Station.

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Chidzanja backs Chakwera-Mia pair in 2019, dismisses electoral alliance

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lakeshore regional chairperson Augustine Chidzanja on Tuesday rubbished talks that MCP would form an electoral alliance, arguing that that the country’s oldest  party is very powerful and capable of dislodging...

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Rwandan National Vincent Niyongira Sponsoring Chaos in Salima

Details have emerged that a Salima-based group calling themselves Concerned Citizens wrote a petition to the authorities to force and discredit businessman Emmanuel Sekanawo under the influence of money received from Salima Businessman, Vincent Niyongira.

Although Vincent is denying allegations of bribery, but two concerned citizens have confessed to have been bribed in order to issue a strong petition to the authorities that discredit foreign business people from Rwanda and Burundi.

On 8 November, 2018, a group calling themselves Concerned Citizens petitioned the Salima District Assembly, to force the very innocent man Emmanuel Sekanawo. The group pocketed K1Million as upfront payment to fake the situation that the grouping is angry with  Sekanawo and yet Emmanuel had nothing to do with the Salima security situation.



A Group of Concern Citizen which was formed mid this year in order to tackle security situation amongst Burundians and Rwandees.

People liked the group because it had a good agenda.

After incidents of disagreements among some Rwandees and Burundians, the Concerned Citizens wrote the District Commissioner and held a press conference in Salima asking the authorities to evict  all Burundians from the District.

They gave the authorities 15 days.

However, surprisingly before the expiry of 15 days, on 8 November they wrote another letter, targeting one person to move out of the area alleging that he has been bringing problems.

However our records can tell that  Salima Based Group calling Concerned Citizens pocketed K1Million upfront payment from foreign Businessman  in order to write a strong worded letter  against one individual business personnel Emmanuel Sekanawo who is a Rwandees by nationality currently playing a chain store business in Salima.

Sekanawo settled in Salima long time ago alongside other Burundians and Rwandees nationals all totaling 18 in Number.



According to the evidence that we have, some Concerned Citizens on 7 November, 2018, petitioned Salima District Commissioner Charles  Mwawembe and other authorities asking them to order the immediate removal of Businessman, Emmanuel  Sekanawo whom they believe is causing problems in Salima.

The letter was copied to Senior Chief Kalonga, Officer In-charge of Police Mr M’bobo and DPP District Governor.

Salima District Governor while confirming about the letter, but was quick to say all issues about security are handled by Police so he referred our reporter to the Salima Officer in-charge.

Salima Officer Incharge Assistant Commissioner M’bobo while confirming about the disagreement amongst foreign Nationals described the situation as quite and normal.

He said business is taking place as usual.



The Concerned Citizens have not disclosed specific reasons why they want Sekanawo out of the District.

However, in exclusive interviews with some Concerned Citizens, they expressed concern over the way some of their colleagues handled themselves on the issue.

“We received K1Million but we agreed to receive K7Million after the end of the contract. We have so far distributed the letter to all the relevant authorities,” said our source.

The Concerned Citizens are accusing Burundians and Rwandwees of bringing chaos and insecurity in Salima by among other things brazing guns in public.

One of the business man who is believed to have sponsored concerned citizens Vincent Niyongira said he was not aware that he is sponsoring the concerned citizens although we have a petition with us and recorded interviews of Concerned Citizens.



It is believed that divisions have locked the group and disbandment might follow because other members are disgruntled with the behaviour of moving away from the agenda and targeting one person.

What the Concerned Citizens are doing is against the United Nations Charter “reaffirmed faith in fundamental human rights, and dignity and worth of the human person” and committed all member states to promote “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”.

According to the charter all people are Born Free Equal and that all have their thoughts and ideas and need to be treated in the same way with no elements of Discrimination.



President Appoints Rosemary Kanyuka as Law Commissioner


By Mtisunge Kagomo

The President of the Republic of Malawi has appointed Ms Rosemary Kumitsonyo Kanyuka as a Law Commissioner as one way of promoting gender equality.

This has been said in a press statement released and made available Maravi post by Chief Secretary to Government Loyd Muhara

According to Muhara the appointment is with effect to November 19 2018

“His Excellency President Arthur Peter Muntharika,President of the Republic of Malawi has pursuant to Section 133(a) the position of law commissioner”reads part of the statement

Until her appointment Kanyuka was serving as the Director of the Reserve Bank of Malawi which she got appointed in August this year

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Women lawyers press for Mchacha removal from Cabinet: Engage Malawi Human Rights Commission on gender issues

The Women Lawyers Association of Malawi (WLA) are still putting pressure on President Peter Mutharika to rescind his   appointment of  ruling Democrtaic Perogressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the South Charles Mchacha into the Cabinet and consider...

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