Prophet Bushiri spiritual father, Uebert Angel expands his business empire in Europe; splashes US$2 million on French hotel

Flamboyant Zimbabwean preacher, Uebert Angel — born Uebert Mudzanire — is splashing a whopping $2 million on a 4-star French hotel, as he expands his business empire in the developed North.

The self-proclaimed multi-millionaire and leader of The Good News Church — formerly known as Spirit Embassy — first ventured into real estate through the acquisition of high end residential properties, before moving into the lucrative commercial sector.

Well-known for his opulent lifestyle, the preacher is now in the process of finalising the acquisition of the hotel in France, which sits on more than 30 acres and can accommodate over 100 guests.

“It’s not a secret that Mr Uebert Angel owns several companies of which some are in his name and others are not, although he is the main shareholder,” the preacher’s spokesperson Rikki Doolan told the Daily News on Sunday in an exclusive interview yesterday.

“The hotel in France is neither the first or the only hotel or piece of real estate Mr Angel’s companies own. However, it is the first of many to come under the name ‘The Beverly Angel Hotel’ which are being launched all over Europe,” he added.

The hotel chain is named after Angel’s wife Beverly.

Among other stunning attractions, the French hotel has a river cutting through its grounds, in addition to boasting of basketball and tennis courts and a go-cart entertainment area.

Doolan also revealed that the hotel would soon be undergoing extensive renovations before it was fully opened to the public.

“Angel is not looking at opening your average hotel. Instead, he is opting for luxury hotels and resorts in amazing spots all over the world,” he said.

The Zimbabwean-born Angel, now also a British national, recently dabbled in the beverage industry — announcing the launch of his premium energy drink called Black Gold Premium, which is already on sale in Sierra Leone and parts of Europe.

He was forced to leave Zimbabwe four years ago after he had had a number of brushes with authorities, including being linked with so-called miracle money and being placed on the police wanted list on allegations of defrauding a Harare man of his luxury vehicle worth $300 000.

The warrant of arrest was later cancelled by former provincial magistrate Douglas Vakai Chikwekwe, after the complainant in the case indicated that he had opted for an out-of-court settlement with the celebrity preacher.

He briefly returned to Zimbabwe in April last year for a crusade with Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri.

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Rwanda follows Kenya, Ghana in ratifying A.U. free trade pact

Rwanda has become the third African country to ratify the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) deal.

Kigali submitted ratification instruments to the African Union (A.U.) on Saturday.

The first two countries were Kenya and Ghana who submitted documents on May 10.

Rwanda was however, the first to ratify the Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons and the African Passport.

At the time Kenya and Ghana deposited their documents, the A.U. Commission chief, Moussa Faki Mahamat, said he hoped their lead will galvanize others who signed the treaty in Kigali to ratify it by 2019.

The AfCFTA is one of the biggest free trade bloc in the world, maybe only behind the World Trade Organization (WTO).

It was signed by over forty Heads of State and government representatives during an A.U. summit in Kigali.

The signing of the AfCFTA is seen as only a step in chasing an ambitious dream of uniting Africa at the level of commerce.

Since Ghana and Kenya, Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has also stated that the government was ready to ratify the AfCFTA and deposit its instruments to the AU.

Whiles lauding the AfCFTA, Abiy described the deal as key to the continent’s development through creation of employment for its citizens. Ensuring diversification and the collective well being of especially women and the youth.

Key facts about AfCFTA, the the historic trade pact

1. The AfCFTA was signed in Kigali, Rwanda under the theme: ‘Creating one African Market.’

2. If all nations come on board, it will bring together 1.2 billion people

3. The estimated combine Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the pact is over $2.5 trillion

4. In terms of participating countries, it will be world’s largest free trading bloc, second round of negotiating is expected in December 2018

5. It is part of the bigger Agenda 2063 being championed by the African Union (A.U.)

6. The AfCFTA is expected to progressively eliminate tariffs on intra-African trade
According to the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa, AfCFTA can boost intra-Africa trade by 53.2%

7. Africa’s industrial exports stand to benefit the most from the pact

8. The AfCFTA also aims to harmonize the efforts of sub-regional trading bloc and also consolidate gains.

9. It aims at empowering especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who form around 80% of the region’s businesses.

10. SMEs through the AfCFTA will have capacity to supply inputs to larger regional companies who will in turn deal with overseas export.

11. Intra-continental trade in Africa is around 16% as against 51% for Asia and 70% for Europe, the pact aims to change that narrative.

12. Some of the main hurdles are: local business laws, security and poor infrastructure.

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Tsetse flies in Nkhota-kota Game Reserve cause panic

Communities in Nkhota-kota, Mzimba, Salima and Ntchisi that surround Nkhotakota Game Reserve have expressed concern over rampant Tsetse flies in their areas which they say are posing a threat to human beings and animals.

Speaking during a meeting for the game reserve’s Joint Liaison Committee (JLC), Chief Chilooka of Ntchisi said a number of cattle in his area are showing signs of sleeping sickness (Trypanosomiasis) which is transmitted through Tsetse flies.

According to Chilooka, six cattle have already died during the past week due to the disease.

“We suspect that the tsetse flies which are coming from the game reserve are responsible for the outbreak of sleeping sickness,” said Chilooko.

He asked African Parks (AP), an organization responsible for the rehabilitation of the reserve, to help the communities by getting rid of the parasitic flies.

According to Parks Manager, Samuel Kamoto, African Parks was trying to control the situation, though acknowledged it was not easy.

“We are trying our best to find effective ways of addressing the challenge. We have put 90 Tsetse fly targets to trap the flies but elephants are pulling them down. Recently, we have identified new sites through which we believe we will trap the flies and in the same way the elephants will not tamper with the targets.

“Basically, the park would like to eliminate the Tsetse flies as soon as possible because they put tourists off. The visitors refrain from coming into the country because they are usually afraid of being infected.

“Our main aim is to rehabilitate the reserve so that it attracts visitors from all over the world, hence the need to sort out the Tsetse fly issue,” he said.

The meeting was attended by chiefs, District Commissioners and stakeholders from the four districts.

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Mwanza man jailed two years for swindling council’s money

By Alick Junior Sichali

Mwanza first grade magistrate court has convicted and sentenced a 35 year old man to two years imprisonment with hard labour for swindling money he was collecting for Mwanza council at Thambani market in the district.

Spokesperson of police in the district, Edwin Kaunda, confirmed the development in an interview saying the convict, Isaiah Mtero, failed to explain on the amount of he was supposed to collect in the month of February when he was audited by the council.

According to Kaunda this prompted the council’s official to report the matter to Mwanza police which they arrested him on 9 February and was charged with Theft by public servant contrary to section 283 of the penal code.

The district spokesperson said Mtero was an employee of Mwanza council and was working as a market master at Thambani market.

“It is true Mwanza first grade magistrate court has convicted and sentenced Isaiah Mtero to two years imprisonment with hard labour who was arrested by us after falling to explain the whereabouts of the money he collected in the month of February this year,” Kaunda said.

When Mtero appeared before the court he pleaded not guilty to the charge which made the state prosecutor Inspector David Makawa, to bring six witnesses to prove that the convict really did the Malpractice.

Makawa asked the court to mete out a stiffer sentence to act as warning to other public servants in Malawi who might be brooding such Malpractice.

And when passing the sentence His worship Ran well Mangazi concurred with the state prosecutor and said that those who swindle public funds should be given meaningful jail term to deter others hence the two years sentence and also ordered that the money that Mtero’s relative brought be reinstituted to Mwanza District Council.

Isaiah Mtero comes from Eliya village TA Kanduku in Mwanza.

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St Kizito minor seminary to celebrate golden jubilee

St Kizito minor seminary of the Catholic Church in Dedza diocese will on June 2, 2018 celebrate 50 years of its existence.

Communications Secretary for Dedza diocese Fr. Henry Makawa said all arrangements for the day are at an advanced stage.

“We expect to have a big function which will start with a eucharist mass to be presided over by the Archbishop of Lilongwe diocese, His Grace Tarsizio Ziyaye.

“We will also have other activities to make the day memorable. Preparations for the day already started sometime back and are at an advanced stage,” Fr. Makawa said.

Fr. Makawa added that all the Bishops from the eight catholic dioceses of the country are expected to attend the event.

“We have invited all the Bishops, priests, nuns and other government delegates to the event. We also expect the catholic faithful from across the country to be in attendance,” he said.

The seminary opened its doors on January 30, 1968 and started with 125 students.

It is a brain child of late Rt. Rev. Cornelius Chitsulo, the first Bishop of Dedza Diocese.

The seminary has so far produced prominent priests and Bishops including Archbishop Ziyaye.

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KWESE TV to beam all 32 African games in 2018 World for free

By Alick Junior Sichali

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-One of the countries upcoming media company Kwese Television, says Malawians will be able to watch this year’s World cup games just by purchasing a Kwese decoder.

Country Manager of Kwese Television, Wonder Msiska, has confirmed the development saying Malawians will watch 32 African games for free and that for them to view all the 64 games they need to purchase the decoder.

According to Msiska said their company will beam all the 2018 world cup games so that soccer lovers should have the chance to watch football stars from other countries.

“We have the exclusive lights to beam this year’s world cup and we are beaming all the Africans games at the world cup for free but for one to watch the all the 64 games he/she must buy a Kwese decoder,” Msiska said.

Msiska said the company knows how important is the football game to the human beings thus why they have decided to beam the world cup this year.

He further said Kwese Television will continue offering best services to the general public at affordable prices just to satisfy what their customer’s wants.

“We know that TV is a luxury and one thinks of it after he has his basic needs, its for this reason we are giving this package to Malawians,” Msiska added during the interview.

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Zimbabwe popular prophet Benji uses magical powers to lure married women to bed, frightens their husbands with curses

One of Zimbabwe popular prophets Madzibaba Benji is using magical powers to lure married women to bed, frightens their husbands with curses.

WOMEN don’t know it’s happening but when it’s over they have no doubt what happened!

And later when their husbands confronted the culprit who is also a man of God while accusing him of using magical powers to lure their wives to bed under the guise of healing them, he reportedly threatened them with a curse.

According to My Zimbabwe online, such is the story of a popular prophet with an apostolic sect based at Nyika Growth Point, Bikita, who faces allegations of using magical powers to lure married women to bed and allegedly employed the “threat of curse” to frighten his victims’ husbands.

Lady Ziki popularly known as Madzibaba Benji’s alleged shenanigans came to light after Denford Masenga dragged him to Chief Mpakwa’s traditional court demanding five beasts as compensation for bedding his wife Muchaneta Gozhoro.

Masenga’s demands read in part: “Ndini Denford Masenga ndinokusunga nenyaya inoti wakanyenga mukadzi wangu ini ndinoda mubhadharo wemombe shanu at $350 each.

Loosely translated to “I, Denford Masenga, am suing you (Lady Ziki) for bedding my wife Muchaneta Gozhoro and I need to be compensated with five beasts at $350 each.”

It is alleged that Masenga decided to sue Madzibaba Benji after he found lewd conversations which he was allegedly exchanging with his wife whom she has since reportedly evicted from their matrimonial house.

The allegations of his untamed zip have also reportedly caused some men to stop their wives from attending his church.

As if Masenga’s suit was not enough, speculation of Madzibaba Benji’s sexual shenanigans went a gear up last year when word went viral around Bikita that he allegedly bedded a local businessmen’s wife.

The accusations reportedly led the businessman only identified as Tsvatai to immediately divorce her.

In separate interviews, people who spoke to B-Metro confirmed that Madzibaba Benji had been hit with allegations of bedding married women, with some of his victims being his congregants.

They claimed some of those who confronted him or took up the issue with the traditional leadership were threatened with a curse prompting them to withdraw the charges they would have leveled against him.

“Though he has never been caught red-handed allegations that he has a penchant for married women went a gear up when Tsvatai divorced his wife amid revelations that he was madly in love with her.

“There are also allegations that he uses magical powers to make those women undecided fall in love with him and later threaten to curse their husbands with a curse whenever they confronted him.

“If the allegations are not baseless then a person like him should not be allowed to be part of a religious institution because what he is doing goes against all that Christianity and prophecy stands for,” said the source.

Added another source: “Madzibaba Benji is no stranger to controversy even though he is disputing the accusations that he is bedding married women, he should know that there is no smoke without fire.

“The news that some men whose wives have been victims of his alleged magical powers like Denford (Masenga) who took up the issue with the traditional leadership and that one is a clear sign that the allegations might be true”.

However, speaking to B-Metro, Madzibaba Benji dismissed the reports that he was a “wife snatcher” saying people were jealous of his “luxurious life”.

He downplayed the reports saying in the case of Masenga he should provide tangible evidence that he bedded his wife.

“It is not true that I bed married women. In the case of Masenga, I am challenging him to provide evidence and that we go to civil courts rather than dragging my name into disrepute by taking me to the Chief. People are just jealous of me because I work very hard,” said a livid Madzibaba Benji.

He added: “Though I admit that I’m not a perfect man, as I do have girlfriends but if someone had problems with his wife he should not accuse me of being a problem in their marriage. That is not good at all.

“Just imagine Denford’s wife came to my house in the morning (last Saturday) so that I pray for her wares which she sells at the market.

“Meanwhile, I’m bothered with people’s accusations that I bed married women and as a popular prophet who has saved a lot of marriages it is one of those things you have to encounter especially when you are running a successful ministry”.

He confirmed that it was not the first time that extra-marital and home-wrecking allegations had been levelled against him saying his enemies once plotted to tarnish his reputation and that of the church at large by claiming that he bedded Tsvatai’s wife.

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Youthfull vice president Saulos Chilima

When a fire breaks out inside the enemy’s camp, respond with an immediate attack from the outside”, so advises Sun Tzu in his old classic military strategy book “The Art of War”.

With a severe fire raging in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the form of a bitter argument between the past (incumbent president Peter Mutharika) and the future (youthful vice president Saulos Chilima), I would have thought that opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera would immediately see the opportunity and attack where the enemy is weakest.

Make no mistake about it folks. The feud raging in the DPP is not simply about individuals or personalities. It is not simply whether the party should field incumbent president Peter Mutharika or Vice President Saulosi Chilima. These are simply the representative elements of a bigger philosophical battle. It is a battle of whether the country is better off being led by old people or the youth. It is a battle between the elderly and the youthful, between the ancient and the modern, between the recycled and the fresh. The actors, the faces of the struggle are simply caught in the crossfire of this philosophical battle, a battle that the country has needed for so long.

Peter Mutharika
President Arthur Peter Mutharika

If, therefore, the country agrees with the conventional wisdom that the strength of youth is to be preferred in this country’s leadership over the frailness and senility of age, then all those that wish Malawi well must question why Peter Mutharika has somehow managed to find for himself hordes of supporters in this struggle who, surprisingly, seem prepared even to resort to violence to protect him and keep him power. Let’s face it. Those clamouring for Peter Mutharika to continue leading this country are not doing so because they believe he has done this country any good in this past five years. As a matter of fact, we must question even more the worrying fact that most of those that are defending Mutharika are actually the youth!

The curious thing, though, is that while this battle between the recycled and the fresh is raging in the DPP, and quite against the promises of change and reformation that he made in various debates and speeches upon entering the political scene, MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera decided to call for a convention where for some inexplicable reason a recycled politician in the form of Sidik Mia was elected as vice president.

In one video clip that has been circulating on social media, Chakwera responds to a debate question by stating categorically that recycled politicians will not be welcome in the MCP. Never!

Maybe there is a need for a word or two here about the trouble with recycled politicians.

Mpinganjira, Phoya, Rev Gunya and Lipenga will not add value to DPP – Analysts

Recycled politicians are individuals who always show up in every administration. Recycled politicians could have been sacked from one government only to get a new job a few months later. Recycled politicians are opportunists who switch party allegiances in order to stay in power. It is thought that the population of these so-called ‘recycled politicians’ in Africa is three times larger than the rest of the world. This is because an average African politician believes that political power must last forever. Governance experts have pointed out that this is one of the factors creating economic and social problems and underdevelopment for the continent.

In Malawi, more than half of the members of the present DPP administration are incompetent characters who served in the UDF administration and who know nothing more than corruption. Some of them even served the MCP administration of the 90’s. This, my fellow Malawians, is why we are one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

The other day I heard Sidik Mia speaking. His claim as to why he wants to be in politics again after being involved with DPP and Joyce Banda’s PP, but this time with MCP is that he wants to serve the country. Sidik Mia’s explanation is exactly the problem with recycled politicians. The vast majority of African politicians that keep recycling in the political system want us to believe that the only way to serve one’s country is to be involved in politics for life. This is not only wrong, but deceitful as well. You only need to look at former South African president, late Nelson Mandela to find a distinguished example of how a retired politician with an excellent or an unblemished political career can serve his or her country outside of politics.

Recycled politicians are opportunists who would do anything to stay or keep hold of their power and influence. Most of them have failed in the past to do anything significant to improve the people’s well-being. Try to make a new car using old parts; it will only work for a short period of time. What we need is fresh new blood, not those corrupted dinosaurs that are just good for the political trash heep.

Now I would have thought that MCP president Lazarus Chakwera knew these things and that he actually meant what he said in all those pronouncements he made against recycled politicians. I am surprised that he could fail to seize the opportunity of the fight between an old recycled old man and youthful new blood to position the MCP as the viable alternative that indeed will shun recycled politicians with their recycled ideas and forge forward with youth and freshness.

It makes me wonder. Could it be that that despite the wind of change that has swept Africa over the years, politicians of yester years still appear to dictate the scene simply because politics is a very expensive exercise and goes hand-in-glove with money?

Is it the need for Mia’s money that has compromised Chakwera and MCP’s ideals and promised aspirations?

Clearly then, the politicians of yesterday, who have amassed wealth find it easy to lord it over the electorate who are in most cases desperate for cash handouts. In the final analysis, the question comes back to the same governance framework issue that I have spoken about so many times: are there institutional frameworks to guard against abuse of power and wanton corruption of the political space by so-called recycled politicians?

It is a missed opportunity for Chakwera and MCP. An opportunity to demonstrate a deviation from the trap of recycled politicians in contrast to the state of affairs in the DPP, and establish itself as a true emissary of change has been allowed to go begging.

Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata

In my uncommon sense, both the DPP and MCP need to do more to understand what Malawi needs at this point in time. Instead of reading the signs of the times, they both are presenting to us recycled old men claiming to have fingers on the future when young men abound who ARE the future of this country.

Advantage Saulos?

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Mzuni Turns Blue As DPP Officially Establishes Wing…Thousands Vow To Support APM

Students listening attentively during the meeting

Mzuzu University over the weekend turned blue with the relaunching of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wing at the campus, and the members have since vowed to give their total support to the APM candidature in the run-up to 2019 elections.

The function took place on campus with hundreds of jubilant youths coming to register into the wing.

Among other senior officials present were Presidential Advisor on Youth Hon. Symon Vuwa Kaunda and the Northern Region DPP Youth Director Kelvin Chirambo.

Speaking at the event, Mzuni DPP Wing President Gift Ndakanamwano thanked His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for the development projects which are taking place on the campus saying they will continue supporting the president and the mighty DPP in the run-up to 2019 Elections, so that by 2024, Mzuzu University should wear a new face.