Govt Condemns CSOs Childish Behaviour On Dialogue Process

Released on 19th September, 2018


Government wishes to express its deepest concern with the uncivil manner and deliberate antagonist approaches used by the civil society under the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) aimed at frustrating Government’s intentions for deepening democracy and development through dialogue.

The general public is hereby informed that a Government delegation convened at 13:00hrs, the time the CSOs themselves had suggested for the dialogue meeting. Surprisingly, for the second time, the CSOs did not show up. The failure by the CSOs to attend this dialogue meeting comes when the group also failed to show up for the first meeting on Tuesday 18th September 2018 and kept the 15-member delegation of senior government officials waiting for 2 hours from 10:00hrs at the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC).

Government is also perplexed with the excuses given by the CSOs considering that the so called rules of engagement for the dialogue process are ordinarily supposed to be developed, negotiated, and adopted in a collective manner and not imposed by one side as the CSOs conducted themselves.

Government wishes to remind the CSOs of our unwavering commitment to dialogue which proceeds on mutually satisfactory terms without the sense of ‘civil society dictatorship’ characterized with unbridled egos from the leadership of the HRDC. Dialogue is a give and take process where every aspect of engagement is discussed on the dialogue table and nowhere else. This technical dialogue process is an opportunity for the CSOs to engage duty-bearers in a healthy conversation that brings results for advancing our national interest.

Government wishes to remind the HRDC that their claim as champions of human rights loses meaning the moment they begin to carry a ‘know-it-all attitude’ and portraying that they are above anyone else in as far as matters of national interest are concerned, by imposing their wishes on others without creating room for a dialogue. This attitude erodes the image of the HRDC as they technically cease to be effective human rights defenders and leaves many wondering what they are actually defending.

Government further wishes to remind the HRDC and the wider CSOs that Government has a strong commitment to promote and protect human rights and this is one of the reasons Government decided to engage the HRDC in a healthy dialogue because Government shall always be on the side of the people.

Government therefore finds the decision by the CSOs to chicken out of the technical dialogue process as a clear sign of disrespect to the democratic tenets of accountability through contact and dialogue. We also find the HRDC attitude as unfortunate and misaligned to our national collective pursuit for sustainable development. We are worried that the unpalatable methods employed by the HRDC are capable of denting the image of the wider CSO community.

Nonetheless, Government will continue on its path for democracy consolidation and strengthening people-centered development through dialogue with the wider CSO, NGO, faith community, and other non-state actors, for the good of the people of our beautiful country Malawi.


Financial Meltdown: FDH To Seize Lilongwe City Council Building Over K600 Million Loan

Zeleza: Bone of contention

Lilongwe City Council (LCC) is bound to lose it’s building in city centre to FDH Bank for failing to service a loan that was taken in 2016.

Information privy to this publication shows that LCC borrowed K100 Million from FDH Bank to manage its recurrent expenditure and some of its impending projects at that time.

However, financial mismanagement and overall poor leadership by chief executive Moza Zeleza has seen the loan not being serviced thereby accumulating huge interest. Currently, FDH Bank is demanding K600 Million from the council. The figure includes interest accrued and fines for bad debtorship.

In an effort to normalize the situation, Zeleza is said to have written FDH Bank requesting for renegotiation of the loan payment but the bank has since rebuffed him. Bank officials who also spoke on condition of anonymity say if the city council fails to service the loan by December this year then they will use court sheriffs to seize various property which might include the headquarters at City Centre.

Lilongwe City Council offices at City Centre

Zeleza has been at the centre of controversy for many months owing to his unilateral leadership that does not respect variety of ideas in decisionmaking. As a result most of his decisions have placed the council in financial crises hence crippling operations at all cost centres in the city. Some of the consequences of his indiciveness or poor decisionmaking include the Area 18 sewage slippage, untendered public parks and growing filth which has come about due to lack of proper waste management equipment at the council.

Workers at the council have on numerous occasions demanded his resignation to pave way for new blood only for him to find relief in courts. Ward councillors who we spoke to separately say their work has been made tough due to Zeleza’s type of leadership which pushes electee officials to the periphery of council work.

The CEO has also been at the centre of dubious land sales especially to foreigners in the city. Lilongwe is losing huge patches of land to Burundians, Chinese, Nigerians and Congolese through these dubious transactions led by Zeleza himself.

Mpinganjira Says Wanderers’ Will Win Carlsberg Cup

Wadabwa and friend celebrate a goal

Brave battling Be Forward Wanderers reached Carlsberg Cup quarter Final after showing character in 4-1 Kamuzu Stadium win over Dwangwa United on Tuesday afternoon.

The Nomads scored their first goal 5 minutes into kick-off when Zicco Mkanda netted outside the box from a Peter Wadabwa’s assist.

Despite trailing early into the game, Dwangwa United rolled up their sleeves and gave a tough, committed performance but their striking force lacked the muscle to net goals.

For instance, in the 20th minute Muhamad Biason failed to beat Nenani Juwayo on a man to man situation after beating Wongani Kaipa.

The towering striker’s shot went wide to the dismay of a few ganyu fans who turned up to drum up support for the visitors.

Wanderers had a chance to increase the tally in the 34th minute when Isaac Kaliat snaked  through three defenders with only the keeper to beat. He sent back the ball to Precious Sambani who misjudged it for a throw in.

On recess time it was 1-0 in favour of the hosts.

Come second half, Wanderers performance was full of character and determination and they showed the nation that the Lali-Lubani boys do possess heart and a fierce appetite for battle.

Zicco Mkanda shielding a ball from opponent

Yes, Wanderers scored their second goal through in the 55th minute through a Peter Wadabwa’s header.

Dwangwa United also rode their luck as Ben Manyozo’s shot on the edge of the box was well tamed by Nenani Juwayo.

Wanderer’s appetite for the battle on an uncompromising afternoon continued in the 64th minute when Precious Sambani netted the third goal through a header after a Joseph Kamwendo’s assist.

There were more warnings from the Nomads, especially from Peter Wadabwa, whose shot flew past Dwangwa goalkeeper.

However, Dwangwa pressed hard despite training, and they scored a consolation goal in the 70th minute when Muhamad Biason connected a well curved cross from their left flank.

When everybody thought goals were over, Sambani had other ideas when he scored the fourth goal in the injury time.

In post-match interview, Wanderers coach Bob Mpinganjira described their victory as a stepping stone to grab the cup.

“Let me salute our players for showing character. This is a journey to win the title, as l told you already that our mission is to win this cup,” said Mpinganjira.

Dwangwa United assistant coach, Ladwel Mbetewa blamed his troops for respecting Wanderers.

“We were respecting Wanderers to a point where most of my players were jittery, otherwise congratulations to them as they progress through to the quarter finals,” he said.

Wanderers will face Azam Tigers on Sunday at Kamuzu Stadium. In other quarter final matches, on Saturday Masters Security will play Mafco at Civo Stadium,while defending champions Nyasa Big Bullets hosts Red Lions at Kamuzu Stadium.

Kenyan dead man’ returns home 1 month after burial, family denies him entry’

Charles Odhiambo had gone missing for about six months and the family resorted to a soothsayer to figure out his possible whereabouts, after they claimed to have received incessant death ‘messages’ through ‘visions’ directing them to local mortuaries to search for him.

A 37-year-old man is currently living outside his own home Kenya’s Siaya County because he has been prohibited from entering until the body of the unidentified man buried in their compound is exhumed and a ritual is performed to exorcise bad omen.

Reports say Charles Odhiambo had gone missing for about six months and the family resorted to a soothsayer to figure out his possible whereabouts, after they claimed to have received incessant death ‘messages’ through ‘visions’ directing them to local mortuaries to search for him.

Unsurprisingly, the female soothsayer they consulted reportedly confirmed the acclaimed visions and asked the Odhiambo family to go to the mortuary where they reportedly picked a male body with a similar birth mark on the left ankle as that of Charles Odhiambo and buried in July.

'Dead man', Charles Odhiambo returns home 1 month after burial, family denies him entry

However, according, a relative of the supposed deceased saw him about a month later hawking groundnuts in Kisumu on Thursday, September 14.

Charles Odhiambo is quoted as saying: “I have been away for six months since I left home. When I heard I was buried, I returned home on the same day. A relative who spotted me in Kisumu told me I was buried one month ago. He held me, before he cried then said he would not leave again, we had to go home.”

Despite all his attempts to convince the family that he is indeed alive, they are still sceptical, saying they would have to first exhume the buried body and then perform some rituals before he is allowed entry into his own home.

Meanwhile, some curious residents have been visiting him outside his home to greet and have a feel of him.

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2018 UNGA opens in New York

By Deogratias Mmana-Malawi News Agency
This year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) opened in New York on Tuesday
with President Peter Mutharika expected to deliver his statement in the afternoon of
September 25, 2018.
Mutharika will be the second world leader to deliver a statement after the official opening
of the General Debate of the 73rd UNGA on September 25.
He will speak after Guatemala and followed by Egypt according to UN page
The high level General Debate is scheduled to last for nine working days.
This year’s debate is under the theme: ‘Making the United Nations Relevant to All People:
Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable
A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation says five
ministers and a deputy minister will form part of Mutharika’s delegation.
These include Foreign  Affairs and International Cooperation minister Emmanuel Fabiano, Minister of Gender, Children  Disability and Social Welfare Jean Kalilani, Minister of Labour Youth, Sports and Manpower  Development Francis Kasaila, Minister of Health and Population Atupele Muluzi, Minster of
Home Affairs and Internal Security Cecilia Chazama and deputy minister of Defence Everton
Mutharika will co-host and participate in a number of high level meetings and side events during
the assembly which include meeting on global peace in honour of the centenary of the birth of
South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela; the UN private sector forum; launch of the
young people’s agenda; and He or She impact summit.
The statement signed by Fabiano says Mutharika will also speak on Malawi’s initiatives in
reducing new Tuberculosis infections; expected to deliver a statement at the high level panel on
migration and structural transformation  in Africa; another statement on what Malawi has done in
ending child marriages at the African Heads of State and Government roundtable  discussion;
and will also give insights of the initiatives Malawi is making in sensitizing the masses of the
effects of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).
According to the UN page the high level plenary meeting on global peace in honour
of Mandela will take place on September 24 while meeting on TB on September 26 and NCDs
meeting on September 27 and other meetings will take place in parallel to the opening of the
Other high level meetings Mutharika is expected to attend include: Meeting of Southern Africa
Development Community Troika Heads of State and Government and Troop contributing
countries in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the UN Secretary General; UN International
Commission on Financial Global Education Opportunity and is also expected to hold bilateral
meetings with some world leaders.
“At the time when the country is experiencing rapid economic growth, it is the expectation of the
Malawi Government that the trip to New York, USA, will tap the much needed resources to
further move forward the development aspirations of Malawians,” said Fabiano in the statement.
The session is expected to end on October 5 2018.

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Chiefs Advocate For Mini-skirts Ban In Schools

Chiefs in Blantyre want government to ban wearing of mini-skirts in schools to reduce cases of rape and defilement among female pupils.

Speaking Tuesday at the Malawi Education Sector Improvement Programme (MISEP) sensitization meeting at Bandawe School in Blantyre, Traditional Authority (TA) Machinjiri said many of the young girls are subjected to sexual abuse mainly because of their dressing.

“How do you expect men to resist when girls have dressed in a seducing manner, we need to bring back good morals in schools. During our time, girls wore skirts beyond their knees as such, rape cases were very rare.

“While we advocate for promotion of girls education and that we join hands in retaining them in school, we must also seriously consider the dressing code,” said Machinjiri.

The Chief said though freedom of dressing is a fundamental right in the constitution, there is need to put control measures to bring sanity.

Senior Chief Kapeni said apart from rape cases, early pregnancies as well as early marriages among girls in schools are also as a result of poor dressing.

“I vehemently support that dressing that exposes body parts of a girl child should be banned. Let’s not allow foreign culture kill the future of our girls. The ministry of education must take this issue seriously,” he said.

The chief added, “Those who formulated the constitution are people and they can as well amend our constitution on dressing in schools so that there is discipline and sanity while also allow girls complete their education.”

District Education Manager (DEM) for Blantyre responsible for Primary Education, Paul Chiphanda acknowledged irresponsible dressing as a major threat to girls in schools.

Chiphanda said men take advantage of girls’ seductive dressing to exploit them.

“What the chiefs are saying is very genuine and there has to be a mechanism to control this. We have tried to sensitize schools on this but still the constitution has more power if we need to see a change,” said Chiphanda.

Jeremiah Kankuza one of the MESIP project managers in the Ministry of education said the Ministry will need to evaluate the chief’s concerns and determine the way forward.

Dedza’s Mtakataka Admarc guard, Luanar student become millionaires; Airtel Bandaulo Bandulo

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The much celebrated and on-going Airtel “Bandaulo Bandulo” promotion is still making surprised to low income customers with the latest witnessing the security guard in Dedza becomes a millionaire.

Another financial boost also went to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) student becomes a millionaire.

Since its launch August 15, this year, low income customers have been emerging the winner.

Both Luanar Student Nelson Mphande from Rumpi and Alisen, Admarc  guard at Mtakataka in Dedza became lucky winners in the fourth draw of the promotion on Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe.

They both sounded shocked when told that were millionaires after using SMS bundle

Norah Chavula, Airtel Malawi Corporate and PR manager expressed gratitude over the promotion’s feedback saying its uplifting low income customers.

Chavula therefore encouraged also subscribers patronizing the promotion coupled with SIM Card registration.

The promotion gives all Airtel customers a chance to win fantastic cash prizes by simply purchasing an Airtel bundle – whether Data, Voice, SMS Combo, International
or roaming bundle.

Dubbed ‘Bandulo Bandulo’, the promotion will give all Airtel customers a chance to win fantastic
cash prizes by simply purchasing an Airtel bundle – whether Data, Voice, SMS Combo, International
or roaming bundle.

And will be automatically entered into a draw to win MK1 million cash, MK10, 000 cash and 4G MiFi routers every week from today 15th August until the 5th of December where one lucky customer will win the final grand prize of MK10 million cash!

Apart from the grand prize of MK10 million cash which will be awarded at the end of the promotion.

The ‘Bandulo Bandulo’ promotion, which will run for 16 weeks from 15th August until the 5th of December, will award 2 lucky winners with MK1m each every week; and by the end of the 16 weeks, 1,000 customers will have won MK10, 000 cash; and 1,000 customers will each walk away with a 4G MiFi router.

A total of 2029 winners across every town and district in the country by the end of the promotion.

Therefore each bundle purchase will qualify as ONE Entry in the Bandulo Bandulo Promotion so the more bundles customers buy, the higher the chances of winning prizes.

All winners will be contacted via the official Airtel promotion line +265121.

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Mia Angry With ‘UTM Propaganda Activists Idriss Ali Nassah & Z Allan Ntata


My Fellow Malawians,
It has come to my attention that some United Transformational Movement (UTM) sympathizers masquerading as neutral commentators in the name of Idriss Ali Nassah and Z Allan Ntata, in advancing their UTM agenda, have rolled out a campaign to discredit yours truly.

Idriss Ali Nassah alleges that the isolated cases of confusion and/or internal wrangles emanating from the stiff competition in our ongoing party primary elections is as a result of Sidik Mia interference. On why he is advancing the claim, Nassah submits that in as far as he is concerned, he believes that I am like a dumb person who believes my money can do anything I want. Really? What an insult!

His fellow comrade, Allan Ntata, has in their coordinated and desperate bid to discredit me, also abandoned logic and reasoning and has now proudly assumed the role of a ‘Prophet’. According to this self-declared ‘Prophet’ Ntata, anything not positive that will happen to MCP from tomorrow up to infinity will be because of Sidik Mia. What a load of rubbish from a “learned person.”

My Fellow Malawians,
These two public opinion shapers’, without any justification whatsoever, are trying so hard to paint a picture that Sidik Mia is the worst thing that ever happened to Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Why they are interested in MCP and particularly in discrediting yours truly is for whosoever with intelligence to figure out.

For the record, it is uncharacteristic of the two to censure someone without unimpeachable justifications. In my case, they are just concocting garbage after garbage hoping that the unsuspecting public will buy their propaganda hook, line and sinker.

You may wish to know that so far, their attack on me has backfired as their deficiencies in logic and justifications on their malicious posts against me have been duly exposed by their own friends to be petty and not befitting their calibre.

My fellow Malawians,

The truth of the matter is that the two once upon a time fine minds have recently metamorphosed into UTM Propagandists masquerading as sober analysts. They are men on a mission and it appears they will not relent to launch occasional or frequent assaults aimed at discrediting yours truly.

However, I can assure you that they will not be allowed to manipulate the public with their kindergarten propaganda. The fact is that they cannot claim monopoly of the social media platforms they constantly use to insult, ridicule, vilify, dehumanize and disrespect others to achieve their goals. They won’t go unabated.

I want to put it on record that I take criticism. Many of you here advise and/or criticise us right on this forum. It helps us to improve things we were not doing well. In fact this is why I took a bold step to be on the social media.

However, when learned people like the two gentlemen start to make unsubstantiated claims, you know someone is on a mission of propagating propaganda and/or fake news for some hideous motives. It is therefore my duty to expose it as such.

Sidik Mia
MCP Vice President

CSOs snub dialogue without President, set for anti-govt protests Friday

The civil society organisations (CSOs) who are planning anti-government nationwide protests on Wednesday stayed away from a dialogue meeting initiated by government because President Peter Mutharika and some of his Cabinet ministers were not attending....

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